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Letter to YouTube & DHS on Pro-alQaeda Censorship

The following letter was emailed to the legal department of YouTube and cc’d to the Department of Homeland Security.  Hyperlinks here were not included, and photographs were sent as attachments.

Dear Sir/Madam:

Last week, you removed the video channel of Arabi Souri, which contained over 500 videos and a viewership of 4.5 million.  These videos exposed the lies of al Qaeda terrorists, most of them in Syria.  These videos are still in the various YouTube channels run by terrorists.  As this channel owner noted, “We had over 500 very important videos, most of which were and still exist on terrorist groups channels but not addressed to the Western or the international societies as it is in Arabic or Urdu to help them recruit more radical graduates of Saudi sponsored ‘Madrassas’, and all we did was adding English subtitles to these videos so the world will realize who is killing the Syrian people, which made the propagandists work more difficult.”
He added English captions to these videos to expose the terrorists to the English-speaking audience.
Your claim was that this channel ‘breached YouTube’s community standards,’ but gave no explanation as to how they were breached.
This channel has been a valuable source of information since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, and your abrupt removal suggests a censorship of the attempts to share the truth with the English-speaking world.  I am an independent journalist who has frequently used these videos in my writings.
Though the pleasant woman with whom I spoke said it was unlikely you will explain your decision to censor these videos to me, as I am not the owner of the channel, the only thing she was able to offer me was this email address.  I call upon you to reverse your censorship and return the channel to its original status.
As I am not optimistic, I am cc’ing this email to Homeland Security, because I am forced to wonder if YouTube may have some lurking terrorist cells engaged in the decision-making process.  YouTube has not censored the channel of American terrorist in Syria, Bilal Abdul Kareem, “On the Ground News,” despite his consistent work with various leaders of terrorist gangs, including at least two men who are on the US Treasury “Specially Designated Nationals” list. 
Iraqi terrorist on US ‘kill list’ interviewed by US terrorist NOT on ‘kill list.’
Attached please find photographs taken from some of Kareem’s “interviews,” which include the al Zinki terrorists who kidnapped a 12 year old child from a hospital, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife; Iraqi terrorist Abu Firas, an SDN; Saudi terrorist Abdullah Muhaysini, also an SDN who trains child soldiers and has called for terrorists around the world to invade Syria; and a possible suicide bomber wearing an explosives belt.  In his videos, Kareem does not simply interview them;  he verbalizes his support of them.
Kareem interviewing al Zinki terrorist. Zinki was responsible for kidnapping and beheading 12 yr old Abdullah Issa
FSA/al Zinki barbarian proudly holds the head of Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa. The 12-year old’s last request was to be shot, not beheaded.

Should you choose not to do the right thing by reinstating Arabi Souri’s channel, I hope that the Department of Homeland Security will investigate your decision-makers.

One demon is on the kill list, one demon is not. Fraud activists support the demons.


Miri Wood, RNc

Update July 22, 2017: YouTube re-instated our channel, please visit for more.

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