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Propaganda, National Treasures, and Syria

On 3 January 2017, a machete-wielding nut  job was shot by French police, outside the Louvre.  That no weapon other than the machete was found on him, or in his backpack, is of no matter.  Why allow reality to intervene — nut job — when politicians, media, and the entire human species can yell “terror!” in unison.  Not surprising, most reports have the nut job having uttered the magic words meant to inspire more fear?

As of this writing, “ISIS” has not claimed responsibility (this writer continues to anticipate “ISIS” to claim responsibility for the Lindbergh baby kidnapping).

SyriaNews issues a reminder about other nut jobs.

In 1972, nut job Lazlo Toth took a hammer to La Pieta’.

Nut job Toth was tackled by visitors to the Vatican

In 1991, nut job Piero Cannata took a hammer to David’s left foot.

Nut job Cannata took a hammer to the left foot of one of the world’s most famous sculptures.

In 2005, nut job Cannata was charmingly referenced in the msm headline, “David’s foot vandal returns,” after he was arrested for spray painting a plaque near a national treasure.

In 1993, the Uffizi Gallery became collateral damage when a nearby car filled with explosives was detonated.  There were multiple fatalities and a collapsed building.  A mafioso was eventually incarcerated.

That the French police prevented a nut job from injuring anyone with his machete, is, of course, a good thing.  That this good thing is now being used to further promote fear- and warmongering, is an abomination.

That there is a difference between a nut job and a terrorist should be inherently, immediately, grasped, but decades of intensive brainwashing have resulted in a malleable populace, a populace that believes we have always been at war with Oceania, and with the flip of the switch, believes we have always been at war with Eastasia. Malleability allows the borderline blurring of crazy, terror; allows for legitimizing of war crimes, legitimizing thefts of cultural, the acceptance of murderous geopolitical double-standards, white-washing of all things that should educate us to be better human beings.

In August 1943 the Allies bombed Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church in which Leonardo painted The Last Supper. No tactical military reason, this destruction was for the purpose of psywar against the Italian population, already devastated by Mussolini’s fascism (previously, the troops of the demonic little urchin, Napoleon, had occupied this church, and used Il Cenacolo for target practice, with Jesus being the  bull’s eye).

Santa Maria della Grazie, after Allied bombing
Il Cenacolo survived the Allied bombing, part miracle and part sandbags

Who considers the French-British-Ottoman appropriation of Thutmose’s sculpted bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, the theft that it was, and still is?

This antiquity is in the Noues Museum, and is considered a “cultural symbol of Berlin…”.


Single attack on Louvre Museum considered terror. Un-countable attacks on Syrians considered moderate and the terrorists are invited to negotiation table. 

There is massive international hysteria over a nut job with a machete, but 6 years of US/EU arming terrorists in Syria is normalized.   No precious work of art in the Louvre was injured.  Much of Syria’s antiquities history has been destroyed, by the arms sent to the human garbage dumped into the SAR.     All scum politicians, diplomats, and journalists who shed crocodile tears over the hideous torture and brutal murder of Professor Khaled al Asaad have his precious Syrian blood on their hands.

Matthew VanDyke was an American foreign terrorist (and illegal alien) in Syria.  In 2013, he noted that the fsa branch of al Qaeda did have chemical weapons, and was prepared to use them to blame on the Syrian government.  He also lamented that “perhaps as much as 70% of the population in Aleppo has turned against the FSA now,” and “the fact is, if it wasn’t for the foreign fighters and Jabhat al Nusra, we’d be in serious shit right now, militarily.”

Think about that:  An American foreign terrorist announced that were it not for other foreign terrorists in Syria, and also for the on the US terror list JaN branch of al Qaeda, the Syrian Arab  Army would have crushed the foreign imposed war against its people.

American Foreign Terrorist VanDyke complained that if not for other foreign terrorists, Syria would have ended the foreign imposed war in 2013

This literal goat-shtupter won awards for his 15 minute fraudumentary, which shows his co-terrorists casually walking through holes blown through the occupied former homes of Syrian civilians.  He is now attempting to become Blackwater II, begging for mercenaries, arms, and money.

