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Breaking: SAA Liberates Khan Sheikhoun, NATO Terrorists Defeated

SAA Liberates Khan Sheikhoun

Breaking: The Syrian Arab Army has taken full control of the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun in southern Idlib countryside, NATO terrorists led by Nusra Front defeated.

The SAA units are now combing the city to make sure the city is cleaned from terrorists and to secure the buildings from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and landmines, the terrorists usually plant before defeated to continue killing and maiming Syrians, especially children, long after they’re gone.

The other strategic towns and former strongholds of Nusra Front and its affiliates: Kafr Zayta, Morek, Ltamenah, Markaba, al-Lahya, and Latmeen in Hama northern countryside were a bonus, all liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.

Nusra Front and its affiliates took the corridor opened for them and headed north closer to their ‘Mother Erdogan’.

Al Qaeda Terrorists Leave Khan Sheikhoun Under Protection of Turkish Troops

This latest enormous development would have taken more time had the Turkish reinforcements sent by Erdogan not stopped by the Syrian/ Russian air raid yesterday on a NATO convoy. Seems that was the last hope for the terrorists before accepting the defeat.

The Syrian Armed Forces along with support from the Russian allies have resumed a long-awaited military operation to clean the last stronghold of NATO terrorists in Idlib province a couple of months ago breaking into the massive fortifications and barricades the terrorists built over the years to defend themselves in these positions. The breaking of the terrorists’ backbone was in Al-Hobait on August 11, about 10 days ago.

After almost a year of stalling by the Turkish regime and failure to commit to its obligations by Astana Talks in separating Nusra Front and its radical affiliates from other less radical terrorists, withdrawing 20 kilometers away from the M5 artery highway connecting Damascus with Aleppo, and instead, the Turkish regime was augmenting the terrorists in Idlib with more men, weapons, logistics, and even command and contribute in their terrorist operations against the Syrian Army, the secured villages and towns and against the Russian forces in Hmeimim airbase.

SAA Syrian Arab Army over Khan Sheikhoun - Idlib
SAA Over Khan Sheikhoun

The liberating of Khan Sheikhoun from NATO records a very major step in the whole international powers balance, mark my words, it’ll open a new era of consecutive defeats for the US and its camp and wins for Syria and its camp after burning all their cards.

Our prayers the SAA would continue marching north to finish cleaning Idlib and Aleppo provinces and then go after the Kurdish separatist militias and their US sponsors in the northeast of Syria.

Congratulations to all humanity the winning of Good over Evil, the Syrian people are writing history and shifting the global balance after successfully killing PNAC, the project of Greater Israel, Greater Middle East, Creative Chaos, and soon will kill the Deal of the Century, numerous projects based only on evil plans to destroy nations, divide them, turn them into failed states, and only support the creation of an apartheid religious regime to dominate this region under the support of the bigger evil power which considers half of the world as its ‘hemisphere’ and the other half its playground.

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