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Biden Atrocities in Syria: SDF Seize Homes, NATO Weapons Found, Landmines Kill

Al Qaeda normalized in Syria, Taliban condemned in Afghanistan

Biden occupation forces and their wetworker-cannon fodder underlings continue their war crimes and other atrocities in Syria. Within a two-day period, the SDF — under the protection of the US occupation military — has continued ethnic cleansing, another massive NATO weapons cache was found in Daraa, and landmines have murdered another Syrian and wounded several others. These atrocities are on the rise, while trained American supremacists — unemployed, hungry, homeless, and de-educated — continue at each others’ throats, fighting over who jumps the line for the US’ biggest Tuskegee experiment, who gets to hand their kids over to rebranded Mengele’s, mass shootings, and how many genders can dance on a Fairy Godmother’s wings.

In the Ghwairan (also transliterated as ‘Geweran’) neighborhood of al Hasaka — which is in Syria, which is not in the US — under the protection of Biden occupation forces, SDF coward criminals launched a new round of ethnic cleansing of indigenous Syrians, forcing them out of their homes at gunpoint and issuing eviction notices to those unfortunate enough to be living near the Biden occupation forces’ illegal helipad. Ethnic cleansing of indigenous populations is a war crime, one of which pious NATO supremacists condemn, except when it comes to indigenous people in sovereign Arab countries.

Should Ghwairan sound familiar to our non-Syrian readers, it might be related to the #NotANotoriusAssadPrison — because it was under Trump occupation forces control — riot and escape of dozens of international DAESH terrorists in March 2020.

SDF criminals Ghwairan, Syria
SDF criminal in Ghwairan, Syria, 22 August 2016.

On 28 March SANA reported on another massive, NATO weapons collection left behind by retreating NATO terrorists in western Daraa countryside (Daraa terrorists were fully supported by recent media darling US Rep. Adam Kinzinger) . With the help of local citizens, Syrian law enforcement authorities gathered an assortment of ammunitions, RPG launchers, sniper rifles, automatic rifles, anti-armor and other missiles, and thermal cameras (the better to see indigenous Syrians to sniper kill them during nighttime hours). Yet again, NATO weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens; they are provided courtesy of the American taxpayer (mostly supportive of armed slaughter of Syrians while wailing about mass shootings in their homeland.).

NATO weapons left by terrorists in Syria
Another massive NATO weapons collection, courtesy of Biden and Trump lovers.

Two days before the Biden SDF terrorists began their latest round of ethnic cleansing of indigenous Syrians of the al Ghwairan al Hasakah neighborhood, a Syrian man was killed, and his child and another passenger were injured when his car drove over a landmine or other IED planted on the Jabah-Um Batnah Road in northern Quneitra countryside.

Despite Agnes Marcaillou having brought her UNMAS entourage to Damascus in July 2018, to do a photo shoot signing an MoU, landmine explosions and their devastation continue to be an ongoing horror in Syria, as the UN Mine Action Service has left sapper work to Russia, Armenia, and trained Syrian specialists. Though the Numbers lady is due for another celebrity guest appearance at the UNSC to drone through her perverse census of death and dismemberment, the SAR might consider training Giant African Pouched Rats to help clean the mines, as they would be more honorable.

It is irrelevant that NATO stenography journalists are pretending to be suddenly cognizant of Biden’s dementia. It is also irrelevant that the precedent for a Biden-Strangelove Pentagon-Harris-“Nance”-Dr. Jill presidency was set during the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton years.

Joe Biden is our president, and he is responsible for the continuing legacies of atrocities by Obama and by Trump, against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Miri Wood

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