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Self Radicalized Trump: Crimes to Syria, Curtsy to Saudscum


Self-radicalized Trump’s very busy week in new war crimes against Syria culminated with the president bowing before the Saudi dictator who leads world terrorism.  Possibly to gender neutralize the submissive act — performed by all US presidents receiving garish necklaces from Salman — he added a curtsy, previously considered the “girl way” to bow.

Self-radicalization Trump busy week arming ISIS-affiliated terrorist group in Syria and bowing before the Saudi king for the MIC interests.
Before self-radicalization, Trump tweeted displeasure at POTUS Obama bowing

The ugly, Orwellian week began with self-radicalized Trump’s words of mass destruction coming via the mouth of a State Department Ass. Secretary, who cobbled together a quick press briefing propaganda attack on Syria. On Monday, Stuart Jones lied about offering declassified intelligence to cackle about an uncrematorium at the Saydnaya prison. In lieu of any zephyr of any genuine evidence, he offered photo stills of a digitally created video by terrorist supporter Amnesty — recycled from a February announcement.  At least one reporter got overheated with fantasy of “punishment” for Syria, while skinny-lipped Spicer played coquette.


On Tuesday, self-radicalized Trump’s support of terrorists involved his silence for the annual event, Erdogan’s Thugs Beat Up Americans on US Soil* (YouTube search “Erdogan security beating protesters DC” for a couple hundred results).  Self-radicalized Trump’s overt support for Muslim Brotherhood aficionado Erdogan began immediately after his inauguration.  Prior to the dispatches of Pompeo, and then McCain to Erdoganstan in February, the Wahhabi sex jihadists boot-licking president had publicly supported the invasion of Jarabulus Syria, by Erdogan thugs.  It is of no concern to the self-radicalized that most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists dumped into Syria came via the border with Erdoganstan — and without a single terrorist stepping on one of the almost 200k land mines Turkey still has not cleaned up.

self radicalized
Rabid Erdogan

While self-radicalized Trump was looking the other way as Erdogan’s thugs were beating up Americans and threatening the police of Washington, DC, Trump’s death squads in Syria (formerly Obama’s) were picking up 20 trucks fully equipped with anti-aircraft and other military weapons, and uploading a video to thank him.  

These illegal weapons are to be used against the conscripted Syrian Arab Army, fighting terrorism on their soil, for more than 6 years.  The Maghaweer al Thawra savages are another offshoot of the moderate-terrorist FSA.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

On Thursday 18 May — in preparation for complete prostration before the terrorist occupying Arabia — self-radicalized Trump oversaw two massacres against the Syrian Arab Republic.  In the morning, his death squads slaughtered 52 in the Aqareb al Safiyeh village, many of whom were children and women. Many were beheaded. Many had their limbs cut off. In the evening, the self-radicalized US president bombed a convoy of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, in al Tanaf, reportedly destroying Syrian tanks and an anti-aircraft vehicle (the SAR has not released the names of the martyrs).

Ivanka shed no tears for these slaughtered Syrian children.

Alas, for the US reporter perversely aroused by the thought of yet another ‘punishment’ to Syria based on digital dollhouse fake propaganda, this degenerate had to accept a different, kafkaesque excuse for self-radicalized Trump’s war crime of Thursday evening:  One of the many fossilized Dr. Strangelove Pentagon mouthpieces announced that the Syrian convoy was bombed because it was too close to the military base of foreign invaders of the US and UK on Syrian soil.  The Western populations have so been brainwashed into accepting the legitimacy of colonialism that none can be repulsed via imagining — for instance — a Mexican air force bombing US soldiers nearing a Mexican ‘military base’ occupying Philadelphia (or a similar scenario in London).  An anonymous — probably also fossilized — Pentagon source imperialistically stated that self-radicalized Trump’s air force ‘warned’ the Syrian troops convoy, via a ‘buzz,’ but “they were trying to see how close they could get [to the foreign invaders].”

That’s the statement from the pentagon, but we don’t give them excuses and we don’t promote their rubbish stories.  We defend a country against foreign invasion. — Remark from a Syrian

The corrupt, brainwashing operations against the western populations have been so successful, that there are no outcries when Turkish visitors batter Americans in DC and threaten local police.  Similarly, there was no outrage when three women reported being raped and sexually abused by ‘prince’ Majed Abdulaziz al Saud, who was arrested and almost immediately released, in October 2015.

A neighbor helped a bloody brutalized woman over a fence in Beverly Glen, CA. She was escaping one of the al Sauds. The neighbor was “outcry witness,” but prosecution immediately said ‘no evidence,’ sans investigation

The impunity of the British empire nurtured ‘House of Saud’ is not limited to the groveling US and its self-radicalized president.  In October 2015, bin Abdulaziz al Saud was arrested at the Beirut airport, with two tonnes of Captagon in his private jet.  Captagon is methamphetamine (“speed”) potentiated by the addition of the bronchodilator, theophylline.  It is the drug given to foreign terrorist invaders of Syria, which result in unprecedented, heinous atrocities (e.g., cannibalization, grilling of the head of a decapitated soldier) — which are then normalized by NATO MSM, as allegories of war.  The charges against this Saudi drug dealer were also dropped, but it remains unknown if he was permitted to take his quantity with him.

