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Syrian Diplomatic Missions Abroad Ready for the Presidential Election

Syria Presidential Elections

The Syrian diplomatic missions abroad declared their readiness for the presidential elections and wrote to the registered Syrian voters to cast their votes next Thursday 20th of the month in the presidential election.

The Syrian embassies and consulates in normal countries, countries that respect international law and abide by the diplomatic-related treaties, have called on the eligible Syrian voters who registered earlier this month in the respective missions to cast their votes at the mission’s premises on Thursday 20th of May, the ballots will be available from 7 am to 7 pm throughout the day as per the election law stipulated in the Syrian constitution of 2012.

Syrian diplomats in Iran, Lebanon, China, South Africa, Sweden, Brazil, Malaysia, Venezuela, Austria, Belarus, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Argentines, and the Honorary Consul in Australia were among the diplomats who issued statements to the Syrian News Agency SANA confirming the readiness for the milestone constitutional duty of carrying out the election in a professional, transparent and timely manner, other diplomats will be issuing statements in the coming two days to call on the voters.

Some countries, and in spite of having a Syrian official mission in them, have requested not to carry out the election in their countries, some of them claimed it’s because of security issues, however, their intentions are not honest toward the Syrian state.

Three candidates are competing for the presidential election, the incumbent Bashar Assad, former minister Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, and lawyer Mahmoud Ahmad Mar’ai. The 3 candidates launched their election campaigns yesterday, 16 May 2021, and have conducted a number of televised interviews, their billboards are all over the country showing their campaigns’ slogans and their election programs. President Assad chose ‘Hope by Work’ as his campaign’s slogan, Mr. Abdullah chose ‘Our Strength is in Our Unity’ as his campaign’s slogan, and Mr. Mar’ai is running his campaign under the slogan ‘Together’.

In Syria, the Higher Judicial Commission for Elections has stated its readiness for the voting next Wednesday, the 26th of May, all over the country excluding the areas under the control of terrorist groups. The members of the election committees in the voting centers took the legal oath stipulated in the General Elections Law before the judicial branch committees in preparation for the presidential elections.

The Higher Judicial Commission for Elections confirmed that all the voting centers are ready with ballot boxes and all the logistics needed for the democratic process.

Syrians are taking this presidential election, just like the previous one in 2014, very seriously and are hypersensitive toward interventions whether by the negative statements from saboteurs especially western regimes, and the security threats by the NATO-sponsored terrorists in the country. Those who get upset over false claims of other countries are allegedly interfering in their elections didn’t leave a chance without trying to influence the Syrian elections by all illegal and criminal means.

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