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Open Letter to Terrorist Supporter Trump, from a US American


Tonight you have shown yourself to be a supporter of the most barbaric terrorists in human history, and a coward who grovels before the criminally lying msm, run by the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us against in his Farewell Address to the nation.

There is no way you didn’t know that CNN’s breaking news on Tuesday morning was a complete fabrication to push you toward your heinous action in intentionally bombing members of the Syrian Arab Army, men and women who’ve been defending themselves within their own homeland from the world’s human garbage, paid and armed by the disgraceful US and its skank cohorts.  Unlike the US whose military is an underpaid mercenary force of volunteers, in the Syrian Arab Republic, there is mandatory conscription for all men, and voluntary enlistment for women.

This means that every block in every town and every city in Syria has had a family member fighting to defend his nation against demons; every family knows a martyr, has buried a child, a sibling, a cousin, or a friend.

Shame on you.

Of course you knew that CNN’s main source for its malignant lie that chemical weapons were used in Khan Sheikoun was a Brit, an illegal, terrorist, alien in Syria, a mamser ben hazir who had indicted for kidnapping, and whose medical license had been revoked in the UK.  How absurd that anyone would believe his story about the thousands and thousands of patients being brought into the cave hospital where, despite the ongoing bombing, he had great internet connection and time to give video interviews with war-whoring criminal media.

Of course you knew that no GB was used  against Khan Sheikoun, because the fake first responders, the CIA funded death squads in Syria, those child-beheadering White Helmets,  whose fraudumentary got them an Oscar and a standing ovation by the perverted Hollywood elite.  Of course you know that these fake first responders — who don’t own a stethoscope among them, who can’t do CPR, who haven’t been taught spinal precautions — were founded by a Brit intelligence officer, and are headquartered in Istanbul.  When they are not on camera, they carry weapons and they murder Syrian soldiers, and Syrian civilians.

Of course you saw the various deviant, dramatically staged rescue scenes.  You surely noticed how some wore useless surgical masks,  and nobody had on skin protection.  Nu, none of your advisors told you that GB is both pneumonic and transdermal?

Lots of Syrians were murdered.

Last week these death squad White Helmets and other terrorists you support kidnapped 250 people from Majal an Khattab.  They kidnapped them to murder them for the cameras.

They murdered them.  They murdered them to use their corpses as props in a movie set, to sic the media on.

By supporting them, you have not only murdered Syrian soldiers, but you have helped to murder those people you fake cried over.

On Tuesday our Vichy urinalists only showed corpses.  They waited one day to increase the depravity, the war porn, in showing a couple of little children in their last, agonal, throes of breath.  They poisoned them for the cameras, for the media hoax, for the damn lies you told tonight.  Wow, and you have guests, too!  What did you say to Mr. and Mrs. Xi, excuse me a moment, I have to bomb some Syrian soldiers, and then we’ll have an after dinner drink?

Their deaths looked quite painful, so they probably poisoned them with the quick-acting “Sunnah2” that the moderate demons killed a rabbit with, 21 December 2012.  They did that poisoning demonstration and threatened to kill every Syrian patriot who lived near the Alsinn spring, Latakia’s main supply of water.

Kidnap and murder — like this week’s choreographed, malignant hoax against the Syrian people — happened in 2013. Several of those kidnapped from Lattakia villages were killed and used as emotional props in al Ghouta, used as cover story for Obama to obliterate Syria (which he would have done, had Syria not joined the OPCW).

These are your friends, the monsters, Mr. President.  My mom always told me, “tell me who you’re friends are, and I’ll tell you what you are.”  She also said, “lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”

No way I believe you were duped into this terrible atrocity.  You would have to be utterly stupid to be so duped.

What is your excuse, then, for lying and committing mass, premeditated murder?  I mean this question, seriously. The rabid media dogs do it because they are corrupt skanks.  Some get  paid huge salaries, and others sell their souls to keep their jobs, or because they have ugly dreams of helping to slaughter entire countries so that one day, they will also make huge money.

Really, what is your excuse? You’re not even taking a salary, so the obvious in corruption doesn’t apply.

Everyone hates you now (the media dogs that you’ve lay down with still hate you).  Not just the people who hated you because they thought you were a racist, or because you copped a feel whenever you felt like it.  The people who voted for you or supported you around the world, hate you now.  They actually thought you were going to take on the world’s fascists.  Or, they supported you just because you weren’t Clinton, who they hated more.

Hatred, like respect, must be earned.

I hate you, too, because you gave me hope — not before the election, but election night, when you walked on stage, looking surprisingly presidential and you gave an acceptance speech of a statesman.  You  promised to be a good neighbor.  You offered entente to the world, in an unprecedented speech, dating back 32 years.

You gave one speech, and your words gave me hope, hope that for the first time in my life, I would have a president who had no intention of destroying countries in the name of paraphiliac democracy, or fake humanitarianism.

You could have been a president among presidents, but you decided to be another killer in an expensive suit.

You’re a killer who’s getting fleas from monsters who grill heads of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, who eat their hearts on camera, who kidnap 12 year old boys from hospitals and cut off their heads with kitchen knives, despite them asking to be shot, instead.

Shame on you.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

Miri Wood

As for your filthy lies about Syria’s President Dr. Bashar al Assad, nobody believes them.  He loves his people and is beloved  by them.

President Bashar al Assad is beloved by the Syrian people

And here is a speech Dr. al Assad gave at the Damascus Opera House, January 2013.  At least watch the end of it, when Syrian people stormed the stage to hug him and pet him.  Mrs. al Assad says that the Syrian people are their president’s security.

The closest I ever got to any of my presidents was the day I was on the Ben Franklin Bridge with my Nikon, and a plainclothes cop told me I had to put my camera down, that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures when the Presidential motorcade was passing below, on I-95.  After a round-about on my Constitutional rights, I was persuaded when he pointed to the hovering helicopter and the sniper rifles pointed at my head.  The cop gave me the option to not be publicly executed.

I sneaked off a photo, anyway, and always wondered if the media in other countries would lie that Obama murdered me.



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