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US-Sponsored Kurdish Militia Burn Wheat Fields in Qamishli

Biden serfs of the Kurdish PYD Asayish SDF Torching Wheat Farms in Qamishli

Kurdish separatist militia the SDF and its affiliates from PYD and Asayish are burning wheat fields in the territories under their occupation northeast of Syria.

Some of the most agriculture fertile lands and rich with oil in the country are under the occupation of the US-sponsored separatist SDF militia. The US and its illegal International Coalition of evil states are preventing the Syrian state from restoring the country from terrorists and separatists.

A video widely spread on social media shows a vehicle of the Kurdish Asayish thugs, the security arm of the PYD and SDF Kurdish militia, driving through a wheat field in the city of Qamishli northeast of the country with strong flames of fire coming from it to burn out the entire field.

Video also available on BitChute:

Two pick-up trucks seen in the video, one of the vehicles has reportedly caught fire itself, as per some of the local activists.

Farmers who refuse to hand over their wheat to the criminals get detained, tortured, and their fields get torched by these thugs.

Kurdish separatist militias are trying to carve out a large part of Syria to establish their Israel-style entity, similar to what their brethren did under US occupation of Iraq. The land they’re claiming belongs to the people whose grandfathers hosted the Kurd refugees who were fleeing the oppression of the Ottomans, and this is how their grandchildren are paying back.

Many US-linked news sites have been falsely claiming that the Syrian state is behind these heinous acts until the evidence indicting their own-grown terrorists is overwhelming and spreading thanks to brave activists from the region.

Syria, prior to the current War Of Terror waged against it by the USA and its cronies and armies of terror, used to be not only self-sufficient in agriculture produce, especially wheat, but also was exporting the surplus and gifting it as well to Arab states in need.

Burning the wheat fields is very much a state policy of the USA, and of that of Turkey and Israel working as the US’s lackey in our region, where they destroy local fields then provide their poisonous US-produced GMO grown wheat and maize. Syria has banned growing and importing all sorts of GMO products in 2012 making sure the country’s population does not get harmed by these products.

Locals have been protesting the ill-treatment and heinous acts against them by the SDF militia and its affiliates east of the Euphrates in Der Ezzor, Raqqa, and Hassakah provinces. Kurdish Asayish has also ambushed and slaughtered 13 Syrian security personnel in Qamishli last September to prevent the Syrian state from protecting its citizens and farmers under the SDF/US occupation.

The separatist Kurds have worked very efficiently as Trojan horses luring in Turkey into Syria in the northwest of the country and still working on luring it in the northeast of the country, also have been working relentlessly to serve the USA and Israel as much as they could in return to recognizing them as a self-governing entity on the stolen Syrian land, especially after the heavy western propaganda campaign showing them as liberating the areas from ISIS when on the ground it was merely a flag-changing act for the media under the US supervision.

While Swamp-Drunk Trump is continuing the destructive War Of Terror against Syria, and him increasing Economic Terrorism against the country, his forces on the ground are starving our people in all the areas they have reach to: Rukban Concentration Camp in Tanf, Al-Hol concentration camp in Hasakah, and all the land east of the Euphrates.

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  1. Miri

    It has been reported that the ‘SDF’ has kidnapped Syrian journalist Mohammad al Saghir, of Ikhbariya TV, who had videoed wheat fields being torched.

  2. Shaair

    And this is the thanks these Khmer Rouge type bastards give to the Syrian people and government, after being exiled and protected by President Hafiz Al Assad during the PKK and its leader Ochalan were welcomed as refugees from Turkey. Ungrateful vagabonds. The same trash heap as the Palestinian Islamist of Hamas. Traitorous.


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