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Erdogan Thugs Arrest 61 Teachers in Ankara

image-Erdogan Thugs Arrest 61 Teachers in a Peaceful Protest in Ankara

Ankara 23 July 2017– Forces loyal to Turkish fanatic ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan forcefully dispersed a peaceful protest in Ankara by teachers and arrested at least 61 one of them.

The teachers gathered to protest the repressive policies of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood AKP Party and its mad leader Erdogan and in solidarity with 2 teachers who are on hunger-strike in protest to their unjustifiable dismissal from work among thousands of others under the pretext of the failed coup in July 2016.

University professor Lauria Gulmen and elementary school teacher Samih Ozaksh were fired from work and detained in May earlier this year on charges of joining a ‘radical left-wing group’ as per Erdogan’s propaganda mouthpieces. The very radical Wahhabi-inspired Muslim Brotherhood party would definitely accuse any other political party of being radicalized.

Turkey under Erdogan, turned Erdoganstan, has played an essential role in transferring tens of thousands of foreign terrorists from all sides of the planet, trained, armed, financed and smuggled them into Syria to wage their ‘holy war’ against the Syrian people and the Syrian state.

Erdogan himself and his family members have close ties with mafias working with ISIS and Nusra Front responsible for looting and smuggling out Syria’s oil, antiques, wheat, and machinery as well as with other organized crime groups for humans and human organs trafficking in competition sometimes and in full cooperation in most times with the international organized crime groups operating out of ‘Israel’.

The terror introduced by Erdogan and his party into the region hit back Turkey itself with a number of suicide bombings and huge terror attacks in different cities all over the country.

Erdogan Press Freedom
Erdogan Press Freedom

Erdogan forces have also turned the country into the largest prison for journalists, and more than 140,000 workers fired from their jobs leaving tens of thousands of families without income, 10,000 were fired in just one day in October last year.

Worth noting that Erdogan rule was saved and the military coup was foiled by Russian president Putin and with the support of Iran, two of the supposed to be Syria’s main allies in its war against terror.

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