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Biden Forces and their Kurdish SDF Terrorists Steal More Oil and Wheat

US Biden forces and Kuridsh SDF terrorists continue stealing Syrian wheat and oil

Biden forces illegally deployed in Syria along with their Kurdish SDF terrorists continue their business as usual in stealing more oil and wheat and smuggling them to Iraq.

In the latest, local sources in the Al-Suweidiya village in the Hasakah countryside, northeast of Syria, spotted 38 trucks and tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil and wheat heading east toward the borders with Iraq.

The convoy of stolen Syrian oil and wheat was guarded by members of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists, the local sources added.

The video is on BitChute and YouTube.

Stealing Syria’s oil and wheat for a decade-long in addition to sponsoring all sorts of terrorist groups of the US-created Al-Qaeda and its derivatives including ISIS is part of the US official policy of regime change by means of terrorism and a constant war of attrition against the Syrian state and the Syrian people, this is topped up with the stringent economic sanctions and blockade spearheaded by the USA and enforced on its minions of the European Union and their regional stooges, even Syria’s allies in the war against the US-sponsored terrorism are reluctant in their economic aid to Syria out of fear of western sanctions.

Meantime, the Kurdish SDF terrorists stormed the houses of Syrians in Hasakah southern countryside and kidnapped an additional 25 civilians taking them to a public facility it turned into a large prison in the city of Shaddadi.

Early last week, the US Obama – Trump – Biden-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorists kidnapped 10 young men from the village of Ajajah on the Hasakah – Shaddadi road taking them to an unknown location while the residents burned tires blocking the roads in protest.

The Kurds insist on continuing their project to Israelize as much land of Syria as they could taking advantage of the US military presence even though they comprise scattered and small communities across northern Syria and despite the objection of their own base who fear the retribution of the other Syrians once the US abandon them, as the US always does to its servants after their role is over.

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