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A Moment Long Awaited: 58 Syrian Latakia Countryside Women and Children Freed from Al-Qaeda Captivity

femicide - Latakia Freed Women and Children with President Assad and First Lady Asma

A sublime ray of joy infused the soul of every Syrian on Thursday 9 February 2017.  Fifty-eight women and children from Latakia countryside were finally freed of more than 3-1/2 years of brutal imprisonment by NATO sponsored terrorists.

At 0400 on a night of August 2013, coordinated raids by alQaeda-FSA human beasts, were launched against several of the most impoverished of rural villages in the mountains of Latakia, in one of the most heinous atrocities committed during this foreign imposed 6 year war of terror against the Syrian people.

All of the men in the villages were slaughtered immediately. The women and their children were kidnapped, taken to a location known only to the NATO-sponsored demons, and to the foreign terrorist reporters of al Khanzeera.  The filthy Gulfie toilet Qatar-owned ‘news’ medium was there, to viciously claim that the massacred men had abandoned their families, and to interview the kidnapped women who were humiliated in being forced to thank their attackers for the very good treatment they were receiving — forced, in fear for their children’s lives.

A previous report spoke of many of them murdered, their bodies defiled into photo props as the victims of the false-flag chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta after Obama’s ‘Green Light’ to terrorists to carry out the chemical attack by issuing a ‘Red Light’ to the Syrian government warning it of any such attack.  Family friends recognized several of the bodies seen in the war criminal propaganda opportunity.

Three and one-half years later, the Syrian state, after hard negotiations with the terrorists (now of many different names, having branched off into almost infinite sects of terrorism) managed to free 58 of these women and children in exchange for some detained terrorists.

The newly-freed women and children were received by President Dr. Bashar al Assad, and First Lady Asmaa al Assad, in Damascus, early yesterday.  The President told their guests that “…there wasn’t a day that people stopped asking for you…the State with all of its institutions have been looking for you and the goal of every soldier and martyr was your return.”

This issue in particular, the crimes committed in your villages have affected the people, the crimes in your villages and what happened in Adra are the biggest two problems we faced.

Small gifts were given to the children.  One appeared delighted to be coloring with the President.  Several were looking forward to returning to school, after 3-1/2 years of being deprived of any type of education.  One sweet child innocently said the first thing he wanted to do when he got home was to visit the grave of his murdered father.

The 12,000 years of accumulative Syrian civilization is palpable in the video of this meeting.  Tears are gently wiped from the faces of these women. Warmhearted touches and hugs remind them of their humanity, even more than the President’s words.

You lived among a warped society that has no humanity at all; you’ve suffered a lot, and seen a lot.  We are very glad to be with you today.  We want to inform you that in spite of all the suffering you have gone through, you can return back to your normal lives.

— Miri Wood & Arabi Souri

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    Arabi Souri I think you are doing fantastic job with your blog..It would be very helpful if can try to get sponsorship to produce documentary films..and if Arabi Souri you are living in Germany it should be easier to produce short films of all the events since 2011 of Syrian crisis..I suppose if you can join with kevork Almasian who is also based in Germany makes team work easier to work with this project… ..Do you see how hollowco$t is documented in films in order to move people’s emotions worldwide so that people can forget about Palestinians hollowcost?


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