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They’re Still Using the Suffering of the Displaced Syrians to Pressure Syria

image- Displaced Syrians Refugees in Lebanon - Horrible Conditions

It’s no secret that the majority of the Lebanese in power post the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri are hostile towards Damascus, not for any justifiable reason concerning their country especially after the special international court for Hariri has cleared Syria from any connection to the assassination, but just to please Syria’s enemies and mainly the Saudis.

That majority of Lebanese officials have worked overtime to do whatever they could to hurt the Syrian state, not starting with the direct smuggling of terrorists and their massive armaments into Syria, through their concentrated organized heavy media campaigns, and to the extent of pushing hundreds of thousands of civilians out of their towns and villages into tents on the borders in neighboring countries.

As the Syrian state is winning over terrorist groups all over the Syrian territories, the millions of Syrians displaced in neighboring countries have suddenly become a burden these countries cannot handle anymore, not like they ever handled properly, to say the least about the ill-treatment Syrian families received in Lebanon, Jordan and in Turkey.

Lebanese officials, those working to please the Saudis on the account of their own citizens, are now struggling to find ways to return the hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrian refugees in Lebanon to Syria without the need to coordinate with the Syrian state. They claim that any such coordinating with the Syrian ‘regime’ will give legitimacy to the Syrian ‘regime’, as if the Syrians care about any legitimacy from people with their hands sunk deep inside the Syrian blood.

Displaced Syrians Refugees in Lebanon - Horrific Conditions
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon – Horrific Conditions

In their quest to avoid contacting the Syrian authorities officially, the Lebanese officials headed by the Saudi citizen Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Rafic Hariri are seeking help from the Russians to facilitate the return of displaced Syrians from Lebanon to Syria.

A George Shaaban, Hariri’s advisor, has been contacting the Russian authorities in a bid to create a framework for a Lebanese – Russian efforts to return the displaced Syrians from Lebanon to Syria. His contacts were not fruitful the way he and his employer were hoping, as the Russian authorities clearly told him: ‘Russia will not replace the Syria government and will not be an alternative address of a direct coordination with Syria’.

Lebanese sources who relayed the above message added that Russians told the Lebanese envoy: ‘There’s no alternative but to coordinate with Syria in this regards, and the Russian role alone will not be enough, rather it will be of some aid only, but there’s a must to directly contact Syria, especially that there are some open channels between the two countries’.

The sources added that Shaaban tried to convince the Russians of forming a Russian – Lebanese committee in cooperation with the United Nations as a sponsor to return the refugees, but Russia rejected this suggestion and advised Shaaban of contacting Syria directly’.

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