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Neocons Overjoyed as Brookings Covert Rx for Chaos in Iran Kicks Off

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The neocons are overjoyed as Brookings covert prescription for chaos in Iran kicks off.

Well, I’ll be; it’s a regime change instruction manual!!

Tony Cartalucci outlines the “covert” plan for action for regime change in Iran. It’s not so covert when it appears in a publicly available report is it.

In a nutshell, the objective is spelled out by the warmongering authors themselves.

“The true objective of this policy option is to overthrow the clerical regime in Tehran and see it replaced, hopefully, by one whose views would be more compatible with U.S. interests in the region.”

It even suggests taking the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) off the State Department terrorism list so they could play a leading role in a foreign-sponsored uprising.

Rudolf Giuliani advocated taking the MEK off the terrorism list, being paid handsomely to do so. Giuliani was in line for the posts of Attorney General and Secretary of State before Trump was sworn in as President.

Washington Post concerned about Giuliani and terrorist MEK, November 2016.
WaPo cheering chaos in Iran, but cautiously avoiding mention of terrorist MEK.

Guess who took the MEK off the terrorist list? None other than Hillary “Goddess of War” Clinton.

Some of you may know of the vile Maryam Rajavi, leader of the MEK in exile. She is actively stirring the pot in the protests in Iran at the moment and one has to wonder if she may be a conduit for covert support for the armed attacks which have killed more than 20 people.

Today she has tweeted the following:

Traitors & paid operatives call for assassinations in their countries; perhaps the semi-literate Rojavi’s tweets written by State Dept.?

First, she tries to revive a flagging wave of protests, flagging precisely because they were hijacked by violent elements intent on the overthrow of the government. When you have active social media support for a violent uprising, coupled with incitement to take up arms and the very real possibility of direct supplying of weapons and infiltration of armed extremists, I would call the response of the government self-defensive in nature, seeking to preserve security and public safety. I would definitely not call it “repressive measures” which she says are failing, further inciting violent acts.

Then she tweets this:

Traitor Rajavi has not been in Iran since 1982. Her name, therefore, will be known by everyone in NATO countries, quite soon.

An exaggeration of the level of support, much like the exaggeration of the western media of the size of the protests and the misleading claim that they had transformed into violent rebellion. They have not, the legitimate protests have petered out, swept aside by violent extremists seizing an opportunity to begin a violent campaign they hope will grow into a proxy war aimed at regime change.

Sadly, and unacceptable, her claim of many leaders supporting an uprising is true. Much of this comes from the “land of the free” the US, whose leaders openly pursue policies to destroy Iran. It goes without saying that there is an outpouring of joy in the regime in Tel Aviv (no, Jerusalem is not your capital) at the sight of protests descending into chaos and death, quite likely with the hand of the Israel supported MEK involved.

Donald Trump, the man who bombed Syria at the drop of a hat after campaigning disingenuously on pulling the US out of wars abroad while focusing on fighting ISIS and even joining Russia to do so, flew like a bull out the gate as soon as he heard of unrest in Iran.

Big protests in Iran. The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism. Looks like they will not take it any longer. The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!  — Trump tweet against Iran

Trump’s words of entente, before draining the swamp into his veins.


In a tweet earlier in the day Trump said, I use Social Media not because I like to, but because it is the only way to fight a VERY dishonest and unfair “press,” now often referred to as Fake News Media.

Donald Trump gained some political leverage in his mocking of the military industrial complex media as fake news, something which his base revels into this day.

But in the case of his bombing of the Shariat air base less than 72 hours after the alleged chemical weapons attack in Khan Shekhoun his own reliance and trust in fake news sources led him to launch a criminal strike on the people of Syria, discrediting his claims he wanted to be in Syria to “knock the hell out of ISIS” and risking an extremely dangerous confrontation with Russia.

Aside from war hawks whispering in his ear from his own administration, the sources of the claim that Bashar Al-Assad had used chemical weapons came from the Idlib Media Centre, a western supported carryover of the Aleppo Media Centre, the EU funded, UK intelligence front, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights SOHR and last but not least, we had the favorite humanitarians of the regime change brigade, the White Helmets.

Trump has become infamous for his emotion-laden tirades and instant, ill-considered responses to complicated events and issues. It is not hard to imagine then how easily swayed he may have been when his little girl Ivanka cried on his shoulder and demanded her daddy exact revenge, a cynical move which has marked her firmly in the camp of neocon war hawks which so dominate the Washington landscape.

