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UNSC Gets Educated by Syrian Ambassador Jaafari

Humanitarian Overview - Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari UNSC 28 May 2019

UNSC meeting in regards to the humanitarian situation in Syria, strangely, the permanent representatives called on foreign military forces to withdraw from Syria, but who exactly do they mean by foreign military forces and how to compel the USA to withdraw its uniformed mercenaries from Syria?!

Syrian ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bashar Jaafari delivered one of his usual strong statements during the latest meeting of the United Nations Security Council yesterday 28 May 2019. He highlighted the hypocrisy and lies of the western P3 the USA, UK, and France, and the called on the Security Council to carry out its duties as per the UN’s Charter, International Law, and the Security Council’s own resolutions.

Dr. Jaafari’s statement in Arabic, the video with English subtitles, and below it is the full transcript of his statement translated to English:

Video also available on Bitchute:

Transcript of the English translation of Dr. Jaafari’s statement at the UNSC 8535th meetings on 28 May 2018:

Thank you, Mr. President,

Allow me first to welcome the dear friend deputy of the Minister of Russian Federation Foreign Affairs to this session and to thank him for the valuable explanations he just presented.

Mr. President,

The English proverb says, and I quote: “Words may lie, but actions will always tell the truth”, and the truth which is no more hidden for everybody is that the suffering of the Syrian people is caused by the crimes of the multi-named terrorist organizations, and with different loyalties, and the foreign terrorist fighters in its ranks, in addition to the direct aggression crimes, the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the US-coalition and its tools, and its proxy militias, which it accompanied it with an economical barbarian terror.

And the truth which is no longer invisible to anyone is that the humanitarian matter has been used from the beginning by governments of member states in this Council, and outside this Council, as a tool to target my country, and to tarnish the efforts of the Syrian state’s institutions, attempting to distort its image and incite public opinion against it.

How can anyone believe that, in this way, what the governments of these countries claim in their mocking statements stems from the concern for the safety of the Syrian people?

How long will your Council remain incapable of upholding the principles of international law and the Charter and compel those aggressor States to cease and hold accountable their aggressive practices against my country?

Some colleagues pointed to the situation in Idlib. In my statement to you on 17 of this month, I explained the reality of the situation there under the control of the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) terrorist organization.

By the way, the HTS (Al-Sham Liberation Organization) is the Nasra Front, and the Nasra Front is al-Qaeda in the Levant, and al-Qaeda in the Levant emanated from Al-Qaeda organization in Iraq and al-Qaeda Organization in Iraq emanated from al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, meaning we are all talking about something called al-Qaeda, no matter how many names it takes, all are terrorist entities, so your honorable Council considers it.

So, in my statement dated 17 May, I explained the reality of the situation there under the control of the HTS terrorist organization and its associated entities over large areas of Idlib, its terrorist attacks on the safe neighboring areas and on the Syrian and Russian forces centers, all of which my colleague, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, has faithfully documented.

I am still waiting for your answers to the questions I posed to you, especially in terms of how would you behave yourself if you encounter similar circumstances by terrorist organizations controlling one of your cities and using them as a base to target other cities and undermine security and stability.

We have one question, the Ambassador of Belgium, in the name of the humanitarian pen carrier, asked five questions, we have one question, which I asked just now. This is the important question.

When will you realize, gentlemen, that the right we are exercising is the same right that you have exercised to deal with the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan Theater, the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris and the terrorist acts in Nice, London, Boston, Brussels and elsewhere?

Of course, those terrorists you encountered in your countries were not equipped with Turkish multi-rocket launchers and tanks, military hardware, advanced US communications technologies, or the mercenary media who promote them, including American Bilal Abdul-Karim, the correspondent for Nusra Front terrorist organization for the British Sky News and American CNN, Nor with Western chemical weapons experts, as is the case with the terrorists holding the civilians in Idlib.

