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SAA Cleans 30 Towns in Eastern Aleppo Countryside from ISIS

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army artillery unit

Syrian Arab Army units in Eastern Aleppo clean 30 towns and villages and several strategic hills from US sponsored ISIS terrorists, and advances for 16 kilometers on Aleppo – Al-Bab highway, gaining a total area of 250 square kilometers in 20 days only.

Continuous advancement by the Syrian Arab Army units in Aleppo’s Eastern Countryside, as the SAA units have taken control of over 30 towns and villages and a number of strategic hills after fierce battles with ISIS terrorist members. Due to controlling these towns and villages, the SAA units advanced in Aleppo’s Eastern Countryside to a depth of 16 kilometers, and a front of 25 kilometers on some of the frontlines, the area the SAA have taken control of now has exceeded 250 square kilometers in Eastern Aleppo Countryside within 20 days only.

Syrian Arab Army units took control of tens of kilometers of tunnels and trenches in the battles throughout the frontline. The SAA units have also dismantled over 4,000 explosive devices planted by the terrorists in this area.Another achievement by the SAA units is taking control of Aleppo – Al-Bab city highway starting from Tiyarah village and through Madiyona farms for 16 kilometers in length.The Syrian Arab Army units are continuing their efforts to eradicate terror from this area.

image-SAA Advances 16 Kilometers on Aleppo - Al-Bab Highway
SAA Advances 16 Kilometers on Aleppo – Al Bab Highway

After cleaning eastern Aleppo from all terrorists, the SAA became more free to clean other areas and they’re the only ones capable of reaching the strategic city of Al-Bab and to eventually clean it from the terrorists of ISISErdogan Military, and Erdogan SDF militia.

The Syrian Arab Army units are continuing their efforts to eradicate terror from this area to clean the entirety of Aleppo province (city and countryside) from terror in the coming short period of time after the Army has gained important achievements allowing the city of Aleppo to live a normal life.

Syrian Arab Army heroes tirelessly continue the battle against the Western-sponsored terrorists of all of the FSA branches including al-Qaeda aka Nusra aka Jabhat Fateh al-Cham and all the other terrorists all over the country until the last terrorist is terminated and until Syria restores its full sovereignty back again, all of Natural Syria.

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