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Syria: ‘Independent’ Medium & ‘NGO’ Launch Joint Malignant Lies


A self-described ‘independent’ medium and a self-described ‘independent’ human rites organization appear to have taken advantage of US MSM driven domestic mayhem to unite in an effluvious attack on the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) — which, should the American MSM become bored with the current redo of the McCarthy witch-hunts, could be made as virulent as the Israeli reports on the SAR using GB against the SAR, in early 2013.  That campaign was launched solely for the purpose of sabotaging Syria’s request for a UN investigation into the deadly use of [chlorine] chemical weapons in Khan al-Asal, 19 March 2013, which resulted in 25 casualties, 19 of them Syrian soldiers.  The briefing given by Ret. Brig. Gen. Itai Bruin, in Jerusalem, was so ludicrous that the NYT reporter David Sanger, after writing an opus the length of the bible, ran crying to CNN’s Christiane Amanwour, that Bruin offered absolutely no evidence, but merely showed some photographs.

Non-governmental organization Amnesty International (AI), 7 February, put out an APB for Abdulhadi Kamel, whom AI claims has been missing since 16 December, when some bullets AI claims that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was shooting into the air, for no apparent reason, magically decided to return one downward, and sideways, so as to enter Kamel’s body, the part of which also remains unknown.  AI further claims that Kamel completely vanished until appearing in a sinister video on 5 January, during which he was engaged in “forced confession.”  Kamel did not appear injured, and quietly stated he had joined the White Helmets believing he would be ‘helping’ injured people. He reported that ‘help’ turned out to be acting performances, and when he questioned why, he was told that the EU, the Gulfies, and Turkey would not pay unless video showed an appearance of digging people from rubble, and blaming the Syrian government, and Russia, for bombing civilians.   Kamel apologized to his country.

AI supports the contra/alQaeda White Helmets, as neutral heroes.  AI does not question how a neutral, heroic, grassroots, humanitarian and Syrian group came to find itself the recipient of $23 million from the CIA, nor how it came to be founded by a British military officer, James Le Meurier (also involved with Blackwater), and headquartered in Erdoganstan (formerly Turkey), of course.  AI, with a meager staff of almost 9,000 simply could not find the time to peruse investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley’s ground-breaking work on the White Helmets.

UnSyrian UK military officer, James Meurier, founder of the *Syrian* grassroots ‘White Helmets’

It is not the affair of AI to concern itself with why UK Foreign Secretary, BJ the albino Boris Johnson could say: “They are fantastically brave, these White Helmets.  I’m proud to say we’re giving them I think £32 million [USD 39.78 million. The UK maintains its own currency; it does not use the euro.] funding as part of a wider £65 million package for non-humanitarian aid.”

Non-humanitarian aid is Newspeak for weapons of murder, which is also not AI’s concern (perhaps instead of spending British tax money to murder Syrians, BJ might join forces with Madonna, and figure out a way to protect severed pig heads from David Cameron).

Erdoganstan is the magical place where terrorists in suits hang out when they’re not housed in Doha, the place where anyone can call himself “Syrian,” without being one, the place where the counterfeiting of Kryptonite Syrian passports are made, the place with such bad dental coverage that men become human traffickers and let their sons drown because greed is so immense that human beings are stuffed into boats like sardines in a can, the place to where a Syrian cell phone sales guy can flee and be transformed, with the touch of Fairy Godfather Erdogan’s magic wand, immediately into a paramedic.

AI hypocritically complains that the ‘confession’ came via an extensive report from ANNA (Abkhazian Network News Agency, hacked a couple of years ago by cyber members of the Nazimaidan coup, the bipartisan coup which cost the US taxpayer $5 billion, as bragged by Victoria Nuland), the republic of which AI labels “Russian-occupied territory.” Such hypocrisy is particularly glaring, as 90% of all US media is run by 6 corporation/conglomerates, the most embarrassing being that the offspring of the guy who manipulated the entire nation of children of WWII veterans to pledge allegiance to a rodent, now owns both ABC News, and comic book, Marvel.

Below is the documented ANNA news report, which is close to perfect.  This author disagrees with its reasoning for the  ‘leader’ of the White Helmets being refused entry into the US in April 2016.  The Syrian had flown in from Istanbul to receive a humanitarian award from an NGO, InterAction, whose sole work appears to involve giving each other awards.  Raed Saleh, the cell phone sales guy who had ‘fled’ to Istanbul where the touch of the wand of Fairy Godfather Erdogan transformed him into a skilled paramedic, and was immediately sent back to Syria to grassroots create those beloved contra-humanitarians.

Suddenly, the US, which had never heard of the WH’s, was overflowing with articles on this astonishing group with tens of millions of dollars from the CIA, and yet with not a single stethoscope to share, and without a single aid worker having been taught the importance of spinal precautions when moving an injured person.

