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Syria Facilitates 1st Humanitarian Aid Convoy for Rukban Refugees Camp

Humanitarian Aid Convoy for Syrian Displaced Refugess in Rukban Refugees Camp

A convoy of 78 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid has finally entered the US controlled Rukban refugees concentration camp on the borders with Jordan southeast of Syria, the first humanitarian aid to reach the camp in over 10 months.

The Syrian Red Crescent and the United Nations have prepared the convoy to relief thousands of displaced Syrians held captive by the US occupying forces and their militia at at-Tanf border area. Russian forces provided protection for the convoy after an agreement with the US forces.

Syrian Arab Army has been trying to reach more than 50,000 Syrians in the Rukban camp for more than a year and has sustained losses each time the SAA forces would approach near the camp by US army and by ISIS and other terrorist groups positioned there to protect the concentration camp.

Rukban Concentration Camp for Syrian Displaced Refugees
Rukban Concentration Camp for Syrian Displaced Refugees

The convoy took a month to be prepared and consists of 78 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid supplies including 10475 food basket, and a similar quantity of baking flour, 18,000 children cloth baskets, 10,075 hygiene packages, and detergents, 1,200 newborn needs baskets in addition to medicines, medical tools and food compliments for women and children, as stated by the SARC – the Syrian Red Crescent Organization.

SARC added that it sent 107 of its Syrian volunteers and a specialized team to apply the vaccinations for children with the convoy. SARC has repeatedly asked to be allowed safe passage to the concentration camp to be able to send emergency relief and evaluate the humanitarian situation in the camp.

SARC Organization President Engineer Khalid Huboubati stated: “This is the first convoy to enter Rukban camp after receiving the approvals of all parties and with the facilitation of the Syrian government.” Mr. Huboubati added: “This is a positive step towards sending more food and non-food aid to the camp, and SARC will not save any effort to help relieve the suffering of the Syrians and meet their massive humanitarian needs.”

10,000 children in the camp will receive vaccination against measles, polio and other diseases during this mission.

The US maintains a militarized uninvited illegal presence in a number of make-shift bases inside Syria, mainly in northeast and east of the country in order to prolong the War of Terror it orchestrated with the help of its allies and tools against Syria and to prevent any land connection between Syria and its neighboring countries which it uses as an instrument to drain the Syrian economy into submission.

The US presence at at-Tanf, in particular, has helped protect herds of ISIS terrorists in its vicinity who were able to launch a series of deadly attacks against rural villages in Sweida province, and towards Tadmur (Palmyra), central of Syria.

Syrian displaced refugees in neighboring countries Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are kept in horrible conditions, living in tents left in open spaces in the wild under the mercy of all weather conditions, exploited by Gulfies seeking marriage from underaged girls, and used to blackmail the Syrian government politically and economically, while the hosting countries keep milking the international donors for money on behalf of the displaced refugees who don’t see most of the aid received from those donors.

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