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Biden Illegals Steal More Syrian Oil and Grains

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists torch Syrian wheat fields

Biden illegals criminally in Syria continue to take more food out of the mouths of Syrians, while also continuing to loot the oil reserves of the citizenry of the Levantine Republic, exiting the country with another sixty tankers of crude that rightfully belongs to the Syrian people. As US Americans and Britons become increasingly angry over housing, food, and clothing given to economic immigrants illegally entering their countries, it is essential these Westerners do not become hypocrites (‘what is good for the goose should be good for the gander.’).

Dozens of illegal US tankers plundered more Syrian grain and bran, spiriting the food and oil through the illegal al Walid crossing into the autonomous Kurdish region (which cannot stand upright without US troops) of Iraq, with the assistance of the armed insurrectionist US cannon fodder, SDF.

Biden regime criminals brought massive weapons into Syria, via the al Walid illegal crossing.
Biden regime criminals continue to loot Syria’s oil, transporting the booty into Iraq, via illegal al Walid crossing,

Syria News reminds our readers that the Biden regime’s criminal invasion, occupation of Syria’s oil fields, and the looting of Syria’s grains and oil reserves did not begin in January 2021. The grand theft mobster operation was the brainchild of former President Donald Trump.

Trump has repeatedly bragged about “keeping the oil” that his American illegals looted – throughout his final days in office. In October 2019, Dana Stroul arrogantly declared that her imperial country not only had a right to be “protective of US interests” in the SAR but that “one-third of Syrian territory that was owned via the US military with its local partners the [terrorist] Syrian Democratic Forces.

At the time, Sykes-Picot pimp Stroul worked under the banner of the Syria Study Group, established by bipartisan, supremacist, US Congress, “with the purpose of examining and making recommendations on the military and diplomatic strategy of the United States with respect to the [NATO Spring war of terror] conflict in Syria.”

We are also obliged to remind our readers that the Obama-created SDF armed terrorist savages, when not helping US military illegals plunder Syria’s food and oil, it has been busy kidnapping children to turn them into terrorists, has murdered unarmed Syrian Security members, has attempted to destroy Syrian churches, and has torched Syrian wheat fields when unable to outright steal them from Syrian farmers, deprive Syrians of their water and their bakeries – among too many other atrocities, far too numerous to hyperlink.

Stoul continues to wear various hats of NATO-US imperialism and impunity.

The Biden regime illegals continue to pillage the food and the oil of the Syrian citizenry, and most of the world remains silent and complicit.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Thieves will always be thieves, interesting how the US Army went down from a mighty army, the world’s largest, strongest, and most expensive army to literally oil and food thieves! It costs them hundreds of millions of dollars a month to steal a few million dollars worth of oil and food just to bring pain to the ordinary Syrian people, this is the Western values and exceptionalism they keep bragging about.

  2. Liz Grant

    Biden regime criminals continue to loot Syria’s oil, transporting the booty into Iraq, via illegal al Walid crossing,
    Those criminals are the, Chicago Outfit, a legacy of Al Capone.


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