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US, UK Unleash Bloodbaths against Tartous, Jableh

Some graphic photographs and video, included.

by Afraa Dagher, and Miri Wood,  RNc

23 May 2016 — Today the US and UK have cried havoc! and unleashed their rabid underling dogs of Riyadh, Ankara, and Doha, making this day one of the bloodiest campaigns against the Syrian people, since the inception of the heinous crisis — a crisis caused by the most evil international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.

As of this writing, at least 78 Syrians have been martyred, and hundreds injured.

This day, 7 coordinated attacks were executed against Tartous, and Jableh, in another round of genocide, being committed with neo-colonialist impunity against the Syrian population.  Tartous is Syria’s second largest port, and the prominent vacation spot for Syrians, on the Mediterranean.  Its 2004 population was 115,769, a population which has expanded via Syria’s internally displaced persons (IDPs), forced to flee their homes for safer areas of their country.

The takfiri bombed the entrance gate of the Tartous bus station, did a suicide bombing inside the terminal, and a second suicide bombing in the residential neighborhood near to the station.

takfiri on run in tartous
Takfiri savage wanted in connection with terrorist slaughter in Tartous

Jableh city, of the Latakia governate, has been continuously inhabited since the second millenium BCE.  Its pre-crisis population was 80,000, and it has also seen rapid growth of IDPs.  Employment is mostly agricultural (citrus, produce, olives), with light manufacturing.  That this previously mostly safe, ancient, city has been bombed, is more evidence of the malignant intention of cultural genocide against Syria’s civilization.

Today, against Jableh, twin bombings were exploded at the main entrance of the city’s bus station.

These two bombings were followed by the attempted destruction of the Jableh Electricity Directorate, at the outskirts of al Amara residential neighborhood (because the goal of both moderate and immoderate terrorists is the destruction of infrastructure, as the complement to human slaughter).

Next came the suicide bomber who self-exploded at the entrance of the Jableh National Hospital‘s Emergency Department, in a satanic effort to prevent Syrians with traumatic injuries access to emergency care.

Jableh National Hospital is an actual hospital, unlike the imaginary ones about which the terrorist-supporting MSF brays.   Existing hospitals have been consistently targeted by moderate FSA-terrorists, since the beginning of the crisis:  al Kindi University Cancer Hospital, in Aleppo, was destroyed, in December 2013.  In April 2015, much of Jisr al Shugar National Hospital was destroyed by the FSA’s incestuous offspring, Jabhat al Nusra. On 13 August 2015, an attempt was made to turn the al Assad Hospital in Latakia, to rubble, via another cowardly remote detonation of a nearby car.

Today’s unspeakable horrors were timed to target 9th grade children, leaving schools upon finishing their exams.


The atrocious targeting of both children students, and young adult university students has been ongoing, since the beginning of the crisis:

As the war criminal Vichy-ite propagandists go into overdrive, transforming today’s carnage to be used as cover for the war criminal bombings of the Syrian Arab Republic, by the fascist coalition, it is imperative to fight the propaganda by remembering that the original terrorist gang remains the FSA.  

It is irrelevant that this mass-murdering gang has self-procreated — as the Caenorhabditis elegans worm — and given birth to an infinity of incestuous takfiri progeny sects.

It is an abomination to the thousands of Syrians butchered by the FSA, to continue calling this terrorist gang, “moderates.”  Before its branching off into splinter demon gangs, it was the FSA that through mailmen from rooftops in Aleppo, it was the FSA that dismantled 1,000 factories of Aleppo (paid by Qatar and Turkey), delivering them to Turkey, it was the FSA that decapitated the heads of Syrian soldiers, and then grilled them.

With moderate rebels like these, who needs terrorists?

It is an anathema that the criminally lying western reporters that once cheerfully reported all FSA crimes against the Syrian people, as ‘rebel fighting,’ completely stopped reporting on the atrocities unless specific FSA takfiri offshoots claimed responsibility.

How obscene that Reuters, today, cites the UK intelligence one-man operative of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rites [sic] — one of many government-funded “NGO”s engaged in criminal lies against Syria — and claims today’s massacres hit “Assad’s coastal heartland.”

