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Idlib Rebels New Year: Rape, Torture, Suffocate Syrian Girl, Age 9


Idlib rebels celebrated the New Year by kidnapping, ransoming, torturing, raping, and suffocating a 9 year old Syrian girl who was visiting her grandparents.  Idlib rebels — terrorists — are recently returning to western media, but western media won’t report on this Syrian child’s horrible rape and murder.  UN Spec Envoy de Mistura, a long time friend of Aleppo and Idlib rebels, will also be silent about this atrocity.

In October 2016, de Mistura offered to escort al Nusra Front terrorists —  the rebels of al Qaeda in Syria — from Aleppo, in dignity and with weapons, to join other dignified rebels in Idlib or wherever they wanted to go in Syria. This “diplomat” actually gave a kind of immunity to these mentally ill monsters, to keep up with committing their crimes against Syrians, in other places in the country:  If you did decide to leave, in dignity and with your weapons, to Idlib or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally am ready, physically ready, to accompany you….I can’t guarantee more than my own person and body, de Mistura bragged in a press conference with UN Senior Adviser, Jan Egeland.  Many of the Aleppo “rebels” safely got on buses in Aleppo, and are now Idlib rebels.

In this video, de Mistura attempts to mesmerize his audience, while offering his old body as human shield for “rebels,”  Look at my eyes…which  he shamelessly claims to be the eyes of the Syrian people of Aleppo:

Yes, do please look at his eyes, his dead eyes.  Look also at his lying lips.  Western media swooned over this old man’s offer to use his wrinkled body to protect what he called “al Nusra fighters,”  though they are still on the US terrorist list.  He lied in his suggestion that Syria was committing genocide in protecting its citizens from terrorists on the terrorist list.

No western medium mentioned that he lied, that he never showed up in Aleppo, to act as that dramatic, old man ‘human shield.’

On Monday, the first day of the New Year, a little innocent girl, Shams Abaji, nine year old, became an easy victim to those monsters — the Idlib rebels — who were evacuated by de Mistura, to her province of Idlib.  The name Shams means “sun,” and Shams as any little child in this world loves to play, and has no awareness of the dangers around her.  Shams had gone with a cake and her pajamas, to visit her grandparents in Darkoush.

The terrorist Idlib rebels kidnapped her while she was playing in front of her grandparents’ home.  Shams’ terrified family, her parents spent days looking for her.  But their desperate search for their beloved daughter was in vain.

On Friday, a passerby found her dead body on the banks of the al Assi river (which colonialist Google, in attempt to eradicate the Arabic language, names “Orontes”).  Shams’ 9 year old body showed obvious signs of torture.

idlib rebels

In June 2011, de Mistura’s Idlib rebels friends in Jisr al Shoghour set fire to a police station, blew up a post office and another police station, and massacred upwards of 120 civilians, police, and Syrian Arab Army soldiers.  These Idlib rebels mutilated dozens of bodies, and threw them into this al Assi river.


al Assi River, Darkoush Idlib

The small body of Shams was taken to the Darkoush Hospital, where doctors discovered she had been raped before being murdered.  Her aunt described her as “our sun, destiny” who fell into the hands of the oppressors (those who hate the light and sun and who have brought only darkness to our people).

Shams’ aunt explained that the terrorist kidnappers — Idlib rebels — called the father on the day of her kidnapping, demanding money to release her.  However, this was just their dirty lie, as they had raped and murdered the poor girl on the day they kidnapped her.

Another relative of this poor girl wrote on his Facebook page, talking to the terrorists evacuated from Aleppo to Idlib, by de Mistura:  We beg you to kill us here, us the adults.  Slaughter us.  But please leave our kids to live away from your hatred, from your brutality, away from your mental illness and your ugly psychopathy!  

All of the city of Drakoush now share this public anger, after this war crime, this human tragedy, perpetrated by these terrorists who have a horribly large presence in Idlib province.

What needs to be mentioned here, is that this story has unfortunately occurred to many Syrian families.  Not only in Idlib, but in every city of Syria, in 2011, 2012, 2013, and continuing to this day, by the so called rebels.  My neighbors’ son was kidnapped, just because he belongs to a Christian family.

These terrorist Idlib rebels lately have begun to launch missiles against Hmeimim air base, are are increasingly targeting the coastline.

— Afraa Dagher, with Miri  Wood

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  1. Greg Casey

    These are those same so-called Rebels so shamefully lauded, praised, armed, financed & supported by US France UK Austria Hungary Czechs Slovaks Saudis UAE Turks Israelis & Mainstream Media for years.

  2. john233

    I wish and pray that all the countries, people, organisations, and governments, that have supported, financed, and trained these terrorist be plagued by billions and billions of nasty fleas for a thousand years.


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