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US Bombs Syrian Bridges: When Does this American Carnage Stop?

Destroyed by ISIS (US) Air Force

On 2 February, one of al Qaeda’s air forces bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, Syria, on the Euphrates River. Infrastructure supplying water to the city, was ravaged.

Destroying a water supply to a civilian population is a war crime.

Destroying bridges is a war crime, though an ongoing demonic motif of the US-led illegitimate coalition, which bombed and destroyed completely the al Ashara and al Mayadeen bridges in Deir Ezzor, September 2016.  These bridges were used by hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians.

Geneva 1949 General Protection of Civilian Objects protects infrastructure used by civilians in peacetime, that which is “normally dedicated to civilian purposes.” The NATO Dr. Strangeloves and their underling Gulfies and Levantines  flagrantly flaunt International Law, preferring to follow the script of the UK/US epic war film based on the fictional novel – excuse the necessary redundancy – “Le Pont de la Rivière Kwai.”

Geneva 1949 General Protection of Civilian Objects

To be unabashedly blunt, both the Nuremberg Tribunals and Geneva 1949 (with updated amendments) amount to smoke and mirrors. Pre-Nuremberg, Allen Dulles escorted key Nazis out of Europe via the Rat Lines.  Those left behind for the tribunals were the only westerners convicted for crimes against humanity (Il Duce Mussolini’s life was ended by mob violence, but El Caudillo Franco died of natural causes, in 1975, still the fascist Spanish dictator).

No amount of genocide committed by the world’s leading murderous trio, UK, France, US, will see any of its war criminals tried.

In October 2015, Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari patiently explained to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, that Raqqa is a city of 800,000 Syrian civilians being used as human shields, by 3,000 terrorists who occupy it.  Dr. Ja’afari explained that Syria was judicious in its targeted bombings, in order to preserve the lives of the civilian hostages.

Watch video on BitChute – after YouTube deleted our channel for the second time with no valid reason after re-instating it the first time without elaborating.

Raqqa is on the northeast bank of the Euphrates River, 25mi/40km from Syria’s largest dam, the Tabqa, which has been held hostage by high-level NATO operatives since early 2013.  To the same west that has bragged about funding and army foreign terror against the government of the Syrian Arab Republic (no matter what the terrorist sect, all are offspring of the US-created al Qaeda), Raqqa’s civilian population is of no consequence to the world’s leaders in genocide.

The US doesn’t want any advance by the SAA against ‘ISIS,’ especially in Raqqa, as it will not work toward dividing the country plans they are having. That’s why you’ll see they’ll [YPG/SDF] advance against ISIS while ISIS will concentrate their attacks against the SAA. — a Syrian analyst, in Syria

When 30 vacationing Brits were massacred on a beach in Tunisia, necrophile zoophiliac David Cameron bombed Raqqa (not Tunisia).  When the French national launched terror attacks in Paris, Francois Hollande did not bomb Paris, he bombed Raqqa (and when the French national miraculously escaped a 3 hour shoot-out with the EU’s leading counter-terrorism specialists, and magically entered Brussels, Hollande did not bomb Belgium; he bombed Syria).

Of the scant news on these war crimes, the war criminal UK’s bbc offered the most kafkesquely tortured report, 3 February, beginning with the dainty headline, Syria conflict:  Raqqa water restored after airstrike.  Six years of the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity, is gently called a “conflict.”  There is no mention of the destroyed bridges in the headline, and, of course bombings, using bombs, are “airstrikes,” soundly like a rough wind tearing up a kite.  bbc reduced bombed infrastructure to a “pipe,” and then insulted our collective intelligence by suggesting the primitive, inbred brain-damaged freaks of nature takfiri “IS” mended the singularly injured pipe.  

Kafkaesque torture of reality
Additionally, he can repair bombed out water infrastructure
…perhaps with the assistance of his brothers.

More likely, among the approximate 500 American foreign terrorists/illegal aliens in Syria (called “special forces” by former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter) were some skilled construction workers.

