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Syrian Superstar Raghda Message to Syrian Arab Army

Syrian superstar Raghda playing Queen Zanobia of Palmyra

Syrian superstar Raghda message to the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army: ‘Spread the bodies of Nusra Front and ISIS terrorists in garbage dumps and in squares (all over Syria) so in the future no one would say a dog was hungry during the times of Bashar Assad’.

Syrian superstar Raghda playing Queen Zanobia of Palmyra
Syrian superstar Raghda playing Queen Zanobia of Palmyra

-Raghda a Syrian superstar once played the role of Queen Zanobia of Palmyra. Queen Zanobia stood up in the face of invading Romans and fought an honorable battle till the end. She left a message to the people of Syria forever not to give up in the face of foreign invaders, and they still follow the message.

-Obama’s ‘Moderate Rebels‘ from the ‘FSA’ kidnapped Raghda’s father in Aleppo, north of Syria on March 10, 2013. He was 91 years old, he was suffering from Alzheimer. The FSAModerate Rebels’ blackmailed Raghda through Qatari alJazeera news channel to denounce her support to her country in exchange for him. She never thought a ‘moderate rebel’ would hurt a very elderly weak person in his situation. They proved her wrong. They torturered him until he surrendered his soul, they maimed his body and they filmed everything and sent to her promising to get to her. She only knew his fate after 10 months of his kidnap when she received the video.

Syrian superstar star Raghda to the right in a pro Syrian government rally. Her father to the left kidnapped by FSA forced-dressed him with their flag before they tortured him to death.
Syrian superstar star Raghda to the right in a pro Syrian government rally. Her father to the left kidnapped by FSA, they forced-dressed him with their flag before they tortured him to death.

-‘Moderate Rebels’ in the definition of the White House: Any mercenary of any group fighting under the wings of the anti-Christ and his armies, receiving weapons, training and money from the anti-Christ Coalition of the Willing.

-Omar Bin Abdul Aziz was called the 5th ‘Rightly Guided Khalifa’ during the Ummayad Reign. One time his aides couldn’t find a poor or a hungry in the whole state so they returned the excess wheat to the ‘treasury’. When he saw this and that there’s no poor or hungry in his state he thanked God for his blessings and was famously quoted ‘Spread wheat on the tops of mountains so it cannot be said that a bird went hungry in the land of the Muslims.’ That’s from where Raghda borrowed the metaphor.

-It is a common practice well known of the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed Forces they spend too much invaluable time taking care of the bodies of their enemies and offering a decent burial acting upon strict instructions from the Syrian Arab Army Commander in Chief who happens to be an ophthalmologist, something never done by Western-backed ‘moderate rebels’. Thus it is obviously an understood metaphor by Raghda and not a real call.

– For the record we weren’t able to contact Raghda to establish the above quote was by her and we couldn’t find it in her posts online until now. The source is from a social media activist.

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  1. miri

    I spoke to Raghda via social media, while the fsa takfiri were still holding her dad, alive, trying to get her to spew lies against her country. She reported that her father taught her the meaning of true patriotism, and she was holding firm to what she knew to be her father’s desires. This unconfirmed quote sounds accurate, at least in her intention.

  2. Nasim Gillani

    This story has touched my heart ,I am not Syrian but my heart aches for all Syrian as I feel the pain of loosing a v dear Syrian friend to these monster terrorists in Syria ,

  3. birgitte

    I agree with Raghda, those traitors who attack and murder innocent Syrians on orders from evil foreign regimes deserve no less. In the fifth year of war we are fighting for the very existence of the Syrian nation, the state, the institutions, the people. This is why the terrorists attack and destroy not the Syrian Arab Army but innocent civilians, buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics, factories, power stations, roads. To be absolutely clear, the ultimate goal of the evil axis of enemies of USA-Israel, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar remains : the complete destruction of Syria as a nation-state, although they pretend it’s just about the removal of the president and his political allies ! No one is fooled, did killing Colonel Qadhaafi, Saddam Hussein, or even Usama bin Laden bring peace and stability, as promised ? If President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian cabinet resigned tomorrow would the war stop? of course not, Syria would descend into the madhouse of gang war now seen in Libya and in those regions of Syria under the guns of psycho jihadis . Meanwhile any foreign killer mercenary captured by the SAA should be brought to justice and their corpse be dumped in the grounds of their nations embassy in Damascus and their names and details widely publicized in the foreign press and their sponsoring countries be told to remove their cadavers from Syria immediately. No foreign takfiri wahhabi terrorist should be buried on Syrian soil, that honour belongs only to those defending Syria


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