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Children of SAA Martyrs Plant 1000 Saplings in Damascus Countryside


Children of SAA martyrs in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture planted 1,000 in the Martyr’s Forest within one of the Syrian Arab Army’s positions in Damascus Countryside.

In an initiative by Sama al-Watan group and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, a group of martyr’s children planted today 1,000 saplings in an armed forces post, they called it the Martyrs Forest.

An SAA officer at the site said: ‘This is one of the patriotic activities we got accustomed to during the years of the crisis, which we can shed the light through it on our national capabilities, and our real belonging through these young heroes who came to share with us a small part of our daily lives, to plant a tree of hope and optimism inspiring for life and victory, in God’s will.’

Participating in the activity the Director of the Department of Agriculture in Damascus Countryside in his turn said: ‘I’m honored to contribute in this activity, on behalf of myself as the Director of Agriculture in Damascus Countryside and on behalf of my Department.’

“To send a letter to the world that the Syrian people will be victorious, and will rebuild the people, the stones, and the trees. Let this message be understood by the whole world, and this is a joint message between the children of the martyrs, workers in the Agriculture (Department) and the Armed Forces.’ The director of Agriculture added.

The participants in this facility have emphasized on the meaning of martyrdom and its noble value to retain the continuity of Syria’s pride, like the trees of this nation and its soil.

The planted saplings were about 1,000 of pine of olives, planting trees in our country against what the terrorists are wrecking, burning & destroying.

SAA Martyr daughter Riham Haytham Imran from the Martyrs’ Children School said: ‘We came here to participate in the tree planting activity, the tree for us means life, just like how the Army is restoring life to the different areas, the least thing we can present is planting trees which resemble restoring life to this area.’

An SAA Officer said: ‘We contributed today in this activity, the tree is well known for its bestowal and it’s here combined with the names of the honorable martyrs of this nation’. Quoting Late Hafez Assad’s words: “the most generous in this life and the most noble of human beings’, the officer adds: ‘our joy is therefore doubled, and we are honored to contribute in this activity especially this forest had carried the name of Martyrs.’

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