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US Regime Playing Dumb About ISIL /ISIS /Daesh

Financial shutdown in the USA doesn"t affect financing terror abroad

The regime of Barack Obama cannot be luckier with masses it rules like the ones in the United States of America aka USAians / USAese(!). The regime officials can simply play dumb and ask silly questions about terrorist groups everyone in the world -outside the USA- knows its answers and still look innocent wanting to know answers and get away with it in front of their people.

In the long days ago a USian would quote ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’; now they would say: ‘When are you going to fool me again? Been few days you didn’t fool me’, sadly.

Let’s put aside for a moment the US own official statements that out of the 60 ‘moderate terrorists’ they trained only 4 or 5 they could still count, we might discuss a bit later, and let’s look at this ultra-silly question:

US playing dumb with inquiries about ISIL /ISIS/ Daesh
US playing dumb with inquiries about ISIL /ISIS/ Daesh

Rather stupid question: ‘US government asks Toyota: Why does ISIL have so many of the company’s vehicles?‘ As reported by the Telegraph.

So Toyota why would the terrorist group show off with so many of your vehicles instead of showing off with Humvies? Hummers (the regime let bankrupt while financially covering Israel military aggressions)? Not that. By the way: Aren’t most of the 4×4 cars of all brands made in the USA itself? A dumb US citizen asked once.

The United States regime knows much better than anybody else how a terrorist group that emerged under its own eyes in Iraq under its own occupation after its own illegal invasion, from where that group is funded and supplied? Officials from the US Treasury or Terrorist departments, whatever, can simply pick up the phone and ask Robert S. Ford, former US ambassador in wherever terrorist groups emerged and thrived, or the mad rabid congressman John McCain, who take photographs with leaders of terrorist groups, worldwide. They know more how to answer such questions than a desperate car manufacturer whose country was devastated with natural disasters and wants to keep its market shares, even by increasing sales in suspicious quantities at suspicious times through dealers in the MENA region.

US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men
US loose senator John McCain in a memorial picture with the kidnappers of Lebanese men (

How did they pay for it? The US officials usually distance their allies from wrongdoings by claiming it’s wealthy individuals in the oil rich Gulf region not their emirs are raising hundreds of millions of US dollars for holly wars. What’s new here? Maybe just to harm the Japanese car maker’s image not more. For your info: any amount wired in US dollars is routed through a US based bank, any amount wired above $5,000 Is monitored by the Feds..

How did they get it into under the microscopically monitored Iraq then driving it some hundreds of miles unspotted through an open desert? Take a break and look at Iraq’s map or Syria’s map. Both countries are surrounded with Israel and its allies from all sides, except for one side to the east of Iraq where Iran is, and not sure whether Iran would do such a harmful thing to itself or the US’s most advanced NASA’s most accurate surveillance would miss it. Still thinking? If it wasn’t for the US regime own desire to get those vehicles to that group it would never happen.

A good mind challenge for the mentally challenged USAians: Click Here for post on our Facebook page.

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