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Censorship of Mainstream Media Moves On to ‘Alternative Media’


Censorship will definitely be the new way to go by those who control the narrative in Mainstream Media, especially on their owned platforms, they’re not even trying to conceal this, they’re bragging about it.

Note to readers: If you’re not previously censored by any platform, or if you do not promote free speech, or if you do not care about exposing NATO crimes around the world inflicting massive suffering on people due to NATO and ilk’s ‘humanitarian’ interventions, this post is not for you, you’ll find it complicated with technical info despite my efforts to keep it simple in that sense, and you might find it boring since you otherwise do not bother what your investments reward you with.

The author of this post, yours truly

If promoting LGBTQ, blasphemy, Zionism, Wahhabism, and New Nazism is allowed, why claim they have high morality over other issues?

If our children in Syria and Iraq should witness terror firsthand, see their parents slaughtered in front of them and people they know get beheaded in public squares, they themselves get raped and baked in bakery ovens like what US-sponsored ‘Moderate Opposition’ did in Adra Labor Suburbs north of Damascus, why your adults must be protected from watching what their tax money and their elected politicians invested in? Don’t you want to see the revenues of your investment?

Everybody is by now familiar with tactics followed by Google-bought YouTube and their selective censorship, the growing and announced Facebook censorship even against their own population when it comes to rightwing views and fundamentals of their own constitutional rights like ‘freedom of speech’, ‘rights to bear Arms’, among other rights.

For instance, in their twisted views, an LGBTQ can attack the religion followed by way over a billion people across the planet and the majority of their own countries, it’s not only permissible, it’s encouraged, but if any member of that majority of population criticizes the systematic ‘gayification‘ of their communities that is not accepted and considered an attack against ‘protected minorities’. ‘Protection of Minorities Rights’ over the rights of the majority in this very sense is a major contradiction to the ‘democracy’ they’re exporting to countries worldwide by ways of black ops, invasions, intimidation, radical terrorism, and economic terrorism in the form of collective coercive sanctions.

My latest encounter was with 3Speek (Three Speak), which is a platform built on top of the Steemit platform which basically was created to host the contents blocked elsewhere by those who dictate and control the narrative in mainstream media. This platform is called Steemit and based on Blockchain technology to enable it a shield over censorship. But even this, the controllers of the narrative in the degenerated countries in the West managed to find ways of demoting views they don’t like, and most importantly documentaries that expose their crimes around the world.

3Speak Account Dashboard Before the Ban
3Speak Account Dashboard Before the Ban

The basis of the Steemit platform is to reward content creators with cryptocurrency coins by getting their posts promoted by peers voting the posts and commenting on it creating a demand for the connected cryptocurrency Steem coin the platform built for. This technology being based on Blockchain, an open-source code, allows other platforms to be built on its source code, like additional layers. Some creative people came with video hosting platforms they initially called it Dtube, and that’s what got my attention and I started uploading the videos there that were censored by YouTube. Then I realized the videos uploaded there do not live for long, they have a lifespan of about a couple of months then they stop performing for many reasons not possible to explain here.

However, some other developers managed to bring up some cash and create a by-platform that would use the Steemit blockchain-based source and have another elsewhere paid hosted platform to host the large video files on. One of these platforms is called ‘3Speak’ and was doing great since the people behind it and those who believed in it were having enough voting powers in the Steemit platform that makes their voting of contents on this platform somewhat worth the efforts of creating content there.

Until the controllers of the narrative in the western hemisphere of the world noticed that besides videos promoting homosexuality and blasphemy which they agree with, some contents are uploaded to the platform that the entire Steemit idea was built for: hosting contents otherwise censored by those controllers on their mainstream social, printed, visual, and audio media. They brought their tactics from Steemit with their powers to demote such contents, but thankfully some other members have already joined efforts and built enough powers to counter those tactics in the voting system, but they cannot control the new 3Speak hosted platform since it’s controlled by the developers of this new platform.

When YouTube first deleted my channel with over 500 videos documenting NATO and ilk countries sponsoring terror in my country, I had a chance to appeal, so I did and they couldn’t justify the reason for the block, first time, and they restored the channel. They did warn that 3 consecutive breaches of their policy (the one aforementioned), they would delete the channel without the right to appeal. Guess what they did? In a few days after, they flagged 5 videos within a couple of hours, some of these videos clips were already more than 4 years old, this meant I did not comply with 3 or more of their warnings, didn’t fix the issues on time, and there’s no chance to appeal!

What 3Speak did was: First, they rightly sent me a warning that I’m uploading videos showing gore or shocking contents, coming back to my very valid point in my opinion: if our children are forced to live this in front of their eyes and be victimized by it later, why your adults shouldn’t see the revenue of their investment in terror? But I accepted the temporary ban and the first demoting by them. Then they limited the number of videos uploaded to their platform for all users for monetary issues, that’s also somehow understood.

Recently, I translated the video of the press conference held by the spokesperson of the Yemen Armed Forces Brigadier Yehya Saree’, all 37 minutes of it, but due to the new limitation imposed by 3Speak in uploading videos to their platform I had to start slicing the long video into smaller parts and explain about these parts each time. One of the latest videos I shared a couple of days ago did contain footage of Saudi coalition fighters bombed into pieces by their own warplanes when they were surrendering to the Yemen Armed Forces. To avoid the video of getting censored I used their NSFW button following their policy and also filled the contents with warnings the video contains graphic footage, in the title, in the first line, inside the post to make sure nobody will accidentally watch ‘disturbing’ footage for them. You know: selling weapons to Saudis to bomb children in schools and school buses is not ‘disturbing’ but to watch what those weapons do is ‘disturbing’.

After the video started getting noticed and viewership and after I uploaded another video (watch below this) showing a very long column of ISIS terrorists in their vehicles of all sorts moving under the US airforce coverage from Raqqa city to Deir Ezzor to fight the Syrian Arab Army in open desert for over 123 kilometers and after this video started getting noticed the developers of 3Speak blocked ‘temporarily’ my whole account there for violating their policy despite their warning in the previous video. They blocked all the videos on my channel from viewing!!

Instead of simply turning on the NSFW button themselves if they think it should be turned on, and in the event that I deliberately didn’t which isn’t the case here, they blocked the entire channel on the 4th day of the month after collecting the subscription fees for the whole month. They could have also blocked the video itself and asked me to review it, but no, this more convenient.

I don’t want to think this is related to the fact that during the previous month a couple of their users who happen to be in their leaderboard content creators, which I used to be there as well, those couple of users started to first attack my videos exposing Israeli crimes against the Palestinians, then they started attacking, at least one of them, other contents I shared on the main Steemit platform not related to their beloved Israel and its crimes.

The content you share on platforms you do not control will always be subject to censorship.

My WordPress blog was blocked in Turkey because a lawyer of the Turkish pariah now embattled Erdogan filed a case against me in a Turkish court and won the case…! How surprisingly?! And this came after Erdogan ordered the block of this very site over our posts exposing his criminal roles aiding al-Qaeda in Syria. NATO’s values of freedom of speech.

Google Adsense, the platform I use to generate barely enough money to pay part of the hosting cost of this site alone also largely cut my share of the revenue they earn on displaying posts on my site. Yes, these ads you see around here displayed by Google, others earn about $0.20 – 0.30 and sometimes up to $1 on clicks by you readers on those ads, and Google pays me $0.01 – 0.05 only and when lucky a remarkable $0.15 for the click, very rare though, making my monthly earnings from these ads not exceeding $25 in its best days! Keep in mind that the vast majority of readers share the posts from social media based on the titles only without actually visiting the site and bothering to read the posts, and among those who thankfully do, the vast majority of them do not visit any of the ads on the site.

Despite having ideal search engine optimization and delivering disturbing factual information about the US-led War of Terror waged against my country Syria which should push the site higher in ranking due to challenging NATO’s narrative, the site’s ranking in Google search overall keeps dropping in the face of sites that use a ‘balanced language’ preferrable to the controllers of the narrative in the west. We say Al-Qaeda terrorists, those sites call them ‘Moderate Opposition’, or ‘Armed Opposition’, or ‘rebels’. We get demoted, they get promoted. Let that sink in.

A couple of years ago Facebook blocked my profile there disabling my access to pages and groups I created or was an admin of and logins to other sites I used FB to log on to. The giant social media platform in order to restore my profile wanted me to provide them with a government-issued ID of me and a selfie carrying that ID, already they know where I am from the IP address, and they know most of the life patterns I carry out. They wanted all those details so they can sell it to 3rd party market agencies and to ‘accidentally’ leak the information to Israel which would put it on open markets, or to hackers. Don’t get them wrong, they will inform you when your data is already compromised and stolen by hackers, so feel free to share with them as much information about yourself, your family members, and friends as you can [sic]. (Note I said ‘feel free’ and didn’t say ‘feel safe’)

And not to mention the Zionist and Wahhabi bots attacking the site, my social media accounts, and blogs.

They can continue their censorship of our contributions, we will continue to defend our rights and fight them back, with all the efforts and hard work and time spent on this, it’s incomparable with one day our soldiers and people spend on the fronts facing the human-garbage imported from all sides of the planet and dumped on our country by NATO and ilk.

I sincerely hope 3Speak would fix this mistake and return to the great ambition they promote. They do have a better future in that course, otherwise, better to find another way in sharing our views, we believe we’re entitled to that.

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