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Enraged Israel Bombs Syria, Pimps Takfiri Moti Kahana


Enraged over Syria’s recent military successes in Deir Ezzor, Israel again bombed Syria. Though not a member of the fascist coalition of war criminal countries against the SAR, on 7 September at 0242, Israel bombed the military post in Hama, near Misyaf, martyring two soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army.  Israeli media is simultaneously dripping a new propaganda hero, Israeli-US national, Moti Kahana.  This report aims to put him under a microscope, but first SyriaNews will take a quick look at how deep state media legitimized Israel’s latest war crimes against conscripted soldiers protecting their country within its borders — from the most disgraceful international conspiracy in history.

Respected analyst Syrian Girl Partisan called for an investigation of how Israel immediately breached joint Russia-Syria defence system

Please note that this investigative report was begun and almost finished when Category 5 Hurricane Maria demolished much of the Caribbean, leaving 10s of thousands without electricity and internet.   Though certain facts may appear outdated, this piece’s importance requires completion.

This short video clip — surprisingly from AFP — gives a glimpse of the Syrian people, happy that their soldiers have broken the siege of the takfiri savages in Deir Ezzor, and which angered Israel, al Qaeda’s first air force against Syria:

Video report by AFP (which blocked its YouTube video from being displayed on our site)
Syrians cheering the arrival of Syrian Arab Army soldiers. Courtesy SANA

Always warmongering BBC provides an example of how deep state liars report on news related to Syria; the criminals against peace trotted out the Israel-based GB hoax, that Israel had bombed a chemical plant in Syria (despite Syria having joined the OPCW in 2013, despite having turned in all chemical weapons by June 2014).

BBC can always be depended on to lie about Syria.


Amidst the news of Israel’s latest war crime against Syria, came the very odd story about Israeli Moti Kahana having given an interview from al Nusra terrorist occupied Idlib — that governate in the SAR so chilling that the OPCW refused to enter, to investigate the Khan Sheikhoun GB hoax (terrified of being in the company of terrorists, OPCW had no problem with accepting their verbal reports, and fake evidence that breached chain of custody.).  Pan Arabic and independent websites reported that Kahana was there to set up schools.

Israeli takfiri with victory fingers and the terrorist flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria.

Reports cited an interview from Idlib, to Israel’s Ma’ariv/NRG , though when this journalist attempted to find the original, the site’s search engine showed nothing for “Moti Kahana Idlib.”

Nothing in Ma’ariv’s search engine.

A short post was found on the [poor] English version of the Russian language NEWRU dot co dot il.  It claimed “90 Syrian children” “were able to return to classes” (with 15 teachers) and were very, very happy.  It mentioned nothing of al Qaeda control of Idlib (perhaps to pretend there is no relationship of Israel and ISIS), and was happy to report the plot of Moti Kahana — and Israel — is to open two more schools next year, in what can only be inferred as in an expanded Israeli occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights.  While reporting an interview with him, it carefully did not mention his location.

From the Russian-Israeli website.

Moti Kahana was not in Idlib.  He was in Houston, handing out bottled water in the name of the charity Ynet had not considered important enough to mention by name [see below].  This scam was a despicable act of attempted psychological warfare against the Syrian people.

He was in Houston, not Idlib.

Nonetheless, we take this opportunity to remind our readers that education has always been a priority in Syria. There was never a problem with schools in the SAR before the country was invaded by an army of 350,000 wahhabi terrorists.  In September 2015, at the height of the Sudden Syrian Refugee Pandemic, 4 million Syrian students returned to 15,000 schools — in Syria.

September 2015, 4 million students returned to 15,000 Syrian schools.

Attempts to destroy education in Syria have been ongoing since the early days of the crisis, when the FSA was busy assassinating professors and surgeons, especially in 2012.   These attempts have been unsuccessful, as noted in this report on the al Furat University in Deir Ezzor.

Last year, Moti Kahana’s ISIS/FSA friends were busy bombing schools in the western neighborhood of pre-liberated Aleppo, and Syrian children were murdered by sniper fire.


