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Syrian Resistance Bomb US Army Bases Avenging ISIS Massacre

illegal US Army base in northern Syria

Illegal US Army bases in northeastern Syria were bombed with missiles since morning in retaliation to the horrific massacre committed by the CIA-sponsored ISIS terrorists against the Syrian Arab Army yesterday.

Local sources reported at least two waves of bombing of the illegal US Army bases in Deir Ezzor countryside starting this morning.

The first bombing was reported shortly after 10 am, today Saturday 12 August, targeting the US Army occupying the Syrian Conoco gas field in Khsham, in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, northeast of Syria.

Several missiles were used in the bombing attributed by the local sources to the Syrian Resistance, a group of Syrians that earlier had vowed to bomb the illegal US Army bases in Syria each time Israel bombs Syria, which was fulfilled the day earlier after the latest Israeli bombing of southern Damascus countryside.

Later in the late evening, the Syrian Resistance, as it appears, bombed the illegal US Army occupying the Syrian Al Omar Oil field not far from the Conoco gas field bombed in the morning.

Local sources reported that the illegal US Army base was targeted with a barrage of missiles.

The latest bombing occurred moments before writing this update, we are still waiting for updates on the casualties among the US Army deployed to steal the Syrian oil.

Instead of accepting the rules of engagement set by the Syrian Resistance to accept getting bombed after the Israeli bombing of Syria, the CIA-sponsored ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) terrorists, avenging the bombing of their paymasters, ambushed a military bus carrying Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers in the desert of Al Mayadin in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside in the early hours of dawn yesterday murdering 25 SAA soldiers.

Seems, if the Syrian Resistance is behind the latest bombing as most analysts suggest, a new rule of engagement has been set, the new rule of engagement stipulates that each time a US proxy terrorist group attacks the Syrian people or the Syrian Army, the US Army will be bombed in retaliation.

The ‘junta of the crazies’ in the USA has been beefing up their troops in Syria recently, bringing in heavy weapons and air defense systems in their mission to deprive the Syrian people of their oil and food as explicitly stated by the former US Commander in Chief and officials of the US Ministry of War and War Crimes, aka the Pentagon:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

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