Ivanka Trump may position herself as a champion of women’s rights, but she would have a very hard time explaining that to grieving mothers and widows of the soldiers sacrificed to satisfy her misguided sense of revenge. As Syria News reported at the time:

Ivanka Trump on Twitter, how shameless you are to be proud of your father’s murderous bombings of Syria.  Are you both afraid because Syria is protecting Syrians from foreign terrorists armed and funded with US tax monies?  Mrs. Ivanka Trump, you  should tell your father to stop murdering us.  Stop causing Syrian women to be widows, Syrian students to end studies from bombs on buses, and Syrian kids to be orphans.  How can you  know nothing about the horrible war the Syrian women, Syrian men, Syrian children have been going through since this ugly, western war was imposed on us, in 2011..

Ivanka’s shameless tweet. More disgraceful is the 42k ‘likes’ and almost 8k shares.

Ivanka has jumped on board the regime change train to Tehran, tweeting Iranians seeking “freedom from tyranny” an odd interpretation of protests on economic conditions which are commonplace around the world. By this logic, Ivanka would have to express her support for freedom from tyranny in every developed country in the world. The shameless aspects of Ivanka Trump’s comments are that they are viewed and retweeted thousands of times and that they illustrate open interference of western states in Iran’s affairs to the point of inciting violence.

iranCan Ivanka Trump’s father walk through American crowds as Dr. al Assad walks through Syrian ones?

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad, surrounded by his security team: The Syrian people. Has any western leader ever moved so freely?

Syria News compared the characters of Donald Trump and Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, a comparison which was not flattering to the man Kim Jong Un calls Dotard:

Donald J. Trump: Everybody smart and those who can beat him in a business deal or those who expose his reality. The Pope, leaders of communities worldwide, actors, intellectual professors, inventors..

Bashar H. Assad: His main current enemies are ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA in general, Israel, Turkish ruling Muslim Brotherhood party, the Saudi King, Qatari Emir, the outgoing least popular French president ever, and clerics of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion.

One could say the same thing for Iran, albeit some slight variations.

Many may believe Donald Trump has always been firmly opposed to ISIS and only decided to attack Syria after Khan Shekhoun. His own words tell a different story, a story that demonstrates he, just like Barack Obama and the permanent deep state is willing to use ISIS as an asset to destabilize and overthrow governments. Eric Zuesse recounts an interview Trump did with CBS well before becoming President.

Perpetual war requires the perpetual enemy.

“On 27 September 2015, Donald Trump told Scott Pelley on CBS 60 Minutes:

“Why aren’t we letting ISIS go and fight Assad and then we pick up the remnants? Why are we doing this? We’re fighting ISIS and Assad has to be saying to himself, ‘They have the nicest or dumbest people that I’ve ever imagined.’

“Scott Pelley: Let me get this right, so we lay off ISIS for now?

“Donald Trump: Excuse me, let —

“Scott Pelley: Lay off in Syria, let them destroy Assad. And then we go in behind that?

“Donald Trump: — that’s what I would say. Yes, that’s what I would say.

“And, so, this is why Trump’s troops are training ISIS terrorists.”

Parade of al Qaeda ISIL and al Qaeda FSA, enemies of the Syrian people and their army, the SAA.
Wahhabi President Trump

The current unrest in Iran opens up new suspicions about why the US may be training ISIS terrorists. They have no shortage of recruits to retrain, rearm and rebrand after the evacuation of 4000 ISIS terrorists from Raqqa, complete with their weapons in hand, ready to be deployed elsewhere to further US/Saudi/Israel regional ambitions.

ISIS terrorists, among others, may be smuggled through northeastern Syria through Iraqi “Kurdistan” and into eastern Iran to commence an armed insurgency which will sweep aside any remnants of the dwindling street protests on economic conditions.

“The US-Israeli ‘Secret Deal’ to Manipulate Protests in Iran.”

The US needs to stay in Syria to coordinate any such operation, so don’t expect any large scale exodus soon. James Mattis said the US was determined no ISIS 2.0 would emerge, using this as a justification for continued US occupation of Syria.

Mad Dog Mattis lies of UN ‘mandate.’ The US in Syria is a war crime.

He didn’t say it would be a rebranding of ISIS fighters and that as well as being used to continue the war in Syria; they may open a second front in Iran. Once there, they are likely to join the ranks of the MEK and Ansar al-Furqan Ahwaz Martyrs Brigade to launch coordinated and sophisticated attacks against civilian and military targets.

The US stands accused of using special operations forces to give safe refuge to and train ISIS fighters at the American base in Al Tanf, according to a report by the Russian military command.

Deja vu: In 2014, former alQaeda insider, Sheikh Nabeel Naim stated that Obama was arming terrorists in Syria.

If this is true they will join with former foes from Maghaweer al Thawra who in May 2017 “thanked the US for the gifts of 20 trucks, TOWs, and assorted surface-to-air killing bombs.”

