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The ‘Rift’ Between CNN & Mercenary Bilal Abdul Kareem


Recent reports are happy to claim CNN has intentionally distanced itself from native New Yorker,   Bilal Abdul Kareem as his name was not in the credits for the award-winning Undercover in Syria. Some think falling ratings and embarrassment over the silly Trump gif has created the need to no longer be affiliated with the mercenary who is aligned with al Qaeda in Syria (the absurdity of the gif crisis is seen by the neglect to notice that Trump bombed Syria based on the fake news team he was gif-beating up).  

CNN has previously suffered sags, and tried for improvements by having Anderson Cooper ‘come out’ publicly (no surprise, and little care by its audience). That this news source was not ashamed to use a de-licensed physician to push the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun, it is doubtful this medium is suddenly concerned for its previous support of colleague Kareem.

Brit illegal was source of GB hoax. No matter his license was revoked in UK either, nor that he spent the day of fake bombings raising $$$ and giving interviews.

CNN’s Cooper never apologized to Syria’s UN ambassador for having yelled at him “that’s not true!” when H.E. al Ja’afari stated that Syrians were being slaughtered by foreign terrorists.  That was in August 2011, and since then, CNN’s Clarissa Ward of Death has received awards for interviewing the foreign terrorists that Cooper said did not exist.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with foreign terrorists Anderson Cooper said did not exist.

This pretty much makes the idea of CNN being concerned over its dishonesty, non-existent.

More likely, CNN omitted Kareem from the credits simply because he is not a film maker. Britain’s Frontline Club once gave him an award for carrying their cameras, in Libya.  It helped to give him credibility.  Since his illegal move into Syria he spends much of his time with video interviews of terrorists, also not a standard for film maker.

As with most mercenaries, Kareem has little in the way of pre-deployment biography, other than he may have been a bit actor, may have done some stand-up comedy, and once lived with a woman he wasn’t married to, and also drank alcohol.

After the obliteration of Libya, Kareem moved into Syria, becoming one of hundreds of thousands of non-Syrian ‘Syrian rebels.’

He began to make his bones in 2015,  as an illegal American, when he invited 500 Rohingya boat families to move into the Syrian Arab Republic.

On 16 May, another non-Syrian member of the “Syrian rebels,” State Department/British intelligence asset, “Bilal Abdul Kareem,” blogged an invitation — from Syria — to five hundred Rohingya families stranded at sea, to come to Syria, via Turkey, and suggested the Turkish navy rescue them, in order for them to relocate (unsaid was the purpose:  For them to also become non-Syrian members of the “Syrian revolution”)…Turkey announced, on 19 May, that it had dispatched a ship to rescue them.

Brit terrorist whose medical license was revoked, is interviewed by American terrorist

Kareem now has a You Tube channel, On the Ground News, likely named by his handlers, those nameless ones behind the curtains:

Here, it is important to mention that the sadistic humor apparatus of the 5th column is implicit in this Wahhabist-merc news ‘source,” On the Ground News TV (OGN).  A Google search of OGN yields no results to Kareem’s “news” channel, but to the South Korean cable station “that specializes in broadcasting video game related content and esports matches; OGN was originally named ongamenet.

The native New Yorker — according to him — is the merc with nine lives. He turns a dent in his car into a drone strike that nearly killed him, he almost gets killed by fake, chlorinated flying IEDs that land close to him, which cause him to cough twice while holding a microphone, he claims his underground office was bombed a nanosecond after he left, he almost gets killed while interviewing other terrorists….

US terrorist was almost nearly killed also in Sept 2016, while interviewing terrorist White Helmet

On 6 September, Ward of Death tweeted her appreciation for his “extraordinary brave reporting” that he managed between his two coughs.

On 15 April, he was not in al Rashidin during the terrorist massacre, but laid claim to almost being killed by the proxy of his employee being there, and almost getting killed (the language of terror requires a new, more exaggeratedNewspeak).

One hundred thirty Syrian civilians were slaughtered but the terrorists made it safely onto the buses

He tweeted that Hay’at Tahrir al Sham (“HTS,” another merger of various al Qaeda terrorist gangs, including Nusra and Zinki, the gang that cut off the head of 12 year old Abdullah Issa. Neither the US nor Canada considers them terrorists) was “committed to principles” but did not mention they caused the slaughter, nor that Qatar had guaranteed the terrorists for civilian hostages exchange.

Kareem interviewing member of al Zinki child beheaders gang
FSA/al Zinki barbarian proudly holds the head of Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa. The 12 year old’s last request was to be shot, not beheaded.

In December 2015, mercenary Kareem did a report claiming that the Syrian people of Aleppo held a large demonstration to refuse food stuffs from the UN, because they wanted a no fly zone, instead.  This of course was a lie.  These were the terrorists controlling the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, the terrorists who starved the civilian population.

Kareem cheered terrorists starving Syrian civilians

Upon the liberation of Syria’s second capital, depots were found containing massive amounts of weapons, dry food goods, and medicines — all withheld from Syrians whom non-Syrian merc Kareem claimed did not want.

In December 2016, as MSM was mourning the reunification of Aleppo, CNN’s Hala Gorani interviewed illegal Kareem as the ‘last western journalist’ there, and he again fake feared for his life.

Kareem interviewed an armed terrorist in Aleppo, groping his explosives belt which he was prepared to use against Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

On 31 March, terrorist NY’er Bilal Abdul Kareem took advantage of the anti-Trump hysteria (“Russia,” “wall,” “deportations”) and issued a hysterical tweet that his attorneys had “filed suit against Trump Admin for placing me…on a kill list.”

