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Ghouta ‘Moderates’ Slaughter 9 in Damascus Neighborhood


Again and again the moderate terrorists in Al Ghouta countryside rain down the residential suburbs of the city by mortar shells!  And who would stop these criminals with their big amounts of weapons, drugs, money and missiles they receive under the cover of ‘humanitarian aid’?  

On 21 January, our TV news reported on a shipment of these weapons — made in the US and France — seized while on the way to the terrorists aka Al Nusra Front in Al Ghouta.  The shipment of ammunition was sent across the southern front via Jordan, to be transported to Al Ghouta terrorists!  However by the coordination with Syrian residents and our authority, this operation was thwarted.

How many martyrs from our innocent people should we lose?  How many healthy people should be made disabled because of western weapons transported to the terrorists, to please those bloodthirsty warmongers of the west, and Arab Gulf?

Yesterday and due to terrorists in Al Ghouta shelling the old city Bab Touma district in Damascus, there were 9 martyrs.  Twenty-one were injured, many critically.  Damage was caused to public buildings and people’s homes.

Three year old Elias Khory was martyred.

Elias Khory was 3 at the time of his murder by mortar.

Rita Nedal was about 15 years old when Al Ghouta terrorists killed her.

Rita Nedal Al Eid.

Teen Mohamed Zafer was murdered.

Mohamed Zafer

This is Christine Hourani.  Yesterday Syrian surgeons were working to save her legs, to prevent them  from being amputated.

Ya rabb, may this girl’s legs be saved.

Most of the martyrs were children; the terrorists chose the time of their bombings to be when school let out.

Among the adult casualties was Majida Nasser.

Majida Nasser, killed by terrorist mortar from Al Ghouta.

Mr. Khaled Al Sakka was head of the Al Mohaysinieha school.

School Principal Khaled Al Sakka was martyred.

Many other poor civilians have no guilt but to be living in a country which is under a global war since 2011!

Moreover a beautiful school girl was happy to live her normal life God granted it to her, may lose her legs because of  these terrorists’ mortar shells on this suburb!

It’s not the first time; it is the way the ‘moderates’ in Syria have been expressing their will of democracy and freedom in Syria since 2011!

How to end war in Syria?! Just stop arming the western and Saudi proxies in Syria, just stop reselling terrorists in every place in our countryside, and in Idlib; just keep your hands out of Syria?!

Eight years of war and sanction, blood and death.

Who would stand such life?  Would you imagine the life of your  kids under such situations?!

Stop murdering Syrians by arming moderate terrorists!

— Afraa Dagher

Editor’s Update:

In lieu of honest reporting, Reuters — with its very long history of anti-Syria propaganda, and support of terrorists in Syria — decided to report on reports from terrorists, claiming a ‘gas attack,’ which ‘suffocated’ without killing anyone.

As faux evidence, Reuters provided a bathetic photo of a man supposedly being treated for ‘suffocation.’  Note that he does not hold the ‘oxygen’ mask to his face, nor is he in the instinctive position for a patient in respiratory distress.

Photo choreographed because reality does not look dramatic: Respiratory distress would cause a patient to lean forward to improve breathing.

As further orwellian evidence, the wire service included a photo of a man holding “a dead cat” in Ghouta…by its very fat tail.  Cat as emotional war porn against Syria has been an ongoing theme.

Using a shutter speed of 1/1600, a live cat could have been cruelly lifted by its tail for this photo op.

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  1. Eric Simon

    Could you send me detailed informations about anything linking to France and the french ammunitions weapons intercepted in Syria, I’d liker to try and connect dots here in France and there question the proper authorities if aware of this or given authorisation.

  2. miri

    Other ‘services’ are reporting on the fake ‘gas attack.’ BBC slightly mentioned this slaughter in Bab Touma, seemingly with the intention of promoting a sectarian ‘narrative.’

  3. miri

    Reports of US and French weapons came via Syrian tv news, which does not include documentation. Nonetheless, France & the US have a long, documented history of sending weapons to takfiri in the SAR, much of which is found on this site.


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