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Aleppo: Moderate Sniper Has Chosen Yousef’s Small Chest

when Jolani 's terrorists ruled half of Aleppo.

by Afraa Dagher

Our Syrian Arab Army is advancing to liberate all of Aleppo from the terrorists.   The reaction of these terrorists, the western backed “moderate rebels” as usual is to shell missiles and mortars on civilians.  Yesterday, the moderate rebels added sniper fire to their mortars and missiles. They attacked the neighborhoods of al Hamadaneih and Salah al Din.  These are more acts of revenge; the coward “rebels” attack civilians every time our army advances.

Yesterday a moderate sniper killed 9 year old Yousef in the western neighborhood in Aleppo, while he was on his way home from school.  Moderate rebels killed the young boy Yousef, under the shameless silence of the msm.  There were no White Helmets to report this, because it is a true incident.  Moreover, there were no White Helmets to report this because they are busy shelling missiles on these kids in the western neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Four children were martyred at the sites of the moderate missile and mortar bombings and one adult.   Twenty-five civilians were injured.  Many are in critical condition.  Among the children martyrs is 7 year old girl, Tasneem.

All of these kids were on their way home from school.  Attacks on Aleppo are daily, by these monsters.  The streets near schools are risky paths, as they are target zones.

The sniper bullet entered the small chest of  Yousef.  He was brought to the hospital.  His  family and child friends were waiting for him, waiting for the sniper bullet to be removed, waiting for him to recover, to escape death.

While kids all over the world are enjoying their childhoods, our kids are in a real hell, every day, because of “American democracy”!   What is the guilt of our children to be the targets of western-backed “rebels”?  Syrian children pay a high price for American greed.

Yousef is a real victim, a real martyr.  He will never go to school again, will never walk this street back to his home, again.  A sniper bullet chose his small chest to be a target.


Where is this hypocrite world media now?

This is Yousef’s mom. Who grieves, with her?

His name was Yousef.


Postscript by Miri Wood, RNc

Syrian activist and journalist Afraa Dagher asks the rhetorical question, Where are the White Helmets?

Some are currently in Paris, being wined and dined and receiving awards from faux socialist politicians.  Some are dropping Captagon (methamphetamine — once nicknamed “monster” — plus theophylline, a bronchodilator which makes the meth more potent).

Some are taking selfies with the FSA-al Zinki beheaders of 12 year olds.

Humanitarian White Helmets stand on Syrian corpses while making the “victory” sign

Ms Dagher also rhetorically asks where are the western media?

Some are hanging out in the UN, spewing criminal lies against Syria.  Others prefer to almost break down — in live reporting — over the excellent make-up painted on Omran, rather than actually shedding a tear or two, watching the failed resuscitation efforts to save Yousef’s young life.   Would Cooper* be CNN’s ten million dollar man, if he reported the truth?  Would Ward be being groomed for a life in US politics, did she not pimp out the terrorists against Syria?  What would Sandro Brotz‘ chances of a raise be, had he not whipped out the staged photo, as idiotic, failed blitzkrieg attack against President Assad?

Omran’s sister was a distraction from the “iconic” intention of the photograph and did not make the final edit.

Because in the international conspiracy for a final solution against Syria billions of dollars for arming and training terrorists against Syria have not been enough, because NATO — and allied — media lies have not been enough, because the UN being run by a mafioso clique has not been enough, and because there are so many folk who have been unable to make it into Hollywood, the campaign of FX Emotional War Porn Productions needed to be launched.  Emotional war porn attempts to serve the two-fold purpose of demoralization of the Syrian people (obviously, an impossible endeavor), and to brainwash ‘the masses’ into feeling states, and away from thinking states.

The photographs from Ms Dagher’s report, and the ones below, are stills taken from the RT Arabic video.  They all demonstrate that these are real people, in a real hospital, in a country struggling against real, draconian economic sanctions.  Compare the difference with any and all fake hospital settings passing for “news” by al Khanzeera, and the death squads White Helmets.

This IV pole is so old it has begun to rust.

This hospital bed is old; note that its frame is metal.  Newer beds have rigid, wooden heads that are easily removed to be placed under the thorax, for chest compressions during CPR.  Also note that instead of a nice pillow with a nice pillow case, this patient’s head rests on an uncovered cushion.  There is a package of some kind of wipes, near his head.  This is what emergency trauma looks like; it fails aesthetics 101.

It does not get much more real than this photo.  This man’s tibia (medial bone of the lower leg) was severely fractured in the moderate missile/moderate mortar attack, requiring stabilization with a fixator — that bit of metal above the dressing, sticking out from the blanket.  The yellowish stains on the sheet look like Betadine, the povidone-iodine anti-microbial used as both pre-operative scrub, and for post-operative wound care.  Betadine is used to prevent bacteria and virus growth in a wound.  Part of the gauze is intentionally wrapped around the patient’s foot, to help prevent “foot drop” by maintaining the foot positioning at a right angle to the leg.  The blood in the photo may look scary, but it is a superficial bleed that will be stopped by the pressure bandage.

Look again, please, at Yousef’s mom.  Moms have a tendency to collapse, go to ground, when their children die.


*During the early days of the Syrian crisis, Cooper spent much time sniffing around the fake activist, “Danny.”  He also spent some time insulting Syria’s ambassador to the UN.  In this interview of August 2011, Dr. al Ja’afari says that Syrians are being murdered by foreign terrorists who have invaded his country.  Cooper retorts, “that’s not true!” and has never apologized.

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  1. unowhoyah

    I believe the western mass media are corrupt and are, in reality,just the propaganda arm of the NWO and the Governments who are in power.
    It became clear to me when my Government wanted to shoot missiles into Syria to stop Syrians from killing Syrians. And despite ‘Youtube’ Video’s’ to the contrary, kept up the lie that Assad was gassing his own civilians in Aleppo.
    As an american citizen, and long time Patriot, I want to apologize for my government’s involvement in arming the rebels, they named ‘Moderate.’!
    My family supported the election of Obama twice because his promises of justice were the things we wanted, he was my hero. This hero image was broken when I was forced to understand that ISIS was getting big revenue from Syria’s Oil fields by transferring the oil along the roads to Turkey and Israel. And since our armed forces had the capability to easily spot the trucks and cheaply blow them off the roads with even our smallest helicopters, I could not hide from myself, the reality, my President did not want to stop ISIS.
    The only defense I can offer for my and my countries stupidity is we are flooded by lies from mass media, every minute and every day.
    But a new day is rising, we have the opportunity, to elect a president who is NOT owned by his political party (Republicans),the corporations and mass media. Yes I must admit he is a bit of a blowhard and a lousy debater but when I listen to his speeches and read his strategy’s, I believe he is the only chance we have of cleaning up the criminals and corruption that has taken over our Government.
    There was a time when America was universally thought of as a good country. I want to return to that time when we treated all countries fairly and with justice.

  2. fred54

    You aren’t the only American who sees the truth. Now we have President Trump and hopefully he will destroy the NWO completely. The Satan Clinton has been defeated and we hope will be prosecuted for her crimes.

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