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Kurds Lost their Dream to Expand 2nd Israel into Northeast of Syria

Kurds SDF PYD lost their dream to create a second Israel northeast of Syria

Kurds in Syria never listened to the advice from all parties, and only submitted to the US and Israel demands, now they’re slowly awakening to the fact that they’ve been used and time to throw them, not even the US will risk a confrontation in the region to defend their dreams.

Hailing from the Qandil Mountains, empowered by the US sanctions and later invasion of Iraq, the Kurds first got their no-fly zone over the areas they occupied and later declared their 2nd Israel semi-state when the conditions were favorable. Taking advantage of local suffering and support from foreign powers to steal land and establish a state should be termed: ‘Israelize‘ in reference to Israel.

When the terror of ISIS and its affiliates began to be contained in Iraq, they called for a referendum to declare independence from the country that hosted and protected them. The entire international community dropped their support to their cause except – guess who? Israel and Saudi Arabia…!

They simply wanted to establish their expansionist Israel in Iraq and were seeing a chance when the Iraqi central government was weakened by the US-led War of Terror on Syria which the US used Iraq as one of the launchpads against its western neighbor and brethren. They didn’t learn from their failure in Iraq, so they tried with their luck to imitate their steps in Syria and take advantage of the same US-led War of Terror against the Syrian people.

Under the pretext of fighting the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists, and with much encouragement and support from Israel, and against all the advice they kept receiving from all parties including and most importantly the Syrian state, the Russians, Iranians, and almost everybody else, they continued with their project.

The following report by Dima Nassif of Al-Mayadeen sheds light on the latest exclusion of the separatist Kurds from the Constitution Committee, which was lastly declared by the United Nations after long months of delays and obstacles by the US and its cronies to try to gain more politically betting largely on their terrorists in Idlib to fend off the Syrian military operation. But after the cleaning of Khan Shaykhoun, and as I promised, the Americans started climbing down the tree and so all of those in their camp, except the Kurds.

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the above video report:

Elham Ahmed, the Executive Chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council, before today, could not have gone beyond talking about self-administration within a unified Syria.

Elham Ahmed, from Washington, has raised the ceiling on the self-administrative project and pre-empted the work of the Constitutional Commission, which begins on October 30, to threaten secession if Kurdish forces do not get serious US guarantees for inclusion in the Constitutional Commission.

James Jeffrey, the US special envoy, responded to the Kurdish objection that there is a presence of representatives of self-administration on the list of 50 selected by the United Nations, but the US State Department welcoming the formation of the Commission deprived the Kurds the international umbrella, which they used as a cover and kept under its flags for a long time to obtain recognition of their project through the Constitution and left them as orphans outside the dialogue table.

Kurds SDF PYD lost their dream to create a second Israel northeast of Syria
Elham Ahmed, note the map behind her and how they want to steal one-quarter of Syria

American-Turkish patrols at a depth of 10 kilometers in the east of Syria, the Turkish bulldozers are destroying the fortifications of the Kurdish forces and completely destroying the establishment of a Kurdish entity in its southern flank.

After a long refusal, the Americans are coexisting with the idea of a safe area to maintain a protectorate for them in northern Syria, on the land and the air, it also constitutes a security guarantee for Turkey, which has not ceased to signal military action east of the Euphrates whenever Washington delays in implementing the agenda of the agreement in time.

American, French, and British delegations in northern Syria to support a Kurdish political project first, The PYD now controls a quarter of Syria under the pretext of fighting ISIS, but it has not persuaded Europe as well as Washington to go far and recognize its separatist project.

During the years of their involvement in Syria, the Russians sought in vain to win the Kurds on their side by supporting the federal demand despite the objection of their Syrian ally.

The statement of the Syrian Foreign Minister to exclude them from the Committee is a decisive decision from Damascus to meet the Kurdish challenge after each settlement with them reached the point of no return.

Much efforts have taken place and new alliances have been formed before the UN Declaration of the Constitutional Commission and before the Kurds received the shock they’re not involved in, despite their bet on their American ally to impose them as a key party after it used them for years as a pillar to intervene in Syria.

End of Dima Nassif’s report.

Unless the Kurds take large steps drastically and immediately to repent their betrayal to the people who hosted them, they have a not good future as the Syrians have a very long and strong memory and do not forget for long who betrayed them, especially when facing a coalition of terrorists and their more than 100 countries enablers.

Kurds replaced ISIS in stealing Syrian oil and selling it to Israel through Turkey, and in burning Syrian wheat fields and selling the crops from non-burned fields to Turkey.

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  1. Lexi Bardot (@LexiBardot1)

    Assad’s tactics with the support of Putin regularly include mass executions in Syria as well as rape (of both sexes), forced prostitution, sexual slavery and forced pregnancy, plus genital mutilation, torture and murder of prisoners in government detention centers.

    • Arabi Souri

      Can you provide the source you copied this from? Looks like a good satire leaning towards too much black comedy. Qatari state owned multi billion dollars mouthpiece Al-Jazeera used to create similar stories at times it was very harmful for the Syrian people, now they will read this and laugh at those wasting time fabricating it.

  2. Lexi Bardot (@LexiBardot1)

    To see how Evil the Assad’s are.
    Assad Sr in 1986 had an Arab man put explosives in the bag of his pregnant Irish girlfriend Anne Marie Murphy as she was about to board an airplane in England. The girlfriend had no idea Assad Sr was behind this whole idea. The plan was to get Anne Marie Murphy on the plane and blow up the plane which would have murdered her and everyone on board the plane. The plan was foiled when the metal detectors went off when Anne Marie Murphy went through them in Heathrow airport in England.
    The British soon realized Assad Sr was behind the thing.
    England then broke off relations with Syria after this. Great article on this.

    • Arabi Souri

      Worthy of the Oscar’s in the fairy tales segment, bravo. Unfortunately, there’s another story that it has to compete with in that segment: Gay Girl in Damascus, which was highly promoted by CNN and its anchor Hala Gorani.


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