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UNSC Refuses to Condemn Terrorist Attack against Russian Embassy in Damascus

image-russian embassy in damascus

UNSC signals to terrorists its acceptance of bombing the Russian Embassy in Damascus revealing by the day its role as a tool in the hands of the NATO member states to cover their crimes against sovereign nations, to violate the own charter of the United Nations itself by the criminal Western states and to justify crimes by rogue nations known for their disregard for human rights.

In its latest, some Western members of the United Nations Security Council have refused to adopt a Russian draft of just a press release to condemn the attacks carried out by terrorist groups in the Jobar district east of Damascus against the Russian Embassy building complex in the center of the Syrian capital.

The attacks have increased in recent months as the Syrian Arab Army tightens the noose on the encircled terrorists holed up in the district once home to tens of thousands of lower to middle class earning Syrian families. Jobar is the last enclave the terrorists have in the vicinity of the Syrian capital who continuously shell indiscriminately the residential neighborhoods with all sorts of projectiles causing tens of casualties between killed and injured in addition to the massive loss in properties.

The Russian Representative office at the UNSC showed the double standards practiced by the same parties in the world’s highest council who sponsor terror in different areas in the world while claiming to sticking to combat it: ‘Despite the statements confirming those partners commitment to combat terror, they try time and again to hold back the blow directed at those they think can assist them in accomplishing their destructive geostrategic plots in Syria’.

We’ve been showing the criminal involvements of the Western members of the UNSC, especially the permanent ones the UK, US and France, and their regional stooges in the crimes against humanity and against the Syrian people since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, mostly fueled by those same members.

It’s no surprise for us the protective role these representative take at the UNSC towards their tools on the ground in Syria, after all, their countries are the ones that established these ‘soft wars proxy mercenaries’ after the heavy losses they faced in their last endeavor in the invasion of Iraq.

It’s also no surprise that those who deliberately bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade during the 1999 aggression against the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia, under pretext of smuggling weapons to the national army of that country while tens of tonnes of weapons and ammunition were smuggled by the NATO countries themselves to their proxies on the ground then there and now here. Those same nations get mad if the embassy hit was their own and move to destroy whole nations under that pretext.

And the same NATO member states at the UNSC are OK with the following:

image-UN Vehicles turned into VBIED and Blown up inside Residential District
UN Vehicles turned into VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) and Blown up inside Residential District

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