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Kurdish SDF Terrorists Commit a Massacre Killing 5 Civilians in Hasakah

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorist commit a massacre in Hasakah northeast of Syria

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF armed terrorists killed 5 civilians including a woman and a child in the city of Hasakah and a number of villages in Hasakah’s southern countryside.

The Kurdish SDF terrorists opened live fire against the civilians protesting the criminal atrocities committed by the Kurdish terrorists and their cooperation with the Biden forces in stealing Syria’s riches especially oil, wheat, and recently blocking drinking and irrigating water.

Syrian civilians took to the streets protesting the open theft of Syria’s oil and wheat by the US forces guarded by the Kurdish terrorists at the Al-Shariah roundabout, Al-Nashwah neighborhood in the city of Hasakah, and in the village of Al-Attalah, the city of Ash-Shaddadi in the southern Hasakah countryside.

US-sponsored Kurdish SDF terrorist commit a massacre in Hasakah northeast of Syria

The residents of the Massakeen neighborhood of Ash-Shaddadi city protested against the presence of the Kurdish SDF armed terrorists while the people of the village of Ajajah on the Hasakah – Shaddadi road stopped a convoy of 5 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil and heading to the borders with Iraq, the protesters set fire to the 5 tankers. This is the same village that the Kurdish SDF terrorists kidnapped 10 young men from it early last week.

Local sources reported protests spreading to the villages of Al-Areesha, Qana, Haddajeh, Alrashidiyeh, and Al-Hadaddiyeh where hundreds of civilians called on the Kurdish SDF armed terrorists to leave their towns and to stop the kidnapping of the young men from these towns.

The people of Al-Areesha burned tires on the roads blocking a number of sideroads in addition to the main Hasakah – Ash-Shaddadi road.

The Kurdish SDF armed terrorists controlling the northeast of Syria imposed a curfew claiming it’s to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the regions they control to keep oppressing the people and prevent them from protesting and to increase the pressure on them to push them to leave their homes. Miraculously, the virus doesn’t spread among the overcrowded concentration camps the Kurdish terrorists keep holding young men they kidnap in to draft them in its terrorist group’s ranks, nor does it spread among the active oil and wheat thieves.

These protests are continuing for a long time against the US occupation forces and their Kurdish proxy terrorists who in turn opened fire on many occasions killing and wounding a number of civilians as we reported earlier. Kurdish SDF separatist armed terrorists with the help of NATO are trying to Israelize large swaths of land in the northern Syrian provinces of Hasakah, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Aleppo. The Kurds have burned wheat fields as they became ready for harvest where the farmers refused to sell them their produce, and have worked as luring bait to justify Turkey’s multiple invasions along with Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood terrorists of Nusra Front and other Al-Qaeda affiliated groups.

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  1. thefreeonline

    It seems that Arabi Saouri justs sits in his office in Damascus inventing nonsense about the SDF trading tiny amounts of oil and wheat due to a criminal blockade by the Syrian ARAB Army (SAA). Most of the oil in fact goes to Damascus! Here’s a great example of your DOUBLETHINK….”The Kurds …, have worked as luring bait to justify Turkey’s multiple invasions along with Erdogan’s Muslim Brotherhood”. What an insult to the tens of thousands of Kurds and other Syrian ethnicities killed by Erdogan’ 3 invasions and the hundreds of thousands as their homeland is ‘Turkified’ who have lost everything and survive in camps.

    • Arabi Souri

      The ones who insulted those killed are the ones who betrayed the Syrian Army to create another Israel in northern Syria, or you want to tell us that Israel is a friend now? Answer this.
      Didn’t you have Israelis in the areas you occupy with the help of the USA and France? If yes, you’re traitors and even betrayed Ocalan.

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