Saudi Prince of Captagon Abdulmuhsin Al Saud أمير الكبتاجون عبد المحسن بن وليد ال سعود
Saudi Prince of Captagon Abdulmuhsin Al Saud أمير الكبتاجون عبد المحسن بن وليد ال سعود

Trump’s anti-Syria and pro-terrorist Saudi dictatorship writing was on the wall almost immediately after his inauguration.  Instead of fulfilling his unprecedented acceptance speech promise to be a good neighbor, by calling President al Assad on the phone, and resuming proper diplomatic relationship via opening the Syrian Embassy and releasing Ambassador al Ja’afari from mobility restrictions, the self-radicalized POTUS sent the head of the CIA to Saudi occupied Arabia, to present an award named after a US traitor.  Instead of ending the American carnage, he bombed two Syrian bridges.  Self-radicalized Trump allowed Nikki Haley to immediately launch an anti-Syria propaganda tirade, based on the unevidence of the UN Joint Investigative Mission that investigated nothing.

Saudi Exports

There is no way that self-radicalized Trump did not know that the Saudis —  in the early days of the crisis —  dumped 1,239 of its death row inmates into Syria, to butcher Syrians.  As of January 2014, twelve thousand terrorists from Saudistan had illegally entered the SAR.

self radicalized
self radicalized

Though the writing was already on the wall, for those amenable to reading, Trump waited until the frenzied anti-Syria propaganda campaign on 4 April to publicly show he had self-radicalized.  It was on this day that previously fake news! CNN interviewed an illegal Brit in Syria, a man whose medical license had been revoked, a man once arrested in the UK on terrorism and kidnapping charges, to give him the world stage to lie about a chemical weapons attack that did not occur.  The fake doctor gave interviews throughout the day from Jabhat al Nusra controlled Khan Sheikhoun (despite the draconian sanctions against Syria, despite the fascist coalition bombing Syrian infrastructure, the terrorists never have a problem with internet connection).

Swamp-draining Trump went to the rescue of al-Qaeda against Syria.

One illegal plus fake news CNN plus a terrorist gang actually on the US terrorist list were all that was needed for Trump’s public announcement that he had self-radicalized.  Two days after these criminal lies were non-stop in MSM, Trump bombed the Syrian air base of Ash Sha’irat , murdering Syrian soldiers and civilians.  This war crime was immediately praised by the terrorist-supporting Salman, to whom he bowed — and curtsied (a vicious geopolitical irony:  An absolute dictator of an occupied country cheers the bombing of a country with an elected president).

All Western war criminals and genocidalists visit Saudistan.

Though all terrorist heads of state pay homage to Saudi dictators, the visit of self-radicalized Trump and his family may be the first that has the markers of a Commedia Dell’Arte performance — via its immediate actors, and the massive audience of geopolitical hypocrites.

A statement from the White House claimed that First Daughter Ivanka and husband Jared received a rabbinical dispensation so that they could fly on the Jewish Sabbath.   The commandments regarding Shabbat are so immutable that their only exception relates to pikuach nefesh, the preservation of a life (this is why hell care professionals may work).  This particular lie of hypocritical piety was so absurd that Ivanka’s own rabbi denied having been its author.


Both former soft porn model and current First Lady, Melania and First Daughter, Ivanka, were encouraged by the progress in Saudistan of the empowerment of women.  From whence came such encouragement in an occupied country where women cannot travel without assigned male chaperone, where women cannot drive, where not even one of Salman’s wives was visible, remains a mystery (unless they mistook Saudistan for Syria, where women have had suffrage since 7 years after the French occupiers were evacuated, Syria, where the Vice President, the President’s chief advisor, and Parliament’s House Speaker are all women).

Saudi First Lady — but even Salman is not so primitive as to have entertaining guests (#MERS).
Dictator Salman enjoying a lite snack.

Sean Spicer bragged that self -radicalized Trump had signed the “largest single arms deal in US history,” and former UN Ambassador Samantha Power complained about those weapons killing innocent Yemenis.  She had somehow forgotten that Saudistan launched its campaign of genocide against Yemen after asking permission from Barack Obama.   Spicer apparently received enough hostile responses that he subsequently tweeted that the Saudi dictator is also investing billions in US infrastructure (a chilling thought, both that a woman-hating, terrorist dictatorship will be investing in American infrastructure, and that America will not fix itself).

Massive weapons sales are not the only financial reason for POTUS submissiveness: Over a 6 month period, Saudistan purchased $25bln in US Treasury bonds.

Ken Roth — Human Rights Watch‘s $500 “compensated” CEO — borrowed some of Power’s amnesia, when he lamented that self-radicalized Trump was doing a sword dance in a country that still beheads people (HRW did a fundraiser in Saudistan, in 09.  Perhaps, though, there was no sword dancing).

Left, starving Yemeni baby receiving nasogastric feeding. Right, self -radicalized Trump sword dancing.

Had the First Family arrived one day earlier, they could have enjoyed a weekly public beheading, which takes place immediately after Friday prayers, in Saudistan.

Anti-Islam Wahhabi TV shows weekly public beheadings

The next stop on the First Family’s trip is Israel.  This is appropriate considering that anti-Islam Wahhabism and blasphemers of Judaism Zionism, are first cousins.  It also contains a certain, and terrible symmetry:  Saudistan arms terrorists, and sends its terrorists into Syria, and Israel gives wounded terrorists state of the art medical care — free, of course — on the Syrian Golan, which it occupies, and in Israeli hospitals.  Israel has been consistent in aiding al Qaeda in Syria militarily; Israel and terror are two sides of the same coin.

The US — like Israel — constantly confuses Iran with Saudistan.

When self-radicalized POTUS Donald J. Trump cheers the illegal Warsaw Ghetto Memorial Wall, will there be anyone to challenge his murderous double standards?

— Miri Wood, RNc

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