Could one of these weapons have been the one that killed Syrian pilot Bassam Ghassan, who was shot down over the Hama countryside by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham, possibly using an American made Stinger MANPAD?

Takfiri savage carried Manpad and extra missile, thanks to the US. Archive, May 2017

Additionally, the US military base in Shaddadi in Hezen Suriya Demokratik HSD controlled territory is being used to train terrorists, who can easily be transported into Iraq and on into Iran. Russian General Staff Chief Army General Valery Gerasimov stated:

“That is a territory controlled by the Kurds and there is also a US military base there. Moreover, some 800 people more arrived at the Shaddadi camp from the east bank of the Euphrates, from the area where the Kurds carried out an offensive… In fact, that is IS [Islamic State or Daesh],” he said.

“All American troops in Syria are surrounded. What they see as assets, we see as 4,000 hostages.” — Arabi Souri

Iran has been rock solid in its support for Syria during the NATO/Gulf State/Israel controlled war against it. The axis of resistance has strengthened through its members combined efforts in fighting extraordinary numbers of foreign terrorists recruited, armed and trained by the regime change sponsors. Iran also understands that a toppling of the government in Syria would be followed shortly afterward by hordes of terrorists crossing its borders to continue the sectarian carnage.

Iranian forces in Syria have been led by the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp IRGC, Brigadier General Haj Qassem Soleimani. He wants the US out of Syria —as do Syrians— and is quite pleased that the US is sidelined in the Astana peace talks. He recently gave a very clear message to the US to leave or face the consequences, saying, “My message to the US military command: when the battle against ISIS (the Islamic State group) will end, no American soldier will be tolerated in Syria. I advise you to leave by your own will or you will be forced to it.”


Iran has been a steadfast ally to the Syrian Arab Army in battles across the country, from Aleppo to Deir-Ezzor. It has been suspicious of ceasefires which have allowed the terrorist groups to regroup and launch fresh attacks, as happened in February and September 2016, the latter which was shattered by the US bombing of Syrian forces at Deir-Ezzor.

Mass funeral for 83 Syrian soldiers massacred by US war criminal bombings was unreported in western media

It has acted to bring about a military solution to the war in the absence of any credible, peace-seeking opposition, wary of Saudi backed terrorists unwilling to drop their demands that Bashar Al-Assad must step aside. It has also not advocated the state weakening idea of decentralization which Russia has canvassed and has not pressured Damascus into making compromises on its territorial sovereignty at this stage.

“[M]oscow expects all relevant parties to enact ‘concessions,’ in finally advancing UNSC resolutions 2254’s mandate for constitutional reform and new elections.” [UNSCR 2254 is a fascist attempt to colonize the Syrian Arab Republic. –Editor]
Among a range of motives for stirring up trouble in Iran, pressuring it to back off in its support of Syria is likely to be prominent.

Do we have Syria redux here? There too, small-scale protests which were not anti-government and not calling for the overthrow of the government were exploited to launch deadly terrorist attacks backed and armed by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Jordan.

However to say that Islamist insurgents usurped protests is entirely inaccurate. Libyan mercenaries were stationed in Daraa well before the uprising in March 2011. They were aided by local Muslim Brotherhood operatives who coordinated operations with CIA officers in Jordan who supplied the weapons and cash in preparation for a violent uprising. Qatar and Saudi Arabia financed the operation, looking to further their own regional influence as well as serving US imperial interest. The weapons were stored at the Omari Mosque, all that was missing was the convenient pretext to bring the weapons out from hiding and unleash a killing orgy aimed at both police and civilians.

About 110 unarmed police officers were murdered in Daraa and Homs, sparking anger against the “revolutionaries.”  There was an incident in the city Baniyas where an Alawite truck driver was attacked by an armed mob, skinned, and paraded through the city.  This was strongly resented by almost all Syrians an since then not a single major city actually rebelled against the government.

The terrorists used the cover of minor sized protests which were grossly exaggerated in western media to appear to be “anti-government,” in order to shoot bot security forces and protesters. As expected the western media, much of the regional media such as Al-Jazeera, and western political leaders immediately accused the government of cold-blooded murder. The evidence-free and hysterical claims have only gotten louder the longer the war on Syria has continued.

After Daraa events spiraled out of control as well armed and prepared terrorists spread death and destruction in many parts of the country. By May, numerous Syrian police and soldiers had been killed and Syria was in a fight for its survival. Nearly 7 years later Syria is gradually liberating its land, although the US, terrorist groups, and separatists among the Kurds remain a large threat.

The protests in Iran have dissipated. Iran is well placed to resist such a deadly proxy war but must guard against increased terrorism as sure enough, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia will try again.

— Paul Mansfield

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