Reputedly, Moti Kahana was an Israeli immigrant to the US, arriving after his conscription in the IDF (interesting that deep state msm and politicians never calls the IDF “Netanyahu regime forces,” while continuing to attempt to degrade the conscripted Syrian Arab Army as “Assad forces.”).  He went from taxi driver to multi-millionaire, and is lauded as the ‘philanthropist’ who spent all of his millions to ‘save’ the Syrian people, and after giving away all his money, was forced to start a ‘charity.’

Moti Kahana has admitted to involvement in the looting of the world’s oldest synagogue in Jobar, Syria, to illegally entering the Syrian Arab Republic, and to counterfeiting Syrian passports.

This writer first became aware of him via a May 2013 Ynet report that referred to him as a “businessman.”  In May 2013, Ynet claimed he had [only] “invested over $100,000 of his personal funds” and helped to raise more than $500,000.  Surely, $100k sounds cheap compared to the millions now needed as the pimping campaign of Moti Kahana accelerates.

May 2013

Ynet did not explain how he came to be present at the think tank meeting of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (his reason for holding the terrorist flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria did seem a tad on the self-evident side).  This article called for the US to obliterate Syria.  It did not mention the name of the ‘charity.’

While I’m here to assist the Free Syria movement [sic], my brother Steve is on reserve service at the Golan Heights, treating injured Syrians.  — Moti Kahana

Actually, his brother was on the occupied Syrian Golan, treating terrorists, mostly foreign. Ynet itself ran a ‘breaking’ report of emergency surgery on an ISIS terrorist, after checking him for explosives.  Israel has given the takfiri savages tens of millions in state of the art medical care.

A mere four years later, that meager $100k investment had magically transformed itself into millions in gifts. The reason might be related to the Paradoxical Law of Economic Fund-raising: The more money in the till, the easier to add more money to it.

On 9 May 2017, Times of Israel-Jewish Week ran a vainglorious ode to Moti Kahana (and, of course, Israel). This interview is so colonialist in nature (e.g., virtually all Syrians would be dead without him), that one might be inclined to see the overwhelming braggadocio and miss the fact that Moti Kahana plays a key role in Israel’s desire to re-map the Syrian Arab Republic.

…but Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are not…
Huge boulder near tree protected author when IDF fired shock grenades into the unarmed crowd.


The Hague 1954 Convention provides for  the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. This international agreement bars the stealing of ancient artifacts from their native countries.  Involving Syria, International Law is not enforced (how could it be, when the mafiosi are the decision-makers?).  The Jewish Week managed to change this disgusting breach of law into a Newspeak version of noble character; Moti Kahana helped preserve artifacts.

The Jobar Synagogue is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located near Damascus.  SyriaNews was the first English-language journal to report on its looting by the terrorists in early 2013.  At that time, all of the cannibals, all of the bombers, and the savages cutting off the heads of Syrians, ran under the FSA, whose French Mandate flag Moti Kahana proudly displays.

(Video also available on BitChute:

At the time, side-bets were being taken on how long it would be before parts of Syria‘s ancient history would turn up in Israel.  Now, here we have it:  Israeli ‘businessman’ Moti Kahana “helped preserve artifacts.”

From the looter’s mouth: Kahana stole Syrian Jewish artifacts from the world’s oldest synagogue.

[Update 2 April 2018:  The above screengrab has been added, with the video of the destroyed and looted Eliyahu Hanav Synagogue, immediately below.  Israel must be held accountable, and must be forced to return Torah scrolls and other ancient pieces.]

Israel stole Jobar’s synagogue with the FSA – Video source: YouTube

Days after SyriaNews‘ report on the looting of the world’s oldest synagogue, Israeli media emitted a report claiming the ancient Jobar Synagogue had been “destroyed,” and fake objectively co-blamed the terrorists and the country which owns the historical site.  No mention was made of Kahana’s involvement in the looting, how he helped preserve artifacts.

