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SAA Operations against ISIS in Deir Ezzor and Homs 24 July 2017

image-SAA Attacking ISIS Positions in Der Ezzor

Der Ezzor, Homs Eastern Countryside July 24, 2017 update: Syrian Arab Army continued its battles against terrorist groups all over the country especially near the borders with neighboring countries and in the Qalamoun Mountains between Syria and Lebanon. One of the main battles is the one against the world’s filthiest filth the US and allies production ISIS or (anti-) Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the byproduct of the US and UK invasion of Iraq over a decade ago.

SAA units are in a non-stoppable advance towards the besieged city of Der Ezzor from a number of axes while the Syrian Arab Army unit stationed in Der Ezzor continues to defend the 120,000 civilians in the city. This legendary unit engaged ISIS attacking terrorist groups in the south and southwest of the city, in the perimeters of the airport as well as in the Panorama area.

ISIS attacks were repelled and the terrorist organization sustained numerous losses in personnel and in gears. The SAA maintained their positions and targeted alongside the Syrian warplanes the ISIS terrorist points and movements in Kannamat neighborhood, Mibar Kannamat, Huweijj al-Saqr and the Panorama district.

image-Map of Der Ezzor and Homs SAA Operations
Map of Der Ezzor and Homs SAA Operations

In Homs Eastern Countryside, the Syrian Arab Army units have continued its operations pursuing the remnants of the terrorists expanding the areas under their control and inflicting losses in personnel and gears among the ‘Takfiri’ terrorist organization.

Syrian warplanes carried out several raids on the headquarters and movements of ISIS to the west of Umm al-Reesh village, and in Shindakhiya Ghneiman village in Homs Eastern Countryside, which resulted in the destruction of several headquarters and vehicles and inflicted numerous casualties between killed and wounded ISIS terrorists.

The SAA units also carried out concentrated operations against ISIS fortifications and its movement axes in Homs Eastern Countryside sealing its control over a number of points and strategic hills 4 kilometers to the north of al-Hail Oil Field in Tadmor (Palmyra) countryside. The ISIS terrorist organization sustained a number of casualties.

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