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Syria ‘Approves’ UNSC Demand to Extend al Qaeda Lifeline to Idlib

Al Qaeda in Idlib Syria - القاعدة في ادلب

Syria has approved extending the UNSC lifeline supply routes for Al Qaeda in Idlib via NATO member state Turkey for an additional three months after extreme pressure from the permanent and rotating member states of the United Nations Security Council.

After long deliberations and previously vowing not to extend the lifeline support for Erdogan-controlled al Qaeda in Idlib from their sponsors in NATO, mainly from NATO member state Turkey, the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations has announced that “Syria grants permission to deliver ‘humanitarian aid’ to those in need for 3 months ending on 13 November 2023,” via Bab al Salama and al Rai crossings.

This may be the first time in United Nations history that an agreement has been made without an actual UNSC resolution.

We must note that the details of the original 13 July permission were not released to the public, but that it caused outrage among the NATO klan ruling the UNSC. According to the BBC, Reuters and AFP were given access to a letter sent to the Security Council by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) which claimed the offer contained “two unacceptable conditions.” One was that OCHA does not like the Syrian Arab Republic calling terrorists, “terrorists” and that the ICRC and Syrian Arab Red Crescent oversee the distribution of humanitarian goods into the al Qaeda haven Idlib region of Syria.

NATO OCHA further showed its imperialist venom against the Levantine republic, by handing its fraud neutral ReliefWeb — “a humanitarian information service provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs” — over to 501(c)(3) Medglobal, which wrote a scathing propaganda attack on Syria, apoplectic with rage that Syria should have sovereignty over Syria.

For those who may not know, the co-founder of Medglobal is Zaher Sahloul, previously the director of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), described as ‘Al Qaeda’s MASH Unit’ by The Grayzone. Sahloul came to prominence in the US when Christiane Amanpour interviewed him in Turkey, in 2013, fabricating the claim that Syria had used sarin against Syria. The uncorroborated corroboration was of absurd videos of people with shaving cream all over their faces, so absurd that Amanpour’s website eventually removed it.

Back in the summer of 2017, SAMS Twitter account provided massive evidence that the gang – an illegal entity in Syria (which is likely why Sahloul’s interviews have been in Turkey) – was either massively lying or engaged in human vivisection of Syrians, leading to the blocking of one of Syria News‘ authors.

Al Qaeda's MASH, SAMS, has not addressed the UNSC for some time.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA explained: “This decision comes out of Syria’s keenness to enhance stability and improve the humanitarian and living conditions of all Syrians, and to continue its efforts to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to those in need in all Syrian regions.”

In the extensive marathon deliberations held by the United Nations Security Council led by the NATO three permanent members, the USA, UK, and France, and countries under their sphere of influence, the Western sponsors of terrorism in Syria failed to extend Al Qaeda’s lifeline UNSC Resolution 2672 upon its expiration on the 13th of last month, Syria agreed to allow the use of only Bab al Hawa.

The NATO junta of the UNSC was outraged at this offer from Syria.
The NATO junta of the UNSC was outraged at this offer from Syria.

We remind our readers that NATO celebrated UNSCR 2165 (2014) – the first of continuing resolutions which breach Syria’s sovereignty – thus breaching that noble UN Charter – via poisoned measles vaccines via Turkey, administered by unknown/unlicensed parties to Syrian children in al Qaeda occupied Idlib, resulting in the war criminal deaths of upwards of fifty.

Never forget. Soon after the criminal passage of UNSC Resolution 2165 (2014), Humanitarian aid from Turkey included poisoned measles vaccines which murdered upwards of 50 Syrian children throughout al Qaeda haven, Idlib.

The regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the leader of NATO’s second-largest army, had been feverishly trying to pressure Russia to vote with the UNSC’s P3 to extend the lifeline supplies to his al Qaeda war lord forces in Idlib.

Syria News again must point to the NATO bias of the Security Council and its General Assembly house servants. When Erdogan addressed UNGA in September 2019, he practically got a standing ovation for his plot to annex a large chunk of the Syrian Arab Republic, by Orwellianly calling it a ”safety zone” (a true safety zone would be on Turkey’s side of the border. The NATO klan has given tacit approval of Erdogan’s occupation of the Alouk water plant in al Hasakah.

Most nefariously, that NATO junta ruling the UNSC has – via ReliefWeb – has subtly been changing the name of Erdogan/al Qaeda warlords occupied Syria into North-West Syria, for its new Sykes-Picot carving.

ReliefWeb has been so arrogant as to call this terrorist haven North-West Syria (Türkiye) – with increasing numbers of NATO-affiliated media following suit (unfortunately, the brainwashing marketing of a carved up SAR has been so subtle that honest friends of Syria are also being duped into the renaming of what the world’s leading imperialists and genocidalists hope to make a separate country – albeit another NATO satrap).

Given that last month’s hysteria and outrage from the UNSC’s UK, US, and France, over Syria’s offer on a compromise, the lack of any transparency – in July, and now – and given Security Council’s NATO members agreeing to whatever the offer was, we stand by our headline, that this is yet another lifeline to al Qaeda occupying the Idlib area of the country.

Upon UNSG Antonio Guterres having welcomed the understanding “reached by UN and Syrian Government,” we asked if he would be sending UNPOL to assure that al Qaeda warlords of Sarmada do not steal the humanitarian goods.

We continue to await his answer (along with Godot’s friends).

Syria News makes one final note on the machinations of the NATO clique ruling the UNSC: Were any of the humanitarian bastards actually concerned about the needs of the Syrian people, none would have engaged in illicit unilateral economic terrorism against the Syrian people.

Wrongfully called sanctions, actually sanctions require a UNSC resolution – another point from which SG Guterres averts his imperialist gaze.

Arabi Souri & Miri Wood


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