Fullscreen capture 5232016 11628 PM.bmp

What sane person would tolerate Reuters calling Washington, DC, “Obama’s heartland,” when reporting on the gunman shot by the Secret Service, outside the White House?

What sane television news audience tolerates the US’s most highly paid criminal liar — whose salary is ten million annually — to not be held accountable for his lies?

In August 2011, CNN interviewed Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN.  Dr. al Ja’afari was libeled as a liar, when he emphatically stated that Syrians were being butchered by foreign terrorists.

CNN‘s ten million dollar man has never apologized for this affront, nor has he ever choked on his tongue, when subsequently reporting on foreign terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic.

From Afraa Dagher, in Syria:

Another carnage against Syrians, under the cover of cease-fire, hit the coastline of Syria today.

This part of Syria was under the so called moderate rebels rockets, because of its border with Turkey. However such suicide attack, by suicide bombers is the first time to be happening. The only exception was the car bombs which hit Lattakia a year ago, next to a kids school.

Today, on Monday 22/5/2016 , a suicide bombing hit a bus station in Jableh a city which is a part of Lattakia province, followed by four suicide bombers, targeted also the national hospital, as one of those criminals, pretended to be wounded, then he/she blew himself inside the hospital killing the doctors’ team, and all the injured , add to the destruction caused to the hospital.

It was a rush hour, students back or go to their exam, people to their work, no accurate number about victims.

Many bodies were burnt inside the cars, vans, or buses.

Many kids were lost after their parents were killed.

In Tartus, the second port in Syria, after Lattakia, the situation was same; it is an organized plan to kill Syrians and destroy our infrastructures, by those brainwashed with Saudi wahhabi- zionist mentality.

al Jazeera* TV reported it as “ISIS’ bombing government-held areas.  However no presence for “ISIS” in the coastline; it is only the moderate terrorists.

Israel, by its turn, was happy, and considered it a great advance, to kill Syrians who support our President Assad.

They consider those people Assad troops. It is so clear to see the same purpose for Israel and Rebels, just destroying people who support our government’s resistance against foreign invaders.

These sites not only have Alawite:  These sites welcomed all Syrian refugees.  Syria for all Syrians, and all of Syria is under this evil plan — to destroy our homeland.

The numbers of missing people are rising.  Many are girls and other kids.  Their fate is unknown.

It looks like a nightmare.

Today, the besieged people of Aleppo donated by their blood to people in Tartous.

Syria update video from Afraa Dagher:

** al Jazeera is medium owned by the absolute monarchy Gulfie gas station toilet, Qatar.  Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”) has been in the forefront of the attempted final solution against Syria.  In May 2015, it ran a ‘dialogue’ on the extermination of the Alawite minority population, complete with torture, and slaughter of children.  No western politician condemned this call for genocide.

NB:  The US and UK plotted a violent coup against the Syrian Arab Republic, when it was only 11 years old. See footnote 32, here.




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    • miri

      Lynn, the “FSA” (“Free [sic] Syrian [sic] Army”) was the original gang of terrorists against Syria. As an increasing number of the world’s human garbage found its way into the SAR, the “fsa” self-procreated, and expanded to what appears to be unlimited offspring of sects of terrorists using other names (the last time that someone actually tried to count them, they were about 200. In 2014, the ”FSA” barbarians created an ‘umbrella’ of 57 united terrorist gangs, calling the umbrella “Southern Front”).

      “Takfiri” are terrorists who accuse others of apostasy. They have also been called “anti-Islam wahhabi sex jihadists,” as their videos of their barbarities — beheadings, grilling severed heads, turning the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital into rubble, burning the historical souks of Aleppo to the ground — always contain the audio of their sado-sexual blasphemies, beginning with the scream, “takbeer!”

      Given both the vast numbers of derivative terrorist gangs, and the fact some of these savages are called “moderate rebels,” it is more efficient to simply call them all by one ugly, and accurate, name.

  1. Richard

    I have never been a person to turn the other cheek as I know that someone who has smacked me will do it again. I admire Putin and I admire his courage, moral strength and ability to play chess on the international board. However there comes a time that the enemy should learn that enough is enough and I will now fight to the knife. I understand fully well what I am saying but these monsters cannot be allowed to carry on and must be not just stopped but slaughtered. A mad dog drownding must not be rescued but instead held down until it dies..


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