The meeting which was organized two days ago by the Turkish intelligence and included representatives of the Nusra Front and the organizations of the Izzat Army, Ahrar al-Sham, Soquour Al-Sham, and Jaysh Al-Ahrar refutes all that has been propagandized over the past years regarding the so-called moderate Syrian opposition. It also unequivocally demonstrates, once again, the support provided by the terror-sponsoring governments to these armed terrorist organizations.

To confirm the words with a picture, this is the picture of the leaders of the terrorist organizations who met in Idlib two days ago under the auspices of the Turkish intelligence. The meeting is led by the head of the Nusra Front the terrorist Al-Jolani, along with other terrorist organizations sponsored by the Turkish government and some countries in this Council.

Nusra Front Commander Jolani Meets Commanders of FSA Moderate Rebels in Idlib with help of Erdogan
Nusra Front Commander Jolani Meets Commanders of FSA Moderate Rebels in Idlib, the meeting is organized by Recep Tayeb Erdogan

What is important is that some of those in the picture and sitting with Nusra Front, which controls 99% of Idlib, some of those attended Astana (meetings), some of them are obliged, they are obliged not to fight alongside Nusra Front against the Syrian state and its allies, and they are also obliged to respect the understandings of Astana, including the establishment of a low-escalation area.

This picture of those ‘moderate doves’ meeting in Idlib.

Mr. President,

How long will your Council ignore the suffering of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians from the areas where there are illegal foreign forces and its proxy militias?

Ignoring the suffering of these people proves once again the volume of lies and hypocrisy of some in dealing with humanitarian issues, and let me hastily point out the aspects of this suffering:

First, the continuation of the United States of America and its proxy Maghaweer Al-Thawra terrorist organization to detain thousands of civilians in the Rukban Camp in the occupied region of Al-Tanf, and prevent their exit and return to their home areas, and refusing to dismantle the camp.

We call on the Security Council to compel the United States to stop obstructing the joint Syrian-Russian efforts to end the suffering of the camp’s residents, which has, to date, enabled more than 12,000 people to leave it.

Here, I would like to register a reservation against what Mrs. Ursula said in her statement when she said that she was urging the Syrian authorities to allow the entry of a third convoy to al-Rukban Camp in Al-Tanf. This gives the impression that those who obstruct the entry of humanitarian convoys into Al-Tanf is the Syrian government. This is the impression given through the formulation of your words.

I want to correct this information for you: OCHA know and you know and the Secretary-General of the United Nations knows and the whole world knows and this council knows that the Syrian government has agreed to the first convoy while the US occupation authorities refused to allow entry of the first convoy for 40 days.

You know and OCHA knows and the Secretary-General knows and this Council knows that the Syrian government approved the second convoy while the United States of America, the occupying Power, refused to allow it for four months.

And you know and everyone knows and OCHA knows and the Secretary-General knows that, under the Geneva Conventions of 1949, the occupying Power is responsible for the protection of civilians. The United States occupation Power of the Al-Tanf region, under the Geneva Conventions, is responsible for providing food, medicine and humanitarian assistance to those under its occupation. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Fourthly, what are the US forces doing over a part of my country? What is OCHA’s position or the position of this Council? What is the American doing over part of my country?

Second, the situation in the al-Hol camp in the northeast of the country is no less bad than that in al-Rukban camp. The camp is under the control of a US proxy militia calling itself the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF. A militia that grew up in the shadow of the American coalition that provided members of the ISIS terrorist organization and joined them to its ranks. It committed, with the complete support of the American Coalition, many massacres, practices of oppression, detention and torture against the Syrians who demand their rights and the return of Syrian state institutions to exercise its role in their areas of presence.

We can not fail here to point out what the United States and SDF gangs are doing in stealing oil and smuggle artifacts and the Syrian national resources and smuggling it out and to try to stifle the Syrian economy and create crises that affect the Syrians in their daily lives.

Thirdly, we must put an end to the suffering of our people in the areas where the forces of the invading Turkish regime are illegally deployed. In this context, we call upon the Security Council to act decisively and immediately to stop the practices of the Turkish regime aimed at changing the identity and demographic character of these Syrian regions and preventing the Erdogan regime from compromising the unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. And put an end to his illusions in the revival of the era of the Ottoman Sultanate, which has passed without return.

I say this rather than hearing from my dear colleague the British ambassador, thanking the Turkish authorities for their humanitarian assistance in Idlib.

The Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms that the presence of any foreign military forces on its territory without its consent is aggression and occupation and will be dealt with on this basis.

Our vision is clear, we will spare no effort to rid our people in Idlib of the control of the terrorist organizations from which they are taking human shields, as well as to put an end to the repetitive attacks of these terrorist organizations on innocent civilians in the neighboring towns and cities.

We call upon all the concerned States to withdraw their citizens among the foreign terrorist fighters, who are estimated to number tens of thousands from my country immediately, to account for their crimes and to ensure that its are not repeated, rather than recycle these terrorists in order to continue their terrorism in other countries, such as Africa and elsewhere.

In this context, I would like to ask the representatives of Western countries in this Council: how can members of terrorist organizations and foreign terrorist fighters move to Libya, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Niger border with Algeria and others without the support and patronage of influential governments?

We have repeatedly warned against these countries’ attempts to invest in terrorism to undermine the security and stability of certain countries to serve their political agendas.

Our second question is: Have the United Nations Secretariat, which has a working partnership with 38 international organizations and institutions involved in countering terrorism, failed to identify the governments that support terrorism that has targeted my country for eight years? As if this was a very complex philosophical matter similar to the identification of the sex of angels.

We are determined to liberate all parts of our national territory from any illegitimate presence of foreign forces. This is a legitimate sovereign right in accordance with the principles of international law, the provisions of the Charter and the resolutions of this Council, and in accordance with the Astana understandings which have all affirmed the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Mr. President,

My country’s delegation reiterates its demand of OCHA to fulfill its responsibilities and to put the United Nations in the picture of the humanitarian and living suffering of the Syrians as a result of the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the United States of America, the European Union and other countries on my country, Syria, which have a negative impact on all areas of life of the Syrian citizen, Including medical threads used in surgeries. They are preventing the Syrian Ministry of Health from obtaining the medical threads used in surgical operations.

Ignoring this form of economic terrorism which complements the terror of terrorist organizations and their sponsors is unacceptable and should not be continued.

We again call upon OCHA to desist from including in its reports baseless allegations fabricated and promoted by hostile elements at the United Nations Office at the UN office in Turkish Gaziantep and at the OCHA (HQ) in fulfillment of the agenda of the United States and its allies.

In conclusion, Mr. President,

Some members of this Council, namely the United States, Britain, and France, continue to engage in the art of deceit and deception to implement the policies of their governments to dominate the world and return it to colonial, mandate and guardianship periods.

These countries continue to exploit the Council’s platform to protect terrorists and obstruct the progress of the Syrian army in the face of the terrorist organizations supported by these countries, including ordering White Helmets terrorists, the disinformation propaganda arm of the Nusra Front to fabricate alleged use of toxic chemicals, again, and accuse the Syrian government of responsibility, which is not strange to the two countries that fabricated the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and similar to what happened when the Syrian army advanced in each of the Eastern Ghouta, Aleppo and other places, we see the issuance of statements by senior officials of the countries I have referred to and their ambassadors in this Council warn and threaten of the use of Chemical weapons, as if these officials and these ambassadors say to armed terrorist groups in Idlib that the only way to save you is only if chemical weapons are used. So, go ahead and use poisonous chemicals against civilians in Idlib.

And work on fabricating evidence and bring false witnesses, as usual, and manipulate the crime scene as you did before, and then we will be ready with our media and political capabilities to accuse the Syrian government and intervene to rescue you.

This is what happened before, and this should be prevented from recurring in the present and the future.

Thank you, Mr. President.

End of Dr. Jaafari’s statement.

Please note that this is not the official translation of the statement, this is a personal effort to provide a better translation that matches the words of the Syrian ambassador and not the thoughts of the instant translator provided to him by the international organization. This is also not an academic translation as yours truly never studied English, and never worked in the translation field before, and is just volunteering to assist, so kindly ignore not so eloquent text.

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