A nanosecond later, appeared a White Helmets fraudumentary on Netflix.  Currently, this 15 minute, high gloss short — not unlike that of American foreign terrorist Matthew VanDyke’s little made up movie clip — has been nominated for an Academy Award (hopefully, Saleh will be prohibited from attending).  Hollywood’s George Clooney, the human rites actor whose concerns are always limited to Muslim-majority countries, had planned on making a full movie about the WH death squads, but most have disappeared since the liberation of Aleppo.

Incitement of media hoopla is the most likely reason that Saleh was returned home…to Turkey, in order for the western population to accept terrorists as heroes.

AI is circulating a petition demanding the SAR release Kamel; perhaps this bogus petition is an attempt to do an “Operation Lazarus” for this gang. Nowhere in the petition, nor the ridiculous prelude, does AI mention the Green buses provided by the Syrian government, for the exit of terrorists from eastern Aleppo, into the Wahhabi savages haven, Idlib (where many of the countless factions of alQaeda are increasing their fratricidal fights).  There is no explanation as to why the Syrian Arab Army would be firing bullets into the air, and shooting just one man, despite having opened 6 corridors in Aleppo — in October — for civilians and takfiri to leave, after which the moderate murderers were shooting those who attempted to get onto those buses.   The moderate killers also murdered Syrian children on their way home from schools, and continued the mortar fire on primary schools, throughout November. AI — most likely due to the problem of short-staffing — managed to miss all of the news of Syria’s Reconciliation program, such as the one in early January, when 1200 terrorists turned their US/EU supplied arms into the government, and promised to become good citizens.

AI, for all of its own claims of impartial neutrality (intentionally redundant), is part of what investigative journalist Cory Morningstar has called the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.  Amnesty International was founded in 1961, by Peter Benenson, a British attorney, with the intention “to mobilize world opinion” “effectively.”

The underlying purpose of this campaign…is to find a common base upon which the idealists of the world can cooperate…it matters more to harness the enthusiasm of the helpers than to bring people out of prison.  With regard to the latter, as a friend pointed out to me, the real martyrs prefer to suffer, and, as I would add, the real saints are no worse off in prison than elsewhere on this earth, for they cannot be prevented by stone or bars from spiritual conversation.  From this last point stems the motto of the campaign, ‘The Truth Will Set You Free.’  Those whom the Amnesty Appeal primarily aims to free are the men and women imprisoned by cynicism, and doubt.

More vile than the ‘neutral’ AI propaganda petition to incite NATO-driven MSM even further against the SAR, is the filthy, monstrously deceitful narration that Syria’s Grand Mufti had ‘been given power to approve thousands of executions,’ in the Sadnaya prison, which AI claims holds 13,000 prisoners.  AI complains of short trials in this jail, though offers no suggestion of how long a trial is needed to execute a terrorist arrested in action. “At least they were arrested and shown to a judge, as per the report, and above all, the west should appreciate the SAA  for not instantly killing them in battle and instead taking them for interrogation and squeezing information from them, helpful to prevent further attacks everywhere in the world.  As for the trials, the same report says one of their witnesses was spared when the judge asked him if he killed any SAA soldiers, and he said no. How long did the trial last when the decision was taken by Obama and now Trump to carry out raids in Yemen that killed civilians, including children?”

AI notes that it is not permitted inside Syria, so the question also arises of who the sources may be.  Though George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is not — yet — among them, they are the usual suspects, the anonymous flee-ers to Erdoganstan, or the anonymous persons reputedly inside Syria, who have miraculous internet, and electricity, despite many areas of the country having rolling blackouts because of the war criminal coalition bombings of Syrian infrastructure, and the draconian sanctions imposed upon the Syrian people, for the crime of being patriots.

John Mesler, of Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun: “A gentle man of peace and integrity.”

American John Mesler met with Syria’s Grand Mufti, during his personal fact-finding tour, in the SAR.  Mr. Mesler was a guest blogger on Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox, upon his return.

As AI’s website is mostly ignored, except when unfake news runs with specific petitions geared to create enmity for a country that NATO and underling Gulfies wish to destroy, it fell to a “neutral,” “independent” “journal” to massively report AI’s claim, almost verbatim (from Medieval Latin, meaning “copy and paste.”).

The Middle East Eye, founded in 2014, calls itself “impartial,” and “independently funded.”  It modestly describes itself as created for an audience around the region, who “care deeply.”  It is owned by UK’s M.E.E. Ltd, and editor David Hearts is the former chief foreign writer for The Geryon.  MEE is frequently source material for  The Geryon (shocking), NYT, BBC, HuffPo, and other significant pro perpetual war MSM.

MEE has 20 full-time employees, plus an unknown number of ‘freelance’ authors.  Hearst notes that his staff is from various backgrounds, and “some were activists but this doesn’t effect [sic] their professional journalism.”

Most important of the unaffected/disaffected is its sole director, Jamal Bassasso.