The Orwellian bbc propaganda piece published “The US is working with the Kurdish-led Syrian [sic] Democratic Forces (SDF) to try to defeat IS.”

Russia has also normalized the mercenary militia gang:

russia normalizes merc militia

All those who are fighting the government are terrorists. — Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari

SOD Carter had previously remarked that the two criminal gangs were working together to “capture” Raqqa from “IS/ISIS/ISIL/JaN/FSA/JaF/et al. terrorists derived from US-created al Qaeda.”

Imagine Canada joining with a Canadian-sponsored terrorist gang to “capture” Philadelphia from a third terrorist gang, while excluding the United States from such a military operation in Philly.

SyriaNews reminds our readers that every country has only one flag, as every country has only one military.

This is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic, whose military is the Syrian Arab Army:

This, and ONLY this, is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic

This is the US flag:

Before thoroughly examining the anomalous ‘flag’ of the US merc militia Unsyria Defense Forces, let us take a refresher course in the various terrorists flags being held by terrorist gangs in Syria, and puzzle over how anyone might consider any a replacement for the American flag.

Terrorists of FSA and YPG hold flags of French Mandate occupation of YPG-Kurdish terrorism
Flags of terrorist “ISIS”/JaN and terrorist FSA.
Left to right: Assyrian (though Assyria no longer exists), unSDF, Guardians of Khabour valley, an Assyrian faction, with Kurdish script

Despite bbc claim that the unSDF is Kurdish-led “rebel” gang, the  flag with pretty yellow in the middle is that of ‘Kurdistan.’  It is appropriate that this demonstration was held in Tel Aviv (13 August 2014), as ‘Kurdistan‘ is much like the IDF’s mobile Area C:  They are both wherever the imperialist forces wish them to be.

Tel Aviv

Here is a recent photo of the unSDF flag:

unSDF flag

It says, Hezen Suriya Demokratik, “Syrian Democratic Forces.”   Hezen Suriya Demokratik is not Arabic, which is the national language of Syrians, and their country, the Syrian Arab Republic.  It is also not Kurdish, despite the US/UK claiming this is a SyrianKurdish-led “rebel group.”

Hezen Suriya Demokratik is a Turkic language, the language of Azerbaijan.  It is also called Azerbaijani Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Azeri-Turkish.

Azerbaijan, population 9.4 million, is the third largest gas supplier to Erdoganstan (”formerly ‘Turkey”’).  In 2012, Israel signed a $1.6 billion arms agreement with this country, because a small portion of it borders on Iran.

Israel and Arzebaijan signed $1.6 billion arms deal in 2012

In April 2016, the Kremlin announced that Russia will continue selling arms to Azerbaijan and Armenia, reportedly for reasons of a balancing act involving NATO.

Moscow to continue arming Azerbaijan and Armenia

The US doesn’t want any advance by the SAA against ‘ISIS,’ especially in Raqqa, as it will not work toward dividing the country plans they are having. That’s why you’ll see they’ll [YPG/SDF] advance against ISIS while ISIS will concentrate their attacks against the SAA. — a Syrian analyst, in Syria

At this time, a bullet might be useful:

  • US continues war crimes against Syria
  • US has created a terrorist mercenary militia, reporting it as a “Syrian rebel” gang, led by “Kurds,” for purpose of severing Syria from itself
  • The name of the US merc militia gang claiming to be Syrian and led by separatist Ziokurds, is written in the language of Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan provides Turkey with gas
  • Azerbaijan and Israel have a massive weapons deal
  • Russia, against whom the US still inflicts sanctions because Crimea voted to leave the Nazimaidans of Ukraine, also supplies Azerbaijan with weapons
  • Russia is Syria’s ally.  In December, heroic Russian sappers cleared almost 1,000 hectares of explosives left behind by various moderate terrorist gangs when the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo were liberated

We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world — but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.  — President Donald J. Trump, Inaugural Speech, 20 January 2017

— Miri Wood

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