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SAA and Hizbullah Advance against Nusra Terrorists in Qalamoun

image-SAA Advances in Rural Flaita Qalamoun

Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah Fighters advance in rural Flaita, Western Qalamoun Mountains, taking over control of a number of hills on Kora 1, 2, Qarnat Khirbet Jiwar, Dhaleel Aswad Hill, Harf Wadi Ouani and Shajarah (Tree) Hill as of end of day July 22, 2017.

image-Live Footage between SAA and Hizbulla Battles against Nusra Front
Map of SAA and Hizbulla Battles against Nusra Front

The following are some footage taken from live battles, the sound is important:

Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah fighters launched early Friday morning 21 July 2017 a joint offensive against the entrenched terrorists of Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda Levant or recently rebranded by their enablers in the West and regional stooges to whitewash their crimes to ‘Jabhat Fateh al Cham’. The purpose of the joint SAA and Hizbullah operation is to eliminate the terrorists presence in the vital border area, allow displaced Syrians in Lebanese Arsal area to return to their homes and restore peace and stability between Syria and Lebanon against the wishes and plans of the United States, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi and their friends.

The terrorist groups sustained large casualties between killed and injured and a considerable number of terrorists from the Ahrar al-Cham group surrendered to the Lebanese Army and to Hizbulllah.

Al-Qaeda and its affiliated groups stormed the mountain areas of Arsal in 2014 with the help of some of the Lebanese officials and the Lebanese government to add pressure against the Syrian state and against their own ‘partners in the nation’ inside Lebanon in order also to achieve what Israel couldn’t achieve in its 2006 aggression against its northern neighbor and to revenge from the Lebanese resistance and their Syrian and Iranian backers for the liberation of South Lebanon in the year 2000.

The US watched if not directly nourished the growth of terror groups sprung from Iraq and into Syria as per the revelations done by former US secretary of state John Kerry, and with the direct help of US allies in the region as per the confession of former US vice president John Biden.

ISIS, another variation of Al-Qaeda came into power in the same circumstances. Therefore, this operation against the terrorists stronghold in the mountain areas between Syrian and Lebanon once completed will make US plans and all efforts in waste, and adding yet another bloody ugly crime against humanity by this group of Humanitarian Bastards led by the world’s super power.

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