A lie from a merc-terrorist. Imagine that.

Neo-lib media and faux left bloggers joined in the hysteria, cheering this US terrorist as an independent journalist about to be murdered by the new president.  Common Dreams pontificated its [self] righteous indignation:  It is an affront to U.S. values that journalists are living in fear of being killed by U.S. drones, simply for doing their jobs.


The chorus of outrage was sheer skank, coming from hypocritical scum who do not see murderous double standards. Yes, extra-judicial murder is more obscene than the death penalty after a trial, but their indignity was [1] based on a fraud, and [2] it involved a fraud:  Kareem is not on the kill list.  Kareem is not a journalist.

Kareem is a paid killer, a merc deployed to spend time with other paid assassins, to slaughter Syrians and destroy their country.

How did the appalled come to be so without reading the lawsuit?  How did the appalled come to support a man who supports men who kidnap a 12 year old boy from a hospital, and who cut off his head with a kitchen knife?

Who is more immoral, the assassin or the scum who blindly support him?


The suit’s introduction states the plaintiffs’ attorneys “bring this action to prohibit defendants from placing and maintaining them on a ‘Kill List…'” [emphasis added].  According to the Complaint, co-plaintiff Ahmed Zaidan, employed by al Jazeera –also illegally in the SAR, and involved in kidnappings, murders, and video propaganda — was in such fear that he fled to Qatar.

Blinded by their collective outrage, none of the paid journalists nor the fraud left bloggers could see the introduction of the complaint, nor Treasury dot gov’s Special Designated Nationals — “kill” — list.  Neither Kareem nor Zaidan is an SDN.

Perversely ironic, is the fact that all of Kareem’s near death experiences occurred under the Obama regime, not the Trump regime.  More perversely ironic, is the fact that terrorist friends of American illegal Kareem are SDNs.

In 2015, American terrorist Kareem did a three part interview with Iraqi terrorist al Nusra leader, Abu Firas, in Syria.

Firas is an SDN, and he preached anti-Islam Wahhabi butchery to  be employed against Syrians (in gratitude for Syria accepting him as a refugee).

Iraqi terrorist on US ‘kill list’ interviewed by US terrorist NOT on ‘kill list,’ on not enough foreign terrorists in the SAR.

In January 2015, American illegal Kareem interviewed Saudi illegal Abdullah Muhaysini, in Syria, to discuss why not enough other foreign terrorists had invaded Syria, to be part of the Syrian-less ‘Syrian revolution’ (350,000 Wahhabi savages just are not enough).

Foreign terrorists discussing the problems of fratricide among foreign terrorists and the need for more foreign terrorists to invade the SAR

These rabid dogs did not discuss Imam al Ghazali’s call to declare you jihad on thirteen enemies you cannot see: egoism, arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed,  lust, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating, gossiping and slandering…

“If you can master and destroy them…”

They discussed further recruitment.

Saudi Muhaysini — who is an SDN — trains Syrian boys to be killers.

Saudi terrorist Muhaysini, shown with his child soldier trainees, calls himself an ‘immigrant’ in Syria

Terrorist, illegal, Muhaysini is also close to the terrorist White Helmets.

Circle-jerk of NATO-Wahhabi terror against Syria
Draconian sanctions against Syria have no adverse effect on foreign terrorists. Leaders remain the size of whale, and have excellent internet (courtesy of Gulfies UAE terrorist federation).

In June, the foreign terrorists Kareem (not an SDN) and Muhaysini (an SDN) blasphemed against the holy month of Ramadan by enjoying iftar together, in al Nusra occupied Idlib.  The illegal Saudi Muhaysini welcomed the illegal American, introducing him on his Wahhabi news program as “the great innovator Bilal Abdul Kareem.”

One demon is on the kill list, one demon is not. Fraud activists support the demons.

CNN has been terrorists most trusted name in news since the beginning of the foreign imposed war on Syria.  There is no “rift” between the war-whoring medium and the war-whoring fake journalist.  CNN is not ashamed of its crimes against peace propaganda.  CNN is not suddenly trying to distance itself from itself from monster Kareem.

CNN has simply made clear that Bilal Abdul Kareem is merely the towel boy.

Update 10 March 2018:  The author has discovered one of the most depraved and obscene anti-Syria propaganda, since the beginning of the crisis.  American illegal Kareem interviewed the spokesman for the FSA al Zinki on 9 October 2016.

Terrorists showed fake evidence, ominously said Abdullah’s family had “confessed.”

The purpose was to legitimize the beheading of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa who was kidnapped from a hospital 20 July 2o16.  The scum duo claimed Abdullah had a genetic blood disorder that made him appear much younger.  With shocking impunity, a pre-beheading showed the savages tormenting the dazed child.

Shameless photoshop of Abdullah’s head likely to the body of one of their own terrorists.

The impunity was almost blinding when the deviant spokesman claimed the malignant degenerate had been under a lot of stress.  No explanation was given as to why the other pieces of human garbage did not stop him, but instead taunted the boy.  When he asked to be shot, they joked about getting a kitchen knife.

For those who may have forgotten, Mahmoud Rslan, the White Helmets humanitarian who took the iconic photo of Omran considered the savages “top notch.”

Mahmoud Raslan, friend of child beheading terrorists & photographer for the French Foreign Office funded Aleppo Media Center.
Rslan ‘selfie’ with human beasts who cut off 12 year old Abdullah Issa’s head.

— Follow author Miri Wood on Twitter.

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