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The Final Moments of Fatima, The Booby-Trapped Child Who Blew Up The Police Station

image-Damascus Police Station Child Suicide Bomber Blurred

We all remember the young child of 7 years old whose father wrapped her with an explosive belt and sent her to ‘liberate’ al-Midan Police Station in Damascus, the last to see Fatima before the horrific crime was Police Major Muhammad Batous, CID chief in the police station.

Nobody knows exactly whether she was 7, 8, or 9 years old, it’s not easy to tell by eyewitnesses and it’s not that matter of importance, the girl when asked said she was 7, other stories told she was 8 or 9. What really matters is she was a young child killed by her own father.

Major Batous told Syrian Al-Thawra Newspaper about the child’s last moments (don’t try to look the newspaper up if you’re in a ‘free speech’ promoting the western country, Syrian based media are banned in most of the western countries to keep only the terrorists’ narrative fed to their citizens):

An 8 years old child wearing a red jacket, a red hat, and a yellow scarf carrying in her hand a black plastic bag with potato chips in it. Her looks were idle with no childhood expressions, in her eyes, a deep sadness was very obvious. She entered the office and looked confused, but she was talking fast and answering the questions, she identified herself as 7 years old called Nour Horani from Barzeh residential district northwest of Damascus.

The child claimed she came with her mother from Barzeh to al-Mujtahid neighborhood to buy some stuff and that she entered a shop to buy some chips and when she left the shop she couldn’t find her mother. She added she was living in Barzeh near Al-Salam Mosque. Major Batous adds: I sympathized with her as with any lost child and asked what’s her name? She replied Nour Horani, Age? 7 years old, Father name? I don’t know, Mother name? I don’t know, Phone number? I don’t know, Where do you stay? In Barzeh near Al-Salam Mosque. I told her ‘Nour, dear, my child is 5 years old and knows my name and his mother’s name, and you look older than 7 years, it’s not possible you don’t know who is your father or mother.

The young girl reached her jacket’s left pocket and opened it halfway and at that moment I received a phone call from my wife who stays in the same building on the 4th floor, Major Batous continues telling full of emotions while recalling those moments, I told my wife I have a beautiful young girl here with me, she’s lost looking for her family and she feels cold and hungry, can you keep her with you in our apartment let her eat, and play with our children Mahmoud and Zain until we find her parents? I asked my wife to take her to our apartment because she’s a young girl and didn’t want her to wait here in the police station while the policemen are busy investigating crimes with criminals.

The young girl listening to my conversation with my wife her face started showing bewildered not believing her ears, I guess she was told wrong bad stories about the police and security officers from her family and seeing totally the opposite now offering her to wait with my own family.

The young girl that time pulled up her jacket’s pocket and waited until I finished the phone call, and when I put down the phone she asked to use the bathroom. I called Sergeant Ali Hassan who was with us to take her to use the officer’s toilets on the same floor and not to send her to the ones available on the ground floor where she might not feel comfortable as the ones down are used by the policemen and someone might be using it the same time.

In about 4 minutes an explosion noise was there so I rushed to the toilets to see the head of the young child outside the destroyed toilets. I thought we were under a terrorist attack shelling us with some rockets, I grabbed my gun and headed to the roof of the first floor. When I saw the external walls of the station intact I realized it was an explosion from inside in the bathrooms where the child was there and Seargent Ali was waiting for her out. Her torn apart flesh indicated she was wearing a suicide vest as only her head and feet remained.

So many thoughts are coming to my mind, Major Muhammad Batous inquiring: Did she ask to use the toilets to avoid harming many people? Why would she wear the explosive vest and after she managed to reach an office with an officer inside she backed away and tried to remove her vest, but unfortunately lost her because she’s not knowledgeable on how to handle it?

All that I know is the innocence of childhood has won at the end, the black thoughts and propaganda feeding didn’t win her mind, she chose to sacrifice herself alone.

We should all learn from her, may God bless her soul and reward her with paradise. Major Muhammad concludes.

image-Suicide Bomber Child Fatima With her Criminal Terrorist Father- Damascus Midan Police Station
Suicide Bomber Child Fatima With her Criminal Terrorist Father- Damascus Midan Police Station

We asked him how no one noticed she’s wearing something under her cloth? He replied: We couldn’t notice anything unusual in her cloth, our experts estimated the weight of the explosives at 1 kilograms only and the child was wearing a jacket and winter cloth and this small quantity can be distributed within her jacket without being noticeable.

The witness description of 7 year old Nour, and her inability to answer simple age-appropriate questions, shows an horrifically emotionally abused child, a child who could not have been trusted to pull the explosives belt savaged tied to her. Children of this age group still do not have full control of their bodily functions. Nour’s nervousness would have forced the need to use the bathroom. The unexpected kindness of the policeman, to bring her into his home, would have accelerated Nour’s nervous urgency to use the toilet.

Nour’s barbaric father could never have factored in how simple human decency affects anatomy and physiology, and therefore his timing was off, when he remotely detonated this young martyr.

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