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Syrian Customs Confiscate 1750 Kgs of Hashish (Hash)

Syrian Customs Confiscate 1750 Kgs of Hashish (Hash)

The Syrian Customs confiscated a truck loaded with 1750 kilograms (3,858 Pounds) of Hashish drugs (Hash aka Cannabis Resin) on the Tartous – Latakia Road.

Vigilant security and customs officers set a trap for the truck from the moment it left its warehouses and stopped it in Latakia province with the driver. During the current crisis, a large group of terrorists under the US-sponsored FSA organization have upped their efforts in smuggling huge quantities of drugs of different types, most common are the Captagon pills, the favorite for the ‘Freedom Fighters’ and ‘Moderate Rebels’.

Watch this report by SANA:

(Video also available on BitChute:

Some of the previous catches like the 129 bags filled with 258,000 Captagon hallucinating pills was also confiscated coming from Lebanon at the Jdeidat Yabus border crossing upon entering Syria, for instance.

A Saudi prince was caught in October 2015 in Beirut Airport (Hariri International Airport) trying to depart in his private jet with only two tonnes of Captagon pills. The huge cargo must have been destined to the terrorists fighting under the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) once issued a directive to its followers to ‘Grow Lice and Hashish‘, it caused a huge cultural shock at the time among the Syrian population known for taking extra care of their hygiene and brains. Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Walid Moallem even bragged about Syrian people cleanliness in his latest press conference in Damascus: ‘despite suffering a war against terror all over the country the Syrian streets are always clean unlike neighboring countries where they had rivers of garbage’, he was hinting at Lebanon.

It’s not only the Syrian Arab Army fighting terrorists and crimes in Syria, all of Syrians are hand in hand against the US’s mercenaries whether in US Marines uniforms, CIA plain cloth, ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA, or even drugs smugglers like this case.

The above map shows the Tartous – Latakia road that connects also to Idlib which is under NATO member state Turkey and its terrorists’ control, and to the south of Tartous see how close the borders to Lebanon are.

Drugs are highly consumed by US-sponsored terrorists. This shipment of 1750 kgs of Hash (Hashish) confiscated on the Tartous – Latakia road, most probably coming from Lebanon, a thriving farming business there under the Saudi sponsorship. It was heading towards terrorist groups further to the northeast from the road in Idlib as it seems.

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