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Israel and the USA Bomb Syrian Sites in Al-Bukamal and Aleppo

Israel bombs southern Aleppo countryside - Syria

Israel and its US sponsor within 24 hours bombed sites in Al-Bukamal, east of Syria on the borders with Iraq, and Aleppo, north of Syria, these bombings followed a series of bombings by the Zionist US-led empire of evil since the beginning of the Holocaust of Gaza on the 8th of October following the military defeat of the Israeli elite forces besieging the Gaza death camp the day earlier.

Hours after bombing a radar site in southern Syria, Israel fighter jets used an air corridor provided to them by the US Army illegally occupying al Tanf in southeastern Syria, and with the permission of the NATO protectorate Jordan kingdom to sneak close enough to target sites in Al-Bukamal area on the borders with Iraq, the same NATO-protectorate kingdom that shoots down missiles heading to Israel fired by the Iraqi resistance and by the Yemen Army!

Syrian state media did not report on the Israeli bombing of Al-Bukamal, however, local sources said that the bombing targeted Syrian Arab Army allied forces and there were casualties. Al Qaeda propagandists praising the bombing claimed the bombing killed ’19 pro-Iran fighters and injured 18 others’ targeting ‘positions and a convoy’ on the outskirts of Al-Bukamal city.

The Al Qaeda propagandists and the Western media outlets quoting them did not elaborate how Syrian Arab Army allied forces in combating ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria are ‘pro-Iran fighters’ unless parroting the Zionist neocons obsessed with Iran in the US war ministry (Pentagon) who need to input Iran’s name in all their narratives.

Some local sources in the region said there was a bombing near the Al-Bukamal city without elaborating on casualties or material damage.

Syrian Resistance Retaliates:

In what seems to be the response for this and previous Israeli bombings of Syria, the illegal US Army bases in the Syrian provinces of Hasakah and Deir Ezzor, namely the airbase in Kharab Al Jir in Hasakah, and the Al Omar oil field and Conoco gas field in Deir Ezzor were showered with missiles.

US Army reinforcements were spotted arriving at their illegal Kharab Al Jir airbase, a US military cargo plane loaded with weapons, munition, and logistical materials landed in the illegal base amidst the heavy presence of US fighter jets over the region. In Deir Ezzor, ambulances were seen rushing to the illegal US Army base in the Conoco gas field which sustained the largest number of missiles affirming there were numerous casualties among the US personnel in the targeted bases, especially in the one occupying the Conoco gas field.

The sources said that the illegal US Army bases in the Al Omar oil field and Conoco gas field received at least 12 missiles each, loud sounds of explosions were heard mainly in the latter.

Israel Bombs Aleppo southern countryside:

Hours later, Israel carried out another bombing this time targeting posts in Aleppo province in the north of Syria.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by SANA:

“At approximately 17:20 this evening, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, west of Latakia, targeting several points south of the city of Aleppo.”

Again watering down the Israeli bombing to deny Israel its wish to drag its NATO sponsors into its quagmire in Gaza, the statement by the Syrian military spokesperson concluded “The aggression resulted in some material losses.”

Our local sources, however, reported that the Israeli bombing that targeted Al-Dhahabiya farmlands in southern Aleppo countryside resulted in killing 3 civilians and injuring 2 others.

Worth noting that the first targets of the foreign ‘moderate armed Al Qaeda freedom fighters’ sponsored by NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance, were the Syrian Army’s remote air defense batteries, manned only by technicians, claiming these air defense batteries were ‘oppressing’ their ‘freedom of expression’ in Syria.

The new Israeli bombing will be retaliated by the Syrian Resistance which vowed to bomb US Army bases each time Israel bombs Syria, and they always do without fail.

And in case you’re worndering, the United Nations Security Council remains mute, and useless about with the repeated Israel bombing of Syria, and other Israeli war crimes, unlike its frenzic activity when it comes to extending the lifeline supply routes to Al Qaeda in Idlib, all 5 permanent members of the UNSC entrusted to preserve peace and security in the world are showing no signs of weakening their very strong ties with Israel.

While denying Israel’s wish to widen the war, the Axis of Resistance is depleting Israel’s killing machines: the so-called IDF, Mossad, and armed settlers in a methodical way.

Hezb Allah in southern Lebanon is laser-focused on the Israeli IDF and its costly high-tech facilities in northern Palestine, reports that over 1500 of those war criminals have been ‘taken out of service’ (those killed or maimed beyond repair), and the destruction of the surveillance facilities Israel planted across northern Palestine facing Lebanon which were able to spy on both Lebanon and Syria and which cost the US taxpayers over 1.2 billion of their hard-earned tax money.

The Palestinian fighters in Gaza are hunting down the IDF war criminals sent by the regime of madman Netanyahu into central and northern Gaza inflicting an unprecedented number of heavy casualties among those war criminals not seen in all of Israel’s previous wars. Reports from two weeks ago before Netanyahu’s war cabinet imposed a complete media blackout have already confirmed that over 5000 Israeli IDF war criminals have been rendered useless (killed or maimed beyond repair) in the non-stopping hunting spree by the Palestinian fighters attacking them from point blank.

At this rate of depletion as mentioned above of forces, the Israeli killing machines have a few days left before their complete breakdown point in which their killing power will be effectively lost and will turn into sitting ducks. This might explain the repeated warnings coming from their US sponsors, like the statement of the US War Minister Lloyd Austin who said that ‘in its pursuit of tactical victories (the slaughtering of the Palestinian women and children of Gaza), Israel is risking a strategical defeat,’ similar statements coming from the White House with reports that Biden gave his ‘frenemy’ Netanyahu one week after beginning of the new year to ceasefire and accept a compromise at all costs.

Unless Israel manages to drag the region into a larger war, by crossing the red line on any front that would leave no space for the Axis of Resistance to respond militarily, Israel is heading to an absolute existential self-defeat it inflicted upon itself, morally, militarily, strategically.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Israel’s only reason to exist is to serve as a dumpster for the world’s unwanted psychopaths who in turn will serve their masters’ goals, and those masters are not the ones funding it, the western taxpayers, it’s the decision-makers among the so-called elitists of the Western globalists and neocons, and in all cases, it’s the poor of all sides who suffer.

    If anybody has any other reason do enlighten us.

  2. Greagoir O'Cathasaigh

    Your final paragraph perfectly encapsulates ZioCon ‘reasoning’ behind the assassination attack in south Beirut yesterday evening.


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