Bassasso is the former director of planning and human resources at al-Jazeera, properly renamed al Khanzeera by Libyan patriots who fought against the foreign destruction of their country.  al Khanzeera is owned exclusively by the absolutely [typo] Gulfie toilet monarchy, Qatar — pronounced “gutter,” small ‘g.’  gutter, in 2013, bragged of having spent $3 billion US on its part of the attempted final solution against Syria.  In November 2012, Muslim Brotherhood Erdoganstan and gutter stole Syrian oil machinery from Aleppo, in broad daylight.  The alQaeda fsa rabid dogs who did the heavy lifting reported this massive theft as “liberation.”  More recently, gutter paid the UK-based Carter Ruck law firm to ‘vett’ the 55,000 “Caesar” anti-Syria propaganda photos, which were neutrally exhibited in the UN, on Capitol [whore] Hill, and twice rounded at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.   Last month, they also got to visit the Clinton Library, courtesy of Mouaz Moustafa, who was translator to illegal alien and foreign terrorist, John McCain, when he slithered into Syria to meet with kidnappers and other terrorists, in May 2013 (after which Moustafa jumped onto a plane to go spearfishing in Belize).

In May 2015, al Khanzeera Arabic ran a civilized discussion on the urgent need to commit genocide against the Alawite minority population.

Given this pristine, impartial, and neutral background of MEE, perhaps we should be grateful that it has shown its demonic face, quite blatantly, in its attempt to viralize the lies of AI, by sharing the ugly, false, mean-spirited, and war criminal ‘report’ attacking both the SAR, and its Grand Mufti, the gentle man of peace and integrity, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun.  AI’s report surely would have died of loneliness, had the Geryon and al Khanzeera impartial MEE had not rescued it.

image-Sheikh al Bouti Leading Prayer with President al-Assad and Syria's Grand Mufti
Sheikh al Bouti Leading Prayer with President al-Assad and Syria’s Grand Mufti

The false proclamation that the Mufti — whose chief advisor, by the way, is Christian — has been ”given power to approve thousands of executions,” is only made more fetid by the lying translation of a one minute, 50 second clip from a speech he gave one day after his son was murdered by an alQaeda fsa sniper.  Twenty-one year old Saria Hassoun, and Professor of History, Dr. Mohammad al Omar, were martyred on the Idlib-Aleppo Highway, near Ibla University, 2 October 2011.  This was during the very early days of the foreign imposed war against Syria, when all of the alQaeda terrorists were “fsa.”

Though nowhere in the sound-byte clip does Syria’s Grand Mufti use the words “suicide bomber,” even were the title were accepted as accurate translation, only the intentional idiots would not notice the clause, “if the west bombed Syria.”  AI and MEE do not ask the pertinent question, why would the west commit such a war crime?  Has it not already committed enough of them?

Mufti says martyrs by will, in his emotionally charged speech as he prays over the dead body of his assassinated, martyred young elder son, killed in cold blood for just for being his son, a university student who had nothing to do with politics, and whose killers were hailed by the impartial media, killers sponsored by the humanitarian bastards of Europe and the US.

Mufti does mention the Syrian Captain Jules Jammal, who drove his boat and blew up the French warship (shamelessly named) Jean d’Arc which was involved in the 1956 tripartite aggression against Egypt.  Jammal, by the way was Christian, and he attacked an enemy warrior ship.

Mufti also mentions Muhammad al Durrah, the young Palestinian boy who was murdered by IDF terrorists, as his father tried to protect him.

Jamal al Durrah tried to save his son Muhammad, from IDF bullets.  Father was shot, and his son murdered.

Mufti said, istish-hadiyeen.  Istish-had is “martyrdom;” the yeen is plural.

At the end of the short clip, the gentle man of peace and integrity noted that terror that will be felt by the countries which have inflicted terror onto Syria, will not be Muslims or Arabs, but from within the countries that have wreaked havoc abroad.

Consider that the mastermind of the Paris attacks was a French national.

Consider  Galatians 6:7, of the Christian bible:  As you sow, so shall you reap.

Consider, also, simple human decency, lest you fall prey to the murderous rantings of UK psy-operations of MEE, of AI, of the dirty Gulfie toilet’s al Khanzeera.

Note well, that the Islam-hating Wahhabi sex jihadistsnurtured by the British empire — have no concept of the true meaning of martyrdom, that of giving one’s own life, to protect the life of another.

American Rachel Corrie, ‘armed’ with a bullhorn, was clearly visible to the Israeli driver of the bulldozer, about to demolish a Palestinian home (forbidden in Judaism).
Corrie was martyred when she put her body between bulldozer, and a family’s home. Her righteous soul believed it could find decency within that of her killer.

— Miri Wood, RNc

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  1. miri

    “However, there is another aspect of the report that remains unexplored – the fact that Amnesty International itself has openly admitted that the summation of the report was fabricated in the United Kingdom at Amnesty International’s office, using a process they call “forensic architecture,” in which the lack of actual, physical, photographic, and video evidence, is replaced by 3D animations and sound effects created by designers hired by Amnesty International.”


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