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NATO and Gulfie ISIS ‘Want to Go Home’ or to Syria

image-ISIS in Mosul

Pan-Arab al Mayadeen TV has reported on Iraqi anti-terrorism forces’ discovery of private documents of the Tariq ibn Ziyad Battalion of “ISIS” foreign terrorists asking permission to return to their home countries, under the pretext of illnesses and other excuses.  The documents reveal the desire of some “ISIS” terrorists from all over the world, to flee their chosen gang.

Since 2013, western media, has been promoting “ISIS” as a the new bogeyman excuse for perpetual war, for illegal foreign invasions.  First, the US and allies create, and arm, and train, the terrorists called “freedom fighters.”  Then the US and allies call them terrorists — always elusive terrorists — and destroy entire countries while looking for them.  

US and allies cheered bin Laden as “freedom fighter” warrior putting his army on the road to peace. How many years then did US chase bin Laden, how many people were blown up while almost bombing him?  Taliban is another bogeyman.

UK’s Independent, 4 December 1993 cheers terrorist bin Laden as “on the road to peace.”

Abo Baker al Baghdadi, was made the heir of Osama bin Laden, the man who was superman of terror before!  No matter that al Baghdadi was released from Iraqi jail by US and given 10s of millions USD to train new terrorists in camps in Jordan.

However, the truth is those mercenaries have been recruited, from all over the world, to be used as superstitious monsters, which can’t be defeated! Under such pretext, the danger of US-created “ISIS” was the intervention US-led coalition, in Syria.

Syria became the center of the world attention, because of this well organized groups of foreign terrorists. Most of them were sent from Saudi Wahhabi kingdom and other Gulfies , Chechnya, every country of Europe, prisons like Guantanamo, and even prisoners who were sentenced to death in Saudi dark jails, with their families given stipends!  However, some “ISIS” terrorists, finally got exhausted of all these wars, of which they are its barbaric tools. And they want to run away from fighting in the ranks of this organization, and resort various tricks to give this organization up, and return to their countries.

The al  Mayadeen documents included a real name for each fighter, his nickname and his blood category, along with the foreign country of origin and country of residence!

Applications by terrorists to flee.

In one of the documents Abu Wa’el, a Swiss from Bosnia asks to be allowed to stop fighting with the “Daesh/ ISIS” under the pretext of spasm of the nerves of his knee.  This foreign terrorist despite his nervous knee spasms asked permission to be deployed from Iraq to Deir al Zour (also spelled “Deir Ezzor”), a Syrian city of foreign terrorist invaders that became famous in the world when the US-led coalition helped “ISIS” by bombing a military position and slaughtered 83 of our soldiers in September.

Abu Idris foreign terrorist from Kosovo said in the document that he doesn’t want to fight and wants to move because he suffers pains in his brain. Abu Mujahid, foreign terrorist from France, also said he doesn’t want to fight and wants to return to home to carry out the “martyrdom”  suicide bombing there! Mujahid claimed to have pain in the ankles and back.

The document appended a note says that “claims of the disease and has no medical report.” And it is just pretexts.

However, the question which is not mysterious and not hidden from those who know that “ISIS” is the savage tool of war criminal NATO and regional “allies”:

However, the question which is not mysterious, and not hidden on those who know that ”ISIS” is the tool of the perpetual war west, who are they real masters of “ISIS”?

Who wants the creative chaos and birth pains of a “new Middle East”?

— Afraa Dagher, reporting from her native Syria
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