Any nation’s strong and independent military does not outsource to private mercenaries.

Remember that the US created al Qaeda, in Afghanistan.  Know also that al Baghdadi was released from an Iraqi jail, by the US, and given millions of bipartisan tax dollars to launch terrorist training camps in Jordan.

Consider also, that the EU – which has also consistently bragged about arming terrorists in Syria,  issued a policy paper in April 2016, via the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism — The Hague.  The paper is titled The Foreign Fighters Phenomenon in the European Union.  

Murderous geopolitical double standards require the population support foreign terrorists against Syria, but get hysterical over nut jobs.

Here is Belgian Michel, in his fragrant bakery in Anvers, enjoying life after slaughtering Syrians in Syria:

Shortly before the attacks in France, Paris Match ran a lovely report on Belgian Michel’s life after returning from ”fighting’ in the SAR

This is American foreign terrorist Eric Harroun, illegal alien in Syria.  Also romanticized upon his return home, no one asked how a young and disabled veteran found himself in the SAR, threatening the life of Syria’s president, shooting down  SAA military helicopters.  One might wonder how many Syrian lives would have been saved, had this American foreign terrorist overdosed, sooner, rather than later.

American foreign terrorist Harroun, illegal alien in Syria.

Here is the reality:

The words fake news“ have been tossed about, since peri- and post-US election.  Excluding actual hoax sites, this term belies the reality that 90% of US media is run by 6 corporations, and all engage in war propaganda (it is a particular indictment of US insanity, that the corporation founded by the man who got an entire nation of children of WWII vets to pledge allegiance to a rodent, now owns both ABC News and Marvel, as in the comic books).   Journalists engaged in war propaganda can be indicted under Nuremberg Statutes, for crimes against peace.

Vichy urinalists of the msm and independent sites have all ignored an interesting coincidence.  With the fall of the Berlin Wall, ‘commies’ were no longer available to be the perpetual enemy, to be chased and bombed around the world.  Perpetual war requires perpetual enemy, and Islam drew the short straw, being a populace of about 1.2 billion, living in every country on the planet.

War whore media, and western politicians have saturated the international community with the terrible hoax of “radical Islamist extremism.”

No such thing exists.

What does exist is the geopolitical ideology of Islam-hating Wahhabism, a deranged ideology by a deranged man, Abdul Wahhab (1703-1792).  The British Empire has always been forward-thinking in the manipulation of the deranged, and nurtured, and facilitated the expansion of the lunatic followers of the deranged man – well before the technology had been developed to make oil raw material of use.

In 2013, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, offered to give the French government the names of French foreign terrorists in Syria.  Hollande et al. turned a deaf ear.

Syria offered France the names of French terrorists in Syria.

Are we to continue being sheeple, helping to propagate mass insanity because of a nut job armed only with a machete?

NB:  In early 2014, the Democratic State Department limited the movement of the Syrian Ambassador (25mi/40km radius from the UN), in order to censor his successful cross-US Town Hall Meetings.  This censorship overlapped the Obama State Department closure of the Syrian Embassy, in DC.  This is the same State Department that threw an anniversary gala — paid for with bipartisan US tax dollars — in celebration of 4 years of terrorism against Syria, on 13 March 2015.

US taxpayers fund terror, why shouldn’t they fund a terrorists’ party?

This is the same Democratic State Department that stood shiva during the first official meeting of President Obama and President-Elect Trump.

Psaki and Rice in center of photo

The Republican President Trump took office on 20 January.  Democratic restrictions against Syria’s ambassador have not been lifted.  The Syrian Embassy remains closed (madness, to repeat Hollande’s inaction, and madness because Erdoganstan — formerly Turkey — is leader in producing counterfeit Syrian passports).  In lieu of a return to “greatness,” this American writer sees only an acceleration of the war crimes of the previous administration.





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