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Israel Bombs Sites in Southern Syria Twice Yesterday Late Night

Israel bombs southern Syria

Israel escalated its bombing campaign against Syria in its continuous attempts to aid NATO’s US and Turkish armies and their proxy ISIS and Al Qaeda armies of terrorists and in its recent desperate attempts to drag its NATO sponsors into a regional war to save it from the quagmire it dragged itself to in Gaza, especially after the horrendous crimes against humanity it’s committing against the Palestinians targeting mainly the Palestinian children and women in the besieged death camp knowns as the Gaza Strip.

In those desperate attempts to start a regional war, Israel bombed several posts in southern Syria twice yesterday late evening and after midnight, just two days after it murdered the top Iranian officer and military attache at the Iranian Embassy in Syria Brigadier Seyed Razi Mousavi bombing his residence on Monday, the 25th of December.

A military spokesperson said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA commenting on the first Israeli bombing:

“At approximately 11:55 pm Thursday 28 December, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the southern region,” adding that “our air defense forces responded to the aggression’s missiles and shot down most of them, and the losses were limited to material losses.”

And commenting on the second Israeli bombing:

“At approximately 1:20 AM Friday 29 December, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of Lebanese territory, targeting several points in the vicinity of Damascus,” also adding “Our air defense forces responded to the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, and that the aggression resulted in some material losses.”

Residences in Damascus were worried that Damascus International Airport was the target of the Israeli bombing hearing the usual sounds of mid-air explosions, the Syrian air defense shooting down incoming Israeli missiles, coming from the south of the Syrian capital, toward the airport. The airport was reopened after fixing the extensive damage caused by a previous Israeli war crime bombing of the civilian commercial infrastructure a month earlier.

Local military observers claimed that “the Israeli aggression targeted a radar site for detection and early warning of the Syrian Arab Army in the southern region, southeast of Sweida, near the Syrian-Jordanian border.” We couldn’t confirm this by the time of this report.

The watering down of the Syrian military statements about the repeated Israeli bombings is compensated by the strong condemnation language coming from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which exposed the uselessness of the United Nations Security Council in this regard in a letter addressed to the President of the Security Council and a copy to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

In its letter, the Syrian Ministry of Affairs reminded the international body of its duties to preserve peace and security and to uphold international law which Israel enjoys breaching and violating with impunity no thanks to the unlimited support and shielding from prosecution for its war crimes provided to this criminal Zionist entity by its US and other NATO sponsors who also dominate the UNSC.

Understanding the uselessness of the United Nations and its different bodies when it comes to the rights of the Arabs in the face of the US-led evil empire, the Syrian people are growing frustrated with the stances taken by the other two permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, Russia and China, both of which have strong economic and military ties with Israel which seems they prioritize over their relations with the Arab world, especially with the Israel ongoing holocaust against the Palestinians in Gaza, and the repeated Israeli aggressions against the region, and in many cases, against the national security of both Russia and China which Israel plays hideous and harmful roles in threatening.

The Syrian people are expecting statements from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in particular, by Mr. Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs about his country’s commitment to international law and the security of Syria, similar to those he keeps repeating about “Russia’s commitment to Israel’s security.” Taking into consideration that Syria never harmed Russia, on the contrary, Syria stood in the face of the multiple attempts by the US-led NATO and stooges, namely the Gulfies who tried to suffocate the Russian economy in 2007 by extending a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe bypassing Russian gas when Russia and its economy were very vulnerable.

Syria also rejected multiple lucrative offers by the USA and its cronies and challenged the US-led evil empire threats to join their camp against Russia, only to be rewarded by Russia with blocking the delivery of the S300 air defense systems in 2010 upon request from the war criminal Netanyahu. The delivery would have forced the fading evil empire to double-think before waging its now 13 years of war of terrorism and attrition against the Syrian people under the guise of the so-called Arab Spring.

Syrians continue to be bewildered by the Russian agreements with both Israel and the USA to coordinate their operations in Syria and its skies to avoid direct confrontations between them, a blatant breach of their country’s sovereignty by a presumed ally in the war on terror. The least that Russia can do now is to withdraw from such treaties, especially since Israel’s and the US’s repeated aggressions against Syria are discrediting Russia’s role in the country.

We do not ask Russia to fight on our behalf, we simply ask her not to be fully supportive of our enemies (the USA, Israel, Turkey), when we are in an existential fight with them, a Syrian activist put it straightforwardly in one of the chats in a social media group.

The Syrian people and their armed forces are already confronting tens of thousands of NATO terrorists illegally occupying entire regions across the country, about 3000 US Army soldiers in the southeastern Al-Tanf and the northeastern oil and gas fields, about 20,000 Turkish Army soldiers, tens of thousands of US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists, tens of thousands of Al Qaeda and ISIS leftovers in dozens of assorted terrorist groups across the entire northern regions of Syria next to the Turkish Army illegal bases, the hundreds of the Chinese Uighurs of the Turkestan Islamist Party, a large anti-Islamic Wahhabi radicalized terrorist group, tens of thousands of radicalized anti-Jewish Zionist IDF terrorists and armed settlers in the Syrian Golan.

Not to mention that it’s all under extreme economic suffering due to the illegal US and European coercive economic measures wrongly dubbed ‘sanctions’ in addition to the systematic stealing of Syria’s oil and gas by the NATO US Army, and the Syrian olive trees and water by NATO member state Turkey.

Syria’s options now against the repeated Israeli bombings are to strengthen, localize, and diversify its defense capabilities, not to only depend on Russian weaponry, and to continue to combat the herds of tens of thousands of NATO-sponsored terrorists in the northern regions, each terrorist eliminated shortens the life of the anti-Jewish Zionist criminal state called Israel.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Can someone explain Russia’s role in supporting Israel to the extent it is? And please don’t give us the 1 million Russian speaking settlers in occupied Palestine excuse, these are stealing other peoples’ land and committing horrific war crimes even the USA is being called out for supporting them, also there are over 16 million Muslims in Russia, add to them the religious Christians opposing Zionism.


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