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To Walt Disney: Syria is the Mother of all Mothers

by Miri Wood

When a corporation founded by a US intelligence operative who manipulated the WWII generation to cheerfully let its children pledge allegiance to a rodent, owns both a major supplier of news, and a comic book, it should not be shocking when both collaborate in yet another, new, anti-Syria campaign.

There is no bottom to the depths of depravity.

On 15 July 2016, ABC News announced the unveiling of a joint venture with Marvel Comics in the making of a new “super hero” character, Madaya Mom. The quiet announcement was posted on its website, and included a “discussion guide for teachers”  (we also marvel at its educational options: Will it be part of English Literature?  Current events?  The history of war?)  ABC News, in collaboration with Marvel Comics tells us that State Department Mom (a more efficient name for the new ”super hero”) is a “true story.”

walt disney owns abc news and marvel

Its viralization was launched one day ago, and a Google search currently elicits 773,000 results.  Now that all media have been told to launch, by the end of the week, it may exceed the numbers of both the drowned baby — whose body was defiled when repositioned into a more emotive visual — and the dusty kid faux-rescued by the death squad gang called the White Helmets, that impressive Syrian grassroots NGO founded by a UK intelligence officer and headquartered in Turkey.

State Department Mom is as true a story as was the psyop, Gay Girl of Damascus, who turned out to be a straight boy from Langley, home of the CIA.  The true story of GGD was devised in the very early days of the terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people to herd the lesbian and gay communities into acceptance of the US demonization campaign against Syria and its president. GGD even had a riveting chapter involving her disappearance into a probable torture chamber.  Gay Girl was so true, in fact, that even after she turned out to be man, Tom MacMaster, now living in Edinburgh, a documentary movie was made about the non-existent woman.

According to the trailer advertisement for State Department Mom, its creators are Dalbor Talajic, and “ABC journalist,” Rym Montaz.  Montaz “starting messaging” SDM in January.  Though Talajic is a comic book artist, an interesting bio popped in a search of the unusual name of Rym Montaz:

rym montaz (2)

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database.  Montaz is listed as part of the Camera Department for which he received a movie credit.  Camera Departments include grips, those technicians involved in lighting an rigging, in movie making, but do not include journalists.

The trailer ad quotes State Department Mom, as she “sat nervously in front of an old tv” — because she could not simply sit, in front of an average-aged tv, as without these obviously meticulously chosen adjectives, their dramatic tension is missing.  She “truly” felt “depressed” when the UN decided not to bomb Syria, apparently her greatest wish — because all moms want the countries of their children bombed by foreign militaries.

The town of Madaya, Syria, in the suburbs of Damascus, was chosen not simply for its stellar alliteration when affixed to the word, “mom,” but also because in mid-January, international media used it for another round of demonization of the Syrian Arab Republic, reporting that the SAR was starving its Syrian people, there — instead of reporting that the terrorists were within the town, holding its people hostage, using them as human shields, and also stealing humanitarian aid deliveries.

January is also the background story of when possible grip cum ABC journalist (only in anti-Syria indoctrination do such miracles occur.  Let us remember that head of those contras, White Helmets Raed Saleh was a cellphone salesman before “fleeing” to Turkey, and returning shortly thereafter, magically transformed into a First Responder — without stethoscope, of course . Despite millions from the CIA “USAID,” these “paramedics” are never seen with a stethoscope.) Montaz began communicating with State Department Mom.  

The information concerning the humanitarian situation in Madaya is based on false information, and totally ignores the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in other areas besieged by armed terrorist groups.  The reality of the so-called besieged, hard to reach areas is that some of those areas are controlled by terrorist groups who are using civilians as human shields, and other areas are besieged from the terrorists groups which are preventing the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Meaning that the terrorist armed groups are two categories.  One category is exerting, besieging on the civilians from within inside.  And the other category is exerting, besieging from outside.

In Kafraya and al Foua, the terrorists are besieging the two towns from outside, surrounding the two towns in Idlib.

But in Madaya and al Zabadini, the terrorists are inside.  So, they are using the civilians as human shields while they are inside. — H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, at UN stake out, January 2016.

This report by Syrian Girl Partisan (from January) includes interviews with actual Syrian mothers in Madaya (and some comments by an 89 year old man), all of whom condemn the takfiri who are stealing their food, and holding them hostage:

Are you — my fellow Americans — prepared to be complicit also in this round of emotional pornography?  It is more in your comfort zone to empathize with a caricature of a Syrian mother, a flattened comic (“of, relating to, or characterized by comedy; of, or relating to a person who acts in or writes comedy”) book “super hero,” instead of hearing these Syrian mothers?

These women and their children were kidnapped from Harboushe, Nbatah, Bloutah, bramsseh, and al Kharratah villages of Latakia, Syria.  Would it not be an affront to attempt to diminish them with a facile alliteration?

What’s worse is using the huge assets they have in corporate media to justify the crimes committed by their thugs and demonize the victims trying to defend themselves. In the following video clip uploaded to YouTube by Al-Qaeda fighters, a reporter for the Qatari Jazeera TV channel from Latakia countryside promoting a series of crimes that included attacking villages and towns in the region because they support their state, and killing a large number of men whom in the same clip he interviews a terrorist commander who claims the men they killed as the Jazeera reporter bragged in his intro have fled and left their wives to be taken as ‘prisoners of war’ with their children, whom the Libyan terrorist commander promises to ‘treat better than their own fathers and sons’ they slaughtered and ask to exchange them with terrorists arrested by the Syrian Arab Army and security forces.

Many of the children in this interview-at-gunpoint were murdered, and their corpses used as theatrical props to garnish support for US obliteration of Syria, on their behalf.  Such planned war criminal bombings were thwarted, in September 2013, when the SAR joined the OPCW, and turned over its chemical weapons.  That these bombings were averted (or, somewhat postponed, as President Obama began his bombing campaign one year later) truly caused depression in State Department Mom, “nervously” watching her “old” tv.

Here is another Syrian mother, First Lady Asma al Assad, who was offered financial incentives to betray her country, her people, and her husband.


In 2013, on the occasion of Syrian Mothers Day (celebrated 21 March), Mrs. Assad held a reception for the Mothers of Martyrs, moms whose sons had been martyred defending their homeland, within their country’s borders.

When I go out, my Mother, I kiss the pride of your morning.

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    I read on your pages, and the like completely different story than in the Polish media.
    It is unacceptable to some countries dopuszaczjÄ… to proclaiming of lies.
    All this according to him during World War II, Goebbels said: “a lie repeated 100 times becomes the truth”


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