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In the late years of the 19th century through the early years of the 20th century, a group of radical thinkers joined together and formed a radical organization that would cause a massive negative impact later on at a world level.

Political Zionism Controls the USA
Political Zionism Controls the USA

This group called itself Zionism, and they found some books, as they claimed, or most probably wrote books and later distributed on large scale, that would justify the creation of a state for their own to steal the history of one people and bring their own from all sides of the planet to serve their God, who happens to be none other than Satan.

Do not confuse Zionism with Judaism, they’re totally opposite, Zionism is a political movement based on evil ideology, while Judaism is a divine religion for the betterment of human beings, which was later followed by Christianity and Islam sent from the same source.

The Zionists found a figure in their books called Israel which translates to the person who struggled with God, does that seem like a messenger for you? They said Israel is Prophet Jacob son of Isaac son of Abram (Ibrahim) and father of Joseph.

They now needed a name for their state so they used ‘Israel’, remember the meaning of the word? Struggling with God?

Among the choices to build their state and claim some historical events occurred in it to relate the Jews in the diaspora to were: Crimea, Argentines, and Palestine. They settled on Palestine since it was under the British occupation.

The following intro would give you a better perspective on this evil movement so we can jump to the definition we’re after:

Political Zionism 

Once they received the approval from Britain which granted what it didn’t possess to who doesn’t deserve, that is Palestine to the Zionists, they started shipping Jews from around the world to the new promised ‘land of the ancestors’ by ways of seducing with large payments and intimidation to those who refuse.

They had to resort too much deception to enable push their propaganda and the figure 6 million started appearing everywhere in their publications, especially in the West: 6 million Jews oppressed in Ukraine, 6 million Jews oppressed by Russia, 6 million Jews oppressed by the Germans… and you know the rest.

The early foreign imported settlers formed the first terrorist organizations known to humankind in the Holy Land of Palestine the most radical of them were Irgun, Stern, and Haganah. They committed horrific massacres against the Semite people of Palestine to push them to leave their houses, lands, villages, and entire towns. Deir Yassin is a stark example, look it up on the net. They would assassinate even those who were helping them to inflict chaos and push their agenda further to the extent their main British enablers categorized them as terrorist organizations and issued Wanted Lists for their heads. These terrorist groups would later combine and form what is now known as the IDF.

Most Israeli former prime ministers and their political leaders came from one of these terrorist groups and were highly wanted by the occupying British authorities for heinous crimes.

Israel: steal land of others by ways of intimidation and terror. Steal the Semite race and claim the descendant Jews of Yafith brother of Sam are the descendants of Sam thus Semite, same for the descendants of Ham, the other brother of Sam who moved to Africa, and later attack the real Semites and push them out of their properties.

Israelize: the verb of Israel

Israelizing: the present continuous act of Israelize.

This movement is sponsoring all separatist movements around the globe, duplicating its process as in franchising or branching out. ISIS, Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda, SDF, Catalonia… Just pay closer attention and you’ll see Israel’s fingerprints all over it.

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