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Saudi Arabia Begging to be Bombed Again by Yemen, but Harder!

Saudi Arabia Bombing Schools in Yemen

Saudi Arabia, the US best servant in the world, is calling on, say begging, the Yemeni Armed Forces to carry out further retaliation against its territories and valuable asset, we have no clue who played their minds to sacrifice their regime, also their country this way? Maybe their time is over and their task needs to be passed to others?

In the past few months and after the Saudi-led coalition increased their massacres against the Yemeni people and their devastation of their neighboring poorest Arab country, the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out calculated ‘baby steps’ retaliation attacks against Saudi economic targets and military sensitive targets, hoping these small but effective retaliation would push their northern neighbors into their senses and stop their criminal aggression, there’s barely anything left to bomb in Yemen, the Saudi-led Coalition was targeting schools, school buses, wedding parties, and funeral processions.

Saudi Arabia bomb school bus in Yemen
What’s left of the school bus Saudi Arabia bombed in Sanaa, Yemen

The retaliation attacks by the Yemen Armed Forces and their allies of the Popular Committees delivered a serious blow to the effectiveness and reputation of the Saudi super expensive US defense systems, but the Saudis seem to have failed to understand the message: Wars are not fought with weapons, it’s fought by men, the Saudis have move of the first and very less of the second, while the Yemenis have less of the first, and very much of the second.

In September, Yemen Army launched a very sophisticated suicide drones and cruiser missiles attack against two major Saudi – US operated oil facilities of Aramco to the farthest East of the country almost a thousand kilometers far from the borders with Yemen. The early dawn double attacks halved the Saudi output of oil, gas, and derivatives for a long uncertain period of time.

Aramco Attack - Yemen Armed Forces retaliate Saudi Massacres
Aramco Attack – Yemen Armed Forces retaliate Saudi Massacres

We learned earlier this month that the Aramco attacks came after a military brazen and impossible achievement of the Yemenis where they lured in Saudi Coalition forces, encircled them in a perfect trap, captured 3 brigades of over 2000 troops, killed a couple of hundreds more while the Saudis themselves bombed their own troops surrendering to the Yemenis, killing hundreds of them.

GRAPHIC: Video Contains Footage of Butchered Saudi Coalition Forces – Viewers Discretion Advised

Simultaneously, the Yemeni Head of the Political Council offered the Saudis a unilateral ceasefire hoping the Saudis were awakened by these military and economic massive losses. Awaiting the Saudi positive reply in vain, and contrary to what the entire world was hoping for, save the few usual bloodthirsty culprits, the Saudis intensified their massacres and bombing of Yemen and further tightened the blockade on the country.

In a tweet, the day before yesterday, Yemen Army Spokesperson Brigadier Yehya Saree’ wrote:

The powers of aggression continue its escalations during the past 48 hours by waging 4 intensified land incursions against our forces posts in Assir, Jizan, and Nahem locality with continuous air coverage by the Apache Helicopters at the borders, and warplanes carried out 6 air raids at the borders and in Nahem.

Brigadier Yehya Saree’ – Yemen Army Spokesperson
Yemen Army Spokesperson Brigadier Yehya Saree

We see this as a desperate call by the Saudis to be handed their absolute defeat, there’s nothing further the Yemenis can lose, but can Saudi Arabia sustain a new attack by Yemen?

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