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Syria: First Lady Asma al Assad Interview with Russia 24

image-Asma Al Assad

Syria’s First Lady Asma al-Assad gave an interview to Russia 24 channel talking about the current updates and her role as the president’s wife, the mother and sister of all Syrians and her duties in consoling the families of the fallen soldiers who martyred defending their country.

Watch video in English, with Arabic captioning:

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  1. David Upton

    She is incredibly impressive. It’s so very hard for me to reconcile that her husband is reputedly a ruthless, brutal dictator. Of course that question wasn’t put to her. I know there is a different mentality in the Arab world to my world in Australia and the West generally which might see her accept the antics of the regime, Assad’s large portrait displayed everywhere as Arab dictators do. the intrigue is though that Asma comes across as as Western as any distinguished and respected high profile woman. She talks and acts as if she doesn’t have a molecule of Arab blood in her and that’s not putting down Arab women down at all, they can be just as impressive, but Asma is to me, a complete anomaly for Syria and the middle East. Her comments about the sanctions were particularly insightful and impressive


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