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Syrian Parliament Elects First Woman Speaker


by Miri Wood, RNc

Dr. Hadiyeh Khalaf al Abbas has been elected the first woman Speaker of the People’s Assembly, since Syria ejected the French occupiers, in 1946.

Born in 1958, in Deir Ezzor, al Abbas holds a PhD in Agricultural Engineering, from Aleppo University.

Both cities have been besieged since the beginning of the Syrian crisis:  The Syrian Arab Army has been fighting the terrorists in Deir Ezzor, since they were all “FSA;” the most recent massacre of Syrians in this 7th largest city, was on 16 January 2016, when 300 people were martyred in takfiri attacks.  In November 2012, the ”FSA” stole 1,000 Aleppo factories.  In December 2013, the “FSA” destroyed the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital.  On 15 January 2o13, the moderate terrorists bombed Aleppo University, martyring 82 students, and injuring up to 200.

Both of these cities were part of the ancient Silk Road, and western imperialist-funded attacks on them have been part of the attempted cultural genocide against Syria.  France and the UK have fought to crush Syria’s rich and ancient history, since their colonialist Sykes-Picot treaty.  The French occupied Deir Ezzor from 1921, until 1941, when the British “liberated” this Syrian city, and gave it it to the orwellianly named “Free French,” until Syria rid itself of French occupiers, in 1946.

Syria’s long history of women’s equality dates back to the warrior Zenobia [240 – 274 CE], queen of the Palmyrene Empire, who led the noble revolt against Roman invaders.

Throughout the millennia, Syria has always nurtured the rights of women as full, productive members of its civilization and society.

Western media has done its best to brainwash its populations into viewing Syrian women as women under the Taliban, of post-US “intervention” in Afghanistan, of post US destabilization of Pakistan, and intentionally confusing Syrian women with women of Saudi-occupied Arabia.

Among the most disgusting perversion of reality occurred on 8 March 2016, when Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Laureate, celebrated International Women’s Day in a video fundraiser in which she spewed vile propaganda against Syria, regarding the education of girls.  Perhaps her lies should not be surprising, considering that she reputedly began writing for the war mongering BBC [Urdu] at the tender age of 11.

Let us set the record straight.

The Syrian Arab Republic granted women’s suffrage in 1953, a mere 7 years after liberating itself from French Mandate occupation.   Compare this to the United States, which freed itself from English tyranny in 1776, and yet did not give women the right to vote, for another 144 years, in 1920.

The US has never had a woman vice president.

Syria’s vice president, since 2006, is Najah al Attar.  The Syrian vice presidency is appointed by the president, and holds similar responsibilities as that of the US.  Should the Syrian president become incapacitated, its vice president assumes the presidency.

Syrian Vice President, Najah al Attar
Syrian Vice President, Najah al Attar

Born in 1933, in Damascus, Dr. al Attar holds a PhD in Arabic literature.  Her father was a partisan who fought to eject the French occupiers of his country.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban is senior advisor to Syria’s president, Dr. Bashar al Assad.  Born in Homs, 1953, this former professor of poetry at Damascus University, holds a PhD in English literature.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban
Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban

Comparing the populations of the US and the SAR (318.9 million, US; 23 million, SAR), and women in leadership positions, in each country, the US appears as if being tribal cave-dwellers, against Syria.

More cynical was the creepy titillation of US mainstream media, over its staunch ally (and co-murderers of Syrians), Saudistan, in finally allowing women to vote, in December 2015.  A stunning 130,000 Saudi women were registered to vote, compared to 1.35 million Saudi men.  A handful of women were permitted to run for office, though those who actually campaigned were forced to do so behind partitions, and many had men speak in their behalf (of course, those women who did vote, had to seek permission from their male chaperones, and needed to be driven to the polling places, as women in Saudistan are not permitted  to drive).

Femicide, and other crimes against women, did not exist in the Syrian Arab Republic, prior to the western-led attempt to destroy this country.  Rape is a capital crime in the SAR.   Since France, US, UK, and their Levantine and Gulfie savages launched the worst international conspiracy against one small country, in the history of humanity, crimes against Syrian women have reached war criminal proportions:

  • On 18 June 2013, cowardly FSA-terrorists remotely detonated the vehicle of Professor Sehem Dannoun, Deputy-Dean of Humanities, Damascus University.  Dr. Dannoun required bilateral above the knee amputations to save her life.
  • In mid-summer 2013, FSA terrorists invaded a village in Latakia countryside, slaughtered most of its male inhabitants, and kidnapped the women and children (some of the children were subsequently murdered, and their corpses used as photographic props, during the anti-Syria chemical weapons lies of al Ghouta, the last weekend of August 2013).
  • On 23 May 2016, simultaneous terrorist attacks were launched against Tartous and Jableh.  Seventy-eight were martyred, and upwards of 200 injured.  In Jableh, many of the slaughtered were women, children, and seniors (most men of this city are deployed in the SAA).  Terrorist savages barbarically posted photos and videos of bloodied Syrian women, with their feet on their bodies.  Many of the population have been reported as missing, and there is concern of a near-future repeat of the 2013 butchery of the kidnapped women and children.

Today is 6 June 2016.  The Syrian Arab Republic is now in its 6th year of fighting international terrorism, terrorism funded by the billions of western- and Gulfie dollars, terrorism committed by special operative mercenaries (such as the orangettes, including the triple-headers used as Obama’s cover story for the overt, war criminal bombing of the SAR, beginning September 2014), terrorism committed by the world’s human garbage, dumped into Syria.

Today is 6 June 2016.

Please look at the photographs of these Syrian women, in prominent leadership positions in the Syrian government.  Memorize their faces.  Memorize their names.

Let us all compare the rights of women, the protection of women, in Syria, with the lack thereof, in our own governments.

Let us, then, scream our support for Syria, and demand that each of our countries immediately halt the heinous atrocities being committed against it, with our various tax dollars.

I am screaming with the top of my voice: We stand by the Syrian Army and the people of Syria. We are confident in the people of Syria, who have taken us, Palestinians, under their wings and hosted us on their land for over sixty years. We are confident that they will prevail over this problem.
I am screaming with the top of my voice: We stand by the Syrian Army and the people of Syria. We are confident in the people of Syria, who have taken us, Palestinians, under their wings and hosted us on their land for over sixty years. We are confident that they will prevail over this problem.



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