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Deir Ezzor: Saudi Tyrants Join Trump Regime and Israel to Steal Syria’s Oil

Saudi Aramco unable to protect itself wants to steal Syrian oil - Deir Ezzor - Hasakah

Saudi regime invaders have joined Trump regime occupiers of Syrian oil fields, in Deir Ezzor, Syria, to assist with theft of Syrian raw materials. The news of this criminal endeavor comes on the heels of news that Trump invasion and occupation forces have shipped the largest convoy of military and logistical equipment into Qamishli, Syria — the largest since his illicit operation began in August — via Turkey. 

DeirezZor24 was the first to report; a bit giddy over the news, it added an exclamation point to its headline before normalizing that which is criminal, noting that Saudi International Company (Aramco) intends to invest in oil fields and wells in Deir Ezzor. 

This ”24” website has neither About Us nor Donate tabs; its scant, curious, description is “News of DeirezZor and its people in diaspora.” It has been cited by Atlantic Council, the DC-based think tank/charity combo whose mission is to “galvanize US leadership and engagement in the world…to shape solutions to global challenges” (emphasis added. A look at part of the incestuous relationship of this think-tank/charity, politicians on Capitol Hill, NGOs, and the obedient NATO media, here.).

Elizabeth O’Bagy speaking before the Atlantic Council. A major mouthpiece in anti-Syria propaganda, she was forced to leave ISW over her fake Ph.D. She was immediately hired by Syria-hating McCain.

DeirezZor24 moved quickly to sound like a press release from MbS, chirping about the implementation of “practical steps” and using Newspeak to describe the illegal entry into the Syrian Arab Republic as “an official mission to al Omar oil field in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.”

Deir Ezzor — spelled”Dyr az Zawr” in this map — shows Deir Ezzor is in Syria.

In furtherance of criminal propaganda, “24” attempted to legitimize illegitimate “contracts signed by Aramco with the U.S. government,” reaching peak colonialism in the normalization of Trump regime occupation forces controlling “most of the oil and gas fields northeastern [sic] Syria.” The unnamed author then sounds as if a salesman for Aramco stock.

“24” made no mention of Israel, despite the imperialist, criminal agreement of the US created SDF and Israeli Moti Kahana, to steal Syrian oil from Deir Ezzor and sell it. As this mobsters’ contract was signed months ago, it is odd that there is no mention of the entire gang of illegals around Syrian oil fields.

Kurdish - Israeli cooperation to steal Syrian oil - SDF - Moti Kahana - Elham Ahmad

Likewise, in the attempt to whitewash war crimes, the exuberant “24” post about the plot to appropriate Deir Ezzor, Syria, oil fields, omits what should be obvious: That the Saudi company that was humiliated by its inability to protect its own oil from Yemen’s patriotic forces, wishes to make Syria pay — while under the protection of the US superpower aggressors, of course.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood


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  1. Arabi Souri

    Maybe it’s better they come and repair the damage they and their Qatari and US sponsored terrorists destroyed, then leave everything behind them and leave. It’s a way of making them compensate Syria for the losses they caused!


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