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Trump Regime Bombs Syrian Military Airbase


The regime of Donald Trump has crossed all lines by carrying out a military bombing against a Syrian Arab Army airbase southeast of Homs, Central Syria.

Around 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from a US Navy ship against Ash Sha’irat Airbase (known officially as TTayyas Military Airport) causing a number of casualties within the airbase and huge damage in the infrastructure. Nearby Ash Sha’irat village had its share of the aggression in a number of casualties and damage among the residents and their homes.

The only benefit of this unlawful aggression against a country that never declared war against the US or its interests is to aid ISIS and other terrorist factions fighting to destroy the Syrian state and causing the carnage in this once the most peaceful and secure country in the world.

Last September 2016 the regime of Barack Hussein Obama carried out similar aggression against another SAA al-Thardeh Airbase near Der Ezzor killing 84 SAA soldiers for over 40 minutes and in direct support to ISIS whose forces were ready and ran over the targeted base immediately. Until now there’s no compensation for that aggression and now this.

Israeli sources confirm the targeted airbase is the same that responded to the Israeli air raid last month against Syria which sent half of the Zionists population in shelters when the Syrian missiles reached over their heads. These sources confirm large coordination between Israel and the US regime.

Whatever justification given by the regime of Donald Trumpf will not be enough to clear the clots caused by this unilateral aggression especially while Trumpf was meeting the visiting Chinese president, one of the real and major allies of Syria, and at a time the US regime is seeking a ground of understanding with the Russian Federation. The world’s eyes are at the Russian response whether it’ll cower to the US renewed hegemony attempts or push towards the international balance it was trying it.

Meanwhile, Bolivia has requested an urgent meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss this aggression. The same UNSC has discussed the chemical attack in Idlib Khan Sheikhon and gave the world the impression they’re waiting for the results of the investigation.

Using the chemical incident in Idlib as a reason for this unlawful aggression is just as dumb as George W. Bush excuse of invading Iraq or the Obama regime invading Libya, now we know how untrue it was all based on. Worth noting that Trumpf who criticized the war against Iraq and called on Obama to refer to US Congress for approval for any military strike against Syria in 2013, is carrying out this strike proves just beyond any doubt Donald J. Trumpf is yet one small toy in the hands of the Political Zionism in his country and his unstable state of mind would lead the US to contract not to expand, however ‘big’ the money he received from the Gulfies.

US intervention in the Syrian crisis started years before the crisis itself, with creating and training terror groups, aiding with communication equipment, shadow internet, hundreds of millions of dollars and even training camps in a number of countries including Turkey, UAE, Qatar, and Jordan.

‘Democracies’ fighting the Syrian State have declared their support to the US aggression, the Saudi Fiefdom announced its full support to the US military operation. ISIS, the US agents on the ground has started regrouping and moved some of their forces towards the targeted airbase and oil fields nearby. Nusra Front, the main faction of the FSA welcomed the attack. The Gas Station of Qatar is thrilled and celebrating while Israel, the last apartheid regime in the world, is confirming it gave orders to the Trumpf regime to carry out the strike. The rest of the world is appalled.

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