From Times of Israel.

One year later, the Syria-hating, neo-lib The Daily Beast (“666”) ran a particularly skanky piece blaming Syria for “destroying” Syria’s ancient history.  It ran ‘exclusive’ photos provided by the terrorists (now known to have worked with Moti Kahana in looting).

Will 666 soon ‘report’ that Moti Kahana has “preserved artifacts”?

The looting process has been ongoing. On 22 July 2015, SANA reported:

Director of the Historical and Archeological Buildings Department at the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) Nazir Awad said that the photos broadcast by some news agencies and posted by social media websites showing looted antique collectibles, which were stolen by the so-called Jaish al-Islam from al-Khuder Synagogue (Jobar Synagogue) in Damascus, belong to the Synagogue.

Jobar Synagogue – has been looted and burned, and its roof was blown off in 2011.

Awad told SANA that the synagogue is an ancient temple whose current building dates back to 200 years old and listed in the National Heritage List since 1981, pointing out that it has been attacked by the terrorist organizations by the end of 2011.

He pointed out that after the terrorists have taken over the synagogue, information indicated to secret excavation works at its surroundings and inside in addition to smuggling its antique collectibles.

Al-Khuder Synagogue was rich of archeological and heritage collectibles such as paintings and copper, gold and glass pieces in addition to scrolls and manuscripts of Torah which were kept in cupboards. It also contains wooden and marble decorations and rare types of carpets, Awad said.

He pointed to the big losses affected the Synagogue, at the hands of terrorists, and other religious archeological sites in Syria, including mosques and churches.

Earlier on Tuesday, websites said al-Khuder Synagogue was looted and robbed by terrorists, asserting that among the looted pieces were gold chandeliers, icons and manuscripts

The websites said that the so-called Jaish al-Islam, led by terrorist Zahran Alloush, dug a tunnel, to be used as a way to stole the ruins from Jobar neighborhood, stretching from the cellar of al-Jihad school to under al-khuder Synagogue to excavate the ruins under it, transport them to Douma and then to smuggle them abroad.

The UN Security Council adopted last February resolution no. 2199 stipulating for stopping financing of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations through stopping the selling of oil and looted ruins, and ransom , calling for those who are involved in such acts to be trialed as complicit with terrorism.

Moti Kahana has not been able to loot ancient Dura Europas artifacts, as  Syria preserves them in the National Museum in Damascus:

Israel steals Syria’s history but does not ask Rome to return a portion of the Temple?


Much about this incorporated charity reads like a cynical, covert operation.  Though the Ynet 2013 article mentions a charity, its name was omitted.  According to the website, this incorporated entity was founded “three years ago,” yet the website was not copyrighted until last year.  Its financials are not available, perhaps because it is “not yet an independent 501 (c) (3)” (non-profit status). Nonetheless, contributions are tax deductible via its “fiscal sponsor,” Ameinu Inc., the charity that has no “Key Executives recorded.”  It appears to have two offices, one in Succassuna, NJ, and the other in NYC.  The latter is somehow affiliated with The Steinhardt Foundation, named for the billionaire neocon, gusano, Michael Steinhardt — whose name became familiar under the Bush/Cheneyac regime.

Amaliah Inc.’s fiscal sponsor, Ameinu Inc. has no key executives recorded.

No explanation is offered as to why 501(c)(3) tax exempt status does not exist, despite the average time being 3-6 months for such an application to be processed.

This US-based ‘charity’ is working “in tandem with the Israeli Defense Force,” a foreign military.  While its sole raison d’être is “Syria, Syria, Syria,” according to Moti Kahana in a recent interview, hurricanes Harvey and Irma have provided good photo opportunities to fund raise and fabricate feel good stories:  Syrians™ and Israelis working together…for the IDF, in Houston (and then in Miami).

Looting Syrian artifacts not enough for Moti Kahana; he now appropriates also Syrians.


In lieu of a mission statement, Moti Kahana’s ‘charity’ offers a vow:  “Never Again,” the two most provocative words to the collective Jewish psyche.

