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Trump Forces Kill a Syrian Army Soldier and Injure Two More in Qamishli

US Troops in Syria are to steal Syrian oil with the help of the Turks and Kurds - Trump

US forces loyal to the embattled oil thief Donald Trump killed a Syrian Arab Army soldier and injured two more in a direct targeting to their military post, southeast of Qamishli.

‘At 9:45 am, yesterday morning, a Trump military forces patrol tried to sneak into an area where our forces are deployed in the countryside of the city of Qamishli through the ‘Tal Dhahab’ checkpoint, the patrol was stopped by the checkpoint staff and prevented them from passing through, the Trump forces shot a number of fire shots.’ A clearer interpretation of the SAA military statement.

The SAA statement added: ‘After about 30 minutes two Trump forces (oil thieves) choppers attacked the checkpoint personnel with heavy machine-guns killing one of the SAA soldiers and injuring two others.’

Do note that the Syrian Arab Army troops are deployed on Syrian territories in the province of Hasakah, where Qamishli city is one of its largest cities, on Syrian territories defending Syrian people and Syrian assets.

Do also note that the US forces now loyal to the oil thief Donald Trump or his predecessor and guide the Nobel Peace Laurette Barack Hussein Obama have established illegal military bases in Syria and are operating against the fundamentals of the International Law in a sovereign nation and against the Charter of the United Nations which both Syria and the USA are establishing members of, and keep in mind that Donald Trump himself bragged that ISIS is defeated in Syria and he killed a US Hero to close that chapter, thus even the fake and unlawful excuse used by Barack Hussein Obama to send his troops to Syria can no longer be used, and that Donald Trump himself said literally: “I like oil, we’re keeping the oil.” He essentially designated the US military forces in Syria as oil thieves, just like their commander in chief.

The video is also available on BitChute.

If you hear in the news that some US troops were killed in combat in Syria, or in Iraq, or in any other country, know very well they were not defending their country, they were not killed during an honorable line of duty, they were killed because they’re considered as criminals by the people of those countries.

Syria is expected to file an official complaint to the useless United Nations and the United Nations Security Council, out of duty only, but also the Syrian Arab Army, its allies, and the Syrian people who are already enraged by the assassinations and attacks against them by Trump forces and their proxies of the Kurdish separatist SDF armed militia, will escalate their work to throw out the oil thieves from all of Syria, it’s about time.

For Trump defenders, you may consider his escalations against the Syrian people triggering a violent response to his forces criminal acts as the excuse he needs to withdraw his oil thieves from the country, a ‘real devil’ advocate would say.

Other things US troops (Trump forces) do in Syria:

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