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Saudi Sponsored Nusra Front Assassinates the Mediator in Arsal, Lebanon

image-Nusra Front assassinated negotiator in Arsal

Nusra Front, the Saudi sponsored anti-Islamic Wahhabi organization and branch of US created al-Qaeda in the Levant committed one of its usual lows by killing the mediator between it and the Lebanese Resistance forces in the current battles in rural areas in Arsal town, East Lebanon near the borders with Syria.

Ahmad al-Flaiti, former deputy mayor of Arsal Municipality, and his companion Fayez al-Flaiti were targeted with a missile in their car by a group from the Nusra Front terrorist organization.

The negotiator Ahmad al-Flaiti was succumbed to his wounds at the hospital and his companion Fayez al-Flaiti had his leg amputated due to the attack.

image-Ahmad Flaiti negotiator killed by Nusra Front in Arsal
Ahmad Flaiti negotiator killed by Nusra Front in Arsal

Lebanese Army issued an official statement accusing Nusra Front of the killing of the mediator Ahmad al-Flaiti and stated it managed with the assistance of the Lebanese Red Cross to evacuate both targeted individuals from the site to the nearest hospital where the negotiator died later and his companion is still being treated from his wounds.

By this killing, the terrorists from Nusra Front group attempt to cut the road of any settlement or withdrawal of any of its fighters or fighters from ‘Saraya Ahlul Sham’, another group fighting alongside them in the mountains.
The Emir (commander) of the Nusra Front group has asked previously for US$30 million, plus a safe passage to Idlib province in northeast Syria via Turkey and to take the women in his possession with him, when his demands were rejected he vowed to fight until the end.

Yesterday Friday 21st July 2017 early morning, the Lebanese Resistance Forces Hizbullah from the Lebanese side of the Qalamoun Mountains (Western Lebanese Mountains) and the Syrian Arab Army on the Eastern side of the mountains launched a coordinated operation to clean the borders area of 200 square kilometers from the terrorists of Nusra Front and its affiliates and will continue later to eradicate ISIS terrorists from the area. The Lebanese Army’s contribution is limited to setting up a number of check-points to prevent any fighter of the terrorists from entering civilian areas in order to take civilian hostages or move the battle to the town.

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