For Amaliah, this vow does not apply to Palestinians, nor to non-Zionist Jews.

This vow — of course — does not to apply to Palestinians, nor to non-Zionist Jews.  It especially does not apply to Palestinians and non-Zionist Jews who are shot by the IDF with whom Moti Kahana’s charity is working in tandem.

This is Chava Keller, whose parents were murdered by the Nazis. She joined the Haganah at a young age, and lost her “Zionist dream” when she saw bulldozers demolishing Palestinian villages.  When she was 77, the IDF shot her in the arm while she attended a demonstration against the apartheid wall.

Mrs. Keller at a demo outside the Defense Ministry, Tel Aviv, June 2006.

This is Rani Bornat.  On 30 September 2000 he was shot in the neck at a demonstration in Ramallah, and made quadriplegic by the IDF. His father’s work permit was subsequently revoked.

Rani Bornat, in Bil’in. June 2006

This is Baseem Abu Rahme, murdered by the IDF with a gas canister fired as projectile, to his chest, on 17 April 2009.

Baseem Abu Rahme, wearing the Gush Shalom tee-shirt of two states

This video shows the IDF — with which Moti Kahana and Amaliah, Inc., work, in tandem — firing into a crowd of unarmed demonstrators in Bilin.  Israeli Limor Goldstein was shot in the head with a ‘rubber ball’ [Editor’s note: Video of the IDF shooting Goldstein was in the Arabi Souri channel, again censored by YouTube.]

In 2011, shoa survivors Hedy Epstein and Dr. Hajo Meyer were among those who visited the Wiesenthal Center in NYC, to lodge complaints about it bulldozing two Muslim cemeteries — dating back to 1200 C.E. — in order to build its orwellian “Museum of Tolerance.”  Moti Kahana was not among them.


Israeli Jews who simply oppose the occupation, are also excluded from the ‘Never Again!’ mantra. In ’03, Gil Na’amati became the first Israeli Jew shot with a live bullet by the IDF, at Mas’ha camp. In ’06, Matan Cohen was partially blinded by an IDF ‘rubber ball,’ in Bilin.

In fact, this “Never Again” vow is meaningless, except for its Zionist, fund raising and colonialist expansion potential.


Moti Kahana is its founder.  This short bio contains admission of theft of Syria’s artifacts (breach of international law); counterfeiting of Syrian passports; a claim that he funded McQaeda McCain‘s illegal first entry into Syria (where he met with kidnappers and other terrorists); notation that his US-based ‘charity’ is working in tandem with a foreign military, suggesting a possible breach of US domestic law.

Takfiri Moti Kahana bio.

Larry Gerber is a former senior official at the CIA’s USAID, involved with other CIA front groups, and on the boards of various perpetual war think tanks.

CIA operative on board of Amaliah, Inc.

Kamal al Labwani may — or may not — be Syrian, be a physician, or live in Sweden.  What is known for sure is that he hates Syria and works with Israel against Syrians living under Israeli occupation in the Golan Heights.

Liar or traitor al Labwani in Israel, February 2016
Concern for ‘calm’ in the occupied Syrian Golan might be related to the incidents in which Syrians dragged wounded ISIS terrorists from IDF ambulances.


Moti Kahana’s non-profit without non-profit status has some serious goals, including partnering with fake physicians in the SAR to provide fake health care in hospitals that do not exist.

Give us money because Never Again!

Though not mentioned by name, one might wonder if the utopian partnering might be with the Syrian blood-sucking SAMS gang which spent a chunk of July engaged in lying for money, or in human vivisection.

This photo is a screen grab from a Syria-hating Now This propaganda piece promoting Moti Kahana.  Though a slit lamp is occasionally used in pediatric eye examinations, it is generally not an age-appropriate tool.

There seems to be an obsession with children’s eyes — perhaps their corneas?
Eye exams should begin at 6 months. This shows an age-appropriate exam.
Pediatric eye exams.


A key focus of Amaliah, Inc., is the “establishment of a Safe Zone in a designated territory in  Southern Syria, along the Israeli border” to “provide relief to those in need inside Syria so they will not be forced to flee as refugees.”

Occupation of part of Syria’s Golan not enough; Israel wants to bring a Judenrat to further dictate geography.

The center point of this report is to ferret out Israel’s scam against Syria, in using a ‘’former’’ IDF soldier to create an NP (that remains without NP status) to assist in colonializing a portion of the Syrian Arab Republic.  For an in depth, generic look at the impunity of international colonialist plans against the SAR, SyriaNews refers our readers to “UNSCR 2254, The Devil Is in the Detail.”

It is important to notice that Moti Kahana does not mention the parameters of the borders of this “Safe Zone,” nor does he mention what “along the Israeli border” might be (other sources have reported that Israel wants to expand its illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan with a 50 km ‘buffer zone.’).

Israeli operative Moti Kahana holds French colonialist flag and dictates: “Syrians unleash your fear and you will be free!”

This is because Israel is borderless (one of the reasons Israel still does not have a Constitution).  It makes its own borders via the ever-mobile ‘’Area C,” signs that any IDFer can pull out at any moment (compare the Palestinian land given to Israel, to the ever-shrinking Palestine.  Consider, also, that anyone even suggesting “Oslo” is now labeled ‘’anti-semitic.”).

Several years ago, Israeli media reported that the IDF had studied the Nazis in order to ‘deal’ with the Palestinian ‘problem.’  Moti Kahana’s scam suggests that Nazi actions – beyond war crimes of bombing — are now also being considered to apply to Syria.

And raise a siegemound against Jerusalem.  She is the city destined for punishment.  Only fraud is found in her midst.  As a well flows with water, so she flows with wickedness.  Lawlessness and rapine are heard in her; before Me constantly are sickness and wounds.  Accept rebuke, O Jerusalem, lest I come to loathe you.  Lest I make you a desolation, and uninhabited land. — Jeremiah 6.12, Nevi’im

Refer to the bio screen shot from Amaliah’s website.  Kahana noted that his ‘charity’ is “working in tandem with the Israeli Defense Force and Syrian local council.”   No definition of “Syrian local council” is offered, but it does sound remarkably like the Nazi-imposed Judenrat:  Jews were appointed to ‘maintain order,’ herd other Jews into ghettos, and decide which Jews would be shipped to the death camps.

In his bio for this IDF-run, US-based ‘charity,’ Moti Kahana has a goal of returning ‘over a million Syrian refugees’ to this un-named ‘Safe Zone’ region.  It seems the website has not been updated, as there have been reports of massive return of Syrians to their homeland, and to non-designated regions.  Deep state media have not been able to bury these reports, as the numbers are so immense.  They have been forced to inject such news stories with anti-Syria propaganda, and warnings from the UN itself, trying to fear monger these Syrians from their return.


Contrary to orwellian history, Israel fired the first shot in the 1967 war, a ‘pre-emptive strike’ based on flawed intelligence.  Such admissions can be found in obscure, fine print, such as in  Leah Rabin’s Rabin:  Our Life, His Legacy, barely visible, as surrounded by the joy the Israelis felt over being able to pray at the Western Wall  — and annexing the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Deep state msm — along with the world’s leading imperialist nations — continue to describe the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel as “disputed territory,” and is part of the geopolitical double-standards that perpetrate fraud.

Israel is a signatory to the Geneva Accords.  Israel exempts itself from what these international treaties in its occupation of Palestinian territories with the legerdemain claim that Palestine was not a recognized state, therefore no laws of occupation are applicable.  Israel has not needed to explain its breach of Geneva regarding the occupation of the Golan.

Principles governing occupation.

Among the key principles governing occupation, somehow not applicable to the Syrian Golan:

  • The occupant does not acquire sovereignty over the territory, occupations is temporary.  Israel has has given “temporary” the new definition of “50 years or more.”
  • The occupying power must respect the laws in force in the occupied territory. Israel ignores Syrian law in the Syrian Golan.
  • Transfers of civilians are prohibited.  The IDF’s Moti Kahana also disregards this law, as he plots to resettle Syrians, and Netanyahu plans to increase the illegal Israeli population (20,000 Israelis, in 2005).
  • The taking of hostages is prohibited.

This is 55 year old Syrian, Sudqi al Maqat.  He has spent most of his life as a hostage of Israel.  At 23, he was illegally detained by Israel for kafkaesque spying, from his own country.

Syrian patriot Sudki al Maqat has been in illegal Israeli detention for most of his life.

al Maqat was kidnapped by Israel the first time, when he was 23.  He was kidnapped by the illegal occupiers of the Syrian Golan, and illegally detained for 27 years.  In August 2012, he was finally released from this illegal detention, to be re-kidnapped in February 2015.

Syrian Sudi al Maqat has spent most of his adult life in Israeli captivity.

Israel has a notorious history of re-arresting — or assassinating — its detainees after draconian jail sentences. al Maqat was no exception.  Israel’s cover story of ‘spying’ was sadistically ironic.  In addition to the illegality of its occupation of part of the Syrian Golan, the ‘spying’ involved al Maqat’s photos of IDFers schmoozing with ISIS terrorists.

ISIsrael on the occupied Golan.

There is really nothing shocking about such photos.  Israel has bragged about providing free state of the art medical care to terrorists on the Golan.

Before Obama ‘accidentally’ made the USAF al Qaeda’s 2nd, the IAF had already been the first.
Just a few samples of Israeli weapons discovered among terrorists when the Syrian Arab Army liberated various neighborhoods.

US American citizenry, that which continues to offer its children as cannon fodder in the deep state ‘war on terrorism,’ that whose country’s infrastructure continues to crumble, should consider that its tax dollars are helping al Qaeda via Israel.  The US subsidizes its ally, Israel, upwards of $4 billion per year. A not insubstantial amount of US tax dollars assists in giving free, state of the art trauma and other health care to ISIS/FSA terrorists on the occupied Golan.  Those terrorists with greater needs are brought into Israeli hospitals.

In 2014, Netanyahu visited his wounded ISIS troops in IDF MASH units in the occupied Golan.  This was the year that Bibi thought he could get international support for the illegal annexation via Israeli media campaign that claimed the Israeli-Druzi community (the only Arabs permitted in the IDF) were holding massive demonstrations begging him to ‘rescue’ their Syrian Druzi brothers.

Netanyahu visits alQaeda terrorist receiving state of art medical care in IDF facility on the occupied Golan

Israeli media neglected to show photos of these massive protests in support of Israel’s further devastation against Syria.  The marketing campaign was thwarted, though, when a group of Syrians under occupation dragged terrorists from IDF ambulances, en route to Israel.

In May 2015, Ynet ran a ‘breaking’ news report, complete with disgusting video, of Israel bragging about emergency trauma care on an ISIS terrorist, for the ‘first time’ – after checking him for an explosives belt.  Previously, Israel claimed to only be providing urgent medical care to the FSA  terrorists.  The Ynet report included an interview with the IDF surgical attending, literally in tears over saving the life – and making friends – with a murderer of children, women, and Syrian soldiers.

IDF doctors perform state of art medical surgery on belly wound of killer of Syrians, on Syrian land occupied by the IDF.

More recently, the comedian buffoon Conan O’Brien did a photo op visit, shaking hands of al Qaeda terrorists in an Israeli hospital.

US comedian Conan O’Brien proudly shakes hands of al Qaeda terrorists receiving free care in Israeli hospitals.

Western deep state media have recently admitted that Israel has had terrorists in the occupied Golan on its payroll (more sucking at the teat of the collective US taxpayer).

A June issue of Newsweek reported on reports of takfiri in the Golan receiving salaries from Israel.

More interesting, though, is that in 2014, Ynet ran a similar headline, sourcing “bizarre reports” from “Arab media.”

Ynet was among the first to mention Israel funding of terrorists.
In May 2017, Israel’s housing minister — who oversees bulldozing of Palestinian homes — called for the assassination of Syria’s president. Odd that a minister of housing would make such a demand, until one realizes Yoav Galant is a ‘former’ Maj-General in the IDF.


In early September, while the hoax was percolating that Moti Kahana was in Idlib, opening two schools and preparing to open more on the illegally occupied Golan – while he was engaged in marketing water photo opportunities in Houston – the Jerusalem Post ran a particularly rancid ‘Opinion’ piece.  Titled Why Israel Needs to Prepare America for the Upcoming Conflict in Syria, author Eric Mandel — a tutor of various perpetual war think tanks, and perpetual warmongering Congress members — begins with the reminder that Israel once bombed what it claimed was a Syrian nuclear site.

Israel dictating to the UN on Syria.

He then lies:  Israel’s  tacit agreement with Russia to avoid misunderstandings over Israeli military actions in Syria targeting weapons shipments bound for Hezbollah is now in jeopardy because the Syrian situation has evolved in favor of Assad, Russia, and most significantly Iran.  Consideration for Israel’s security challenges doesn’t hold much weight anymore for the Russian [emphasis added].  

This mouthful of hasbara lies is precise in the standard Israel centrism:  No matter what war crimes Israel engages in, the script is always arranged that Israel is the perpetual victim, that any and all war crimes committed by Israel are in some kafkaesque self-defense.

For the truth record, Russia and Israel had explicit — not ‘tacit’ bilateral agreements regarding Syria.  Russia has been meticulous in avoiding a direct collision course with Israel.  Prior to Russia’s military entry into the SAR, Netanyahu met with President Putin in Moscow.  Kremlin media was explicit in its reporting.

RT, September 2015.
RT, September 2015.

Israeli media interpreted the bilateral talks in Moscow as Russian ‘permission’ for Israel to bomb Syria whenever it felt the desire:


Israel is fastidious in its ability to take its own headlines and nurture them to fruition.  Between October and December 2015, Israel bombed Syria five times.

 October 2015, Qalamoun; 11 November 2015, near Damascus Airport; 24 November 2015; 29 November 2015, Qalamoun; 19 December 2015, Jaramana neighborhood, Damascus.

The Jaramana bombing appeared to be part of a targeted assassination, as Samir Kuntar was among those killed. This bombing was 5 days before a delegation of Russian diplomats arrived in Israel to further discuss a “Syrian settlement.”



The shady ‘charity’  Amaliah — “working in tandem with [the foreign military] Israeli Defense Force” — has shamelessly added “Maria” to its appeal for donations.  Its website provides nice photos, but no evidence of providing Puerto Rico and the USVI with “distributing gas with solar paneled portable gas stations.”

Moti Kahana offers no evidence for this claim, except for nice photographs.

For the record, few private groups have brought plane loads of essential goods to the people of this region.  Among these great humanitarians are St. Croix native and retired basketball star, Tim Duncan, the Virgin Islanders living in Texas, of “VI Strong,” and “Virgin Islanders United,” from Atlanta, Georgia.

There has been no appearance of Moti Kahana and his IDF, nor of their Syrians™ engaged in distribution to these devastated people.  How utterly shameless for Kahana to raise funds for the purpose of annexing the Syrian Golan, under the fraud of helping those in need.

This author reminds Kahana that Syria was civilization before becoming a state; that the great Syrian people are not to be trademarked.

She also paraphrases the great Hillel, in telling Israeli colonialist Moti Kahana to  read Herodotus’ Historieswith particular attention to his reporting on Syrian Ashkelon.

All of Syria will be rid of terrorists — including the Syrian Golan.

Miri Wood

UPDATE:  A geopolitical nerve was touched by this exposure of Moti Kahana’s charity without charity tax exempt status working in tandem with the IDF.   The hashtag #Maria was removed from the website call for ‘donations’ to aid those suffering from the catastrophic effects